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Having a gay/lesbian roommate

shyuk92shyuk92 Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
edited March 2011 in College Life
How would you feel if your rommate(s) was homosexual?
Would you be accepting of such sexuality or be totally weird out & switch out of the room?
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Replies to: Having a gay/lesbian roommate

  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,789 Senior Member
    Well. I'm bi, so I'd be fine with it- same way all of my roommates have been fine with me.

    Who cares what your roommate's sexuality is. Don't flatter yourself to think that just because they're attracted to your gender that they're AUTOMATICALLY attracted to you. Most annoying thing ever.
  • RoxSoxRoxSox Registered User Posts: 2,179 Senior Member
    Are you gay or are you worrying about having a gay roommate?

    I think that's something important for anyone reading this to know.
  • holden888holden888 - Posts: 361 Member
    I try to switch rooms and avoid contact with him
  • NaberKankaNaberKanka Registered User Posts: 103 Junior Member
    I had 3 other roommates last year. One of them went to study abroad so we needed someone else to cover his place. One of his friends(girl) moved in after he left. So 3 guys(all very social and like to party a lot) and a chick(lesbian and also hates to party) and we lived together for one whole semester.

    It was a disaster. She had a lesbian girlfriend and they would have lesbian sex almost everyday. At one point her gf started living with her(us). She and her gf just stayed home and watched lesbian porn 24/7 during the spring break. We could hear the sounds.. AND when we brought girls to the house on the weekends, she would give us angry looks and even burst in to our rooms sometimes.

    I don't know too many gay guys but the ones I know are mostly really laid back and just chill guys.. But I can't say the same for lesbians(at least for the ones I met). They were aggressive and insecure about their sexuality. I wouldn't wanna have a homosexual roommate.

    Btw I'm not dissing anyone here so don't get mad at me. I'm just sharing what I experienced before.
  • RoxSoxRoxSox Registered User Posts: 2,179 Senior Member
    ^I think that was more of an individual situation than something you can really apply to all lesbians. Some can be militant and in your face about their sexuality, it's true, but I think that's generally the exception rather than the rule.

    However that does sound awful. Even though I am a lesbian, I don't think I can speak for all lesbians; however I think for the most part almost all will be respectful and as good a roommate as anyone else. A homosexual roommate will almost certainly not hit on you, either. That's a horrible idea just in general, even if he/she did find you attractive, which would be unlikely (the odds just don't favor that situation).

    I really, really wouldn't worry about it. It shouldn't affect you at all. If you are uncomfortable with them bringing girls/guys home, you can say that, as long as you're willing to not bring girls/guys home either - it needs to be fair, of course. Just treat them like a person, because that's all we are, just people. Most people are respectful. Some are not. But the odds of that are not raised because your roommate is gay.
  • tipa891tipa891 Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    I wouldn't really care. If they were attracted to me, I'd treat them just like I'd treat a guy who liked me, that I didn't like back- I'd gently turn them down and go on with my life. No big deal.

    As for the situation that NaberKanka went through, Id probably have a problem with it, but that's an extenuating circumstance and I'd have the same issue if it were a heterosexual couple doing the same thing.
  • ansaransar Registered User Posts: 2,071 Senior Member
    If they are not the effeminate gay, I wouldn't have a problem with it.
    Effeminate gays have an annoying attitude, though, so that could result in issues (being annoyed a lot).
  • CPUscientist3000CPUscientist3000 Registered User Posts: 5,450 Senior Member
    Paul- romani wasn't explicitly talking to the OP.

    either way, what s/he said it correct. Most people think they'll be hit on. But if they roomed with a person of opposite sex, they wouldn't be creeped out by the thought of being hit on. Hmm....

    In gym class years ago this one girl told everyone not to change in front of me because I would stare. Um, I didn't and never would. That's creepy. And peopled assume they'll be hit on moreso than if the person was straight and opposite sex.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,789 Senior Member
    The OP made no such statement. Chill. No need to attack someone for something they didn't say.

    Wasn't directed at the OP. It was directed to anyone in this situation. Have you seen how many times people have stated on here that they don't want an LGBT roommate because they'll be constantly trying to get with them?
  • CPUscientist3000CPUscientist3000 Registered User Posts: 5,450 Senior Member
    Ansar- your post was so discriminatory. Dont stereotype
  • ansaransar Registered User Posts: 2,071 Senior Member
    My apologies.
  • drexelerdrexeler Registered User Posts: 708 Member
    i wouldn't mind. they might not be my best friend but there's nothing wrong with having a gay roommate. if you say you're straight they won't make a move on you...
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,789 Senior Member
    No. I don't know of anyone who thinks a gay person is going to automatically hit on them, so, with all due respect, I don't see the relevancy of your comment, especially since the OP did not share those concerns.

    Then, with all due respect, you do not have a lot of experience with LGBT issues in this forum or outside of it.
    I don't think you need to jump out and assume people are narrow minded until they make such a statement.

    Didn't assume anything. It was just a general statement based on the numerous threads that this has come up on. I have been here for a long time and I have seen more of these threads than I ever care to.
    It's silly to get upset about something that wasn't said.

    I wasn't in the least upset.

    The OP asked our opinion of the issue. My opinion is that it's nbd and that people shouldn't have an issue with it because their roommate is going to hit on them. That argument is the most annoying one I've ever heard.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,789 Senior Member
    I'm sorry, but you've lost me. I answered the OP's question based on both experience and my own personal opinion. You're the only one getting upset- the caps were for emphasis.

    I'm done now. Have a good day, sir :).
  • neltharionneltharion Registered User Posts: 787 Member
    @ PaulandArt: Let's face it. Ask yourself: why do people even ask this question on this type of forum? Because of precisely the reason roman stated. They're afraid their gay roommate might hit on them, and it makes them uncomfortable.
    You definitely seem to be one of those people who make their defining character trait their sexuality. That's perfectly fine, but I find it extremely obnoxious at times.

    Er, because roman is speaking up against people assuming gay people might hit on them and mentioning how zie cares about LGBTQ issues? Your assumption holds just as much weight as roman's implication that the OP is a closeted homophobe, which is a bit hypocritical of you, given how much you railed against this type of judgmental attitude on the first page.
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