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For college students.

DrillKidDrillKid Registered User Posts: 212 Junior Member
edited July 2011 in College Life
If you were to tell an incoming freshmen 3 things they should know about college, what would they be?
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Replies to: For college students.

  • MuscovyMuscovy Registered User Posts: 308 Member
    1) Most of your worries about college will be unfounded.
    2) In many ways, college functions like extended high school. With more responsibilities, of course.
    3) If you've been more of the passive type up til now, it's time to leave your shell. College will force you to do that. Which is good.
  • PRiNCESSMAHiNAPRiNCESSMAHiNA Registered User Posts: 2,120 Senior Member
    1) Don't get an early morning class. You're probably going to end up skipping frequently.
    2) Don't procrastinate, even if you did fine with it in high school.
    3) Don't go to class in sweats. It's not what 'real' college students do, its just lazy. Sweats are for lounging in your dorm & working out. It's really not that hard to throw on jeans and a t-shirt or a dress. Seriously.
  • spydersixspydersix Registered User Posts: 247 Junior Member
    1. you're going to procrastinate so get used to drinking coffee or become close with friends who deal drugs or know people who deal

    2. don't take early classes because you're going to be drugged out/wasted still early in the morning

    3. It's a proven fact that people who join Greek life are more successful and have a higher chance of graduating than GDIs. Make sure you go Greek even if people "GDIs" tell you not to but they don't know what they're missing.
  • SkylineEyesSkylineEyes Registered User Posts: 361 Member
    1) Maturity levels vary drastically.
    2) Don't procrastinate.
    3) Try to take your classes seriously.
  • bauman1535bauman1535 Registered User Posts: 188 Junior Member
    1) Enjoy freshman year, because after that classes get a lot harder and you'll have a lot less free time.

    2) DON'T slack off for one semester, because it can really mess up your GPA. I had one "meh" semester (3.3ish) and now I'm climbing back to where I wanna be.

    3) Freshman run in packs. If you don't wanna have upperclassmen yell "FRESHMAN!" at you the entire first month, don't walk in a pack of 10 or 15 or 20 people every weekend.
  • RoxSoxRoxSox Registered User Posts: 2,179 Senior Member
    1. Relax. You'll be okay.
    2. You only get into college what you put into it.
    3. Don't freak out/whine on CC if you don't make friends your first day.
    4. Try Greek life or at least rushing, you never know, you might love it.
    5. You will have to do actual work to avoid the freshman 15.
    6. If you don't click with the people on your floor, don't assume you're doomed to a life of solitude.
    7. Keep an open mind.
    8. Don't rat on your roommate.
    9. Drugs and alcohol are not evil, you don't have to use them but don't judge others who do.
    10. Don't spend all your money eating off-campus.
    11. Don't get a credit card.
    12. Don't feel like you have to be friends with your roommate.
    13. Don't run home every weekend.
    14. Know your limits with regard to alcohol. If you don't know em, learn before you get here, with people who you trust.
    15. Don't take morning classes if you aren't a morning person. You won't go.
    16. You can wear sweatpants to class if other people do. Follow the crowd. Here for example people pretty much always wear sweatpants and you would be looked at strangely if you were wearing a dress.
    ...That's all I got.
  • SunslothSunsloth Registered User Posts: 217 Junior Member
    About the 'freshman 15', I found that the first few weeks were so hectic that I actually lost a little weight, despite eating junk.
    Not healthy, but still...
  • SkylineEyesSkylineEyes Registered User Posts: 361 Member
    ^ I agree with the sweatpants thing. Wear what you want.
  • rymdrymd - Posts: 1,055 Senior Member
    Even though you'll still do it, try not to procrastinate. College is about large chunks of work at once, instead of small pieces daily. Not even an all nighter may get done some assignments, projects, or problem sets
  • zchryevnszchryevns - Posts: 1,022 Senior Member
    About the 'freshman 15', I found that the first few weeks were so hectic that I actually lost a little weight, despite eating junk.
    I experienced the same thing, but it catches up to you. I haven't gained any weight thus far, but I also workout daily to maintain my current weight.
  • Marco117Marco117 Registered User Posts: 529 Member
    1. You're going to do it anyway, but try not to procrastinate. (Unless like me you have no problem with an all nighter and then being normal the next day)
    2. USE your meal plan instead of going out to eat all the time.
    3. Its fine if you don't become best friends with your roomate. You only have to be able to tolerate him/her, not love him/her.
    4. If you have a problem being up early then don't take morning classes. People do this and then complain ALL semester long.
    5. Wear what you want. I've been to numerous colleges in Florida and from what i've seen people DO wear sweatpants to class.
    6. when you get what's left of your financial aid(Net/Refund check) DON'T go and blow it all at the mall the same day. Save it up and slowly spend it over the semester.
    7. DO NOT buy anything from the school book store. Everything in there is overpriced.
    8. As RoxSox said, know your limits. DOn't overload yourself with courses if you're not sure you can do them.

    That's all that comes to mind right now.
  • sadcollegestudsadcollegestud - Posts: 219 Junior Member
    1. Stay true to yourself.
    -If you don't like your roommates, it's okay. Don't just hang out with them or pretend to like them because "I don't have any friends, so I'll just be friends with them."

    2. Stay inside your room as little as possible.
    -You're NOT going to make friends if all you do is go to class and to your room everyday. Go to the library, go to a local study area, join ECs, put your face out there.

    3. Have fun and treat yourself.
    -Work hard and play hard.
  • arachnophobia12arachnophobia12 Registered User Posts: 2,722 Senior Member
    1) Figure out things for yourself
    2) Seriously
    3) I mean it
  • clarinette52clarinette52 Registered User Posts: 709 Member
    1. Learn to love yourself where you are. Changing for other people just ends up biting you in the butt.

    2. Get stuff done on time. You will feel so much better when that 15-page paper is done a week ahead of time.

    3. Get involved. Whether that means finding a good group of friends or joining 5 different EC's (that you like/love), just do stuff.
  • rattler917rattler917 Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    1. You'll have a test from a professor
    2. Another professor will schedule a project to be due on the same day
    3. You will have a quiz/test in another class the same day
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