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Should I get leg lengthening surgery? Why do girls make such a big deal about height?

rd2012rd2012 446 replies106 threads Member
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Alright, so I'm a 5'7 guy, which is really short for male in the united states. I'm perfectly ok with women wanting to date a guy who is shorter than her, but unfortunately shallow women are not just content with that-they want a guy who is significantly taller. The other day I was reading a study and I found this quote "The results clearly indicated that the female subjects had strong and consistently negative attitudes regarding men of short height. On the other hand, men of average height and men of tall height were seen in consistently positive terms. The female subjects found men of short height to be more immature, inhibited, negative, insecure, conforming, feminine, passive, incomplete, pessimistic, withdrawn; and less successful and capable than either their average or taller male counterparts." -- "Stature and Stigma: The Biopsychosocial Development of Short Males". After reading this I felt utterly disgusted and insecure. Whenever a woman lists what she wants in a guy, tall almost always comes up. I'm 17 years old right now, and I really can't keep living as a short, inferior guy. Short people are discriminated against in the workplace, social life, and especially dating. Many women have a hard cutoff height of 6' and some of them have another cutoff at 5'10. I can't believe that women are like this. I would never not date a girl because her boobs are small. Why can't women date short guys? I'm seriously considering getting leg lengthening surgery (S&M: Short and Male - Leg Lengthening - YouTube) so that I can fully enjoy my college life with women. I'm 17 right now, and I'll probably get it after my freshman year if hgh doesn't help me grow.
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Replies to: Should I get leg lengthening surgery? Why do girls make such a big deal about height?

  • VanechkaVanechka 352 replies9 threads Member
    You clearly fit quite a few of those categories, so I guess the study isn't too inaccurate.
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  • HumanoidHumanoid 161 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Why not try not dating shallow women. They do exist, I know several short guys who are dating women.
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  • sopranokittysopranokitty 1490 replies16 threads Senior Member
    I'm a girl and I don't make such a big deal about height. :/ So really, there are women out there who prefer guys shorter than 5'10". Besides, to me, you're tall (but that's because I'm only 5'0", haha, and I think people over 5'8" are too tall). Besides, there are a LOT of short guys at my college and they're in happy relationships. My roommate's BF is probably only 5'4 or 5'5" (though my roommate is also 5'0" like me), and he and my roommate are happy with each other.
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  • XelbMSXelbMS 370 replies54 threads Member
    Is two inches really worth all of that pain from surgery?

    FWIW, the video was very interesting to watch, but there is no way I would go through that procedure just to be 6'1 (in my case). :/

    Besides, given the extenuating circumstances that one must go through in order to obtain clearance for surgery...I don't think you'd be getting much sympathy for being 5'8.
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  • VanechkaVanechka 352 replies9 threads Member
    Not to mention how expensive it is.
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  • PieceofToastPieceofToast 251 replies2 threads Junior Member
    People look at more than just your height, trust me. I'm so height-deprived, I'm forced to- get this- ignore it and enjoy myself. Try it! Don't worry about whether people are judging you based on your height, and go do awesome things. People that have fun with life are more attractive.

    Let's flip this-- would you want to spend time with a girl who spends a great deal of time being self-conscious about her body, and whether everyone else thinks she's tall enough, athletic enough, curvy enough, whatever? Would you even meet her? If she's that self-conscious, she might stay in when her friends go out to do anything they please. She might sit in the corner and not even be seen by you, or most of the other people milling around at the party. Social life is about socializing, funnily enough, and if you don't socialize... your social life won't be any fun. When's the last time the girl (or guy!) sitting in the corner, staring at her feet, was the life of the party, charming everyone she met?

    Have fun! It's more fun than.. not having fun.

    I'm 5'6", by the way, and I haven't had any problems in life since I decided that I didn't care about my height. There are better ways to spend your time!
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  • ChandiChandi 319 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I wouldn't worry about your height that much. There are plenty of women who don't really care about height; my fiance is the same height as me, 5'6", and I like it that way. It sounds far too painful to be worth it just because you only know of shallow women.
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  • NovaLynnxNovaLynnx 1391 replies15 threads Senior Member
    The female subjects found men of short height to be more immature, inhibited, negative, insecure...
    After reading this I felt utterly disgusted and insecure.

    The study seems to be reliable.

    I don't know of ANY girl who has a "hard cutoff" height for a guy. I'll admit that I don't feel comfortable dating a guy shorter than me (I'm 5'5"). But if he is of equal or greater height then that's fine, but I don't measure him.

    This is like asking why guys make a big deal about a girl's weight, looks, etc. Everyone has their own personal attractions. You have to find someone who's attracted to YOU.

    Also, there are plenty of short girls out there. Personally I find it a little funny to see a very short (under 5') girl dating a very tall (6' or taller) guy. But if that's what they're into, then great for them. There is no reason for you to judge anyone else's attractions.
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  • Nanner25Nanner25 109 replies10 threads Junior Member
    So, just to clarify, you want to spend a ton of money on an extremely painful surgery that you don't need so that superficial girls will want to date you? I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous.

    You're 17. There's a pretty good chance that you still have a few inches to grow.. This might not even be an issue in a few months. Also, the average high of an adult woman in the U.S. is 5'4. I'm 5'4 and 5'7 doesn't seem short to me at all and there are a lot of women that would agree with me..

    Your personality is far more important than your height. If people like your personality and like being around you, that's what is going to get you dates. If you're confident, funny, kind, etc. people won't even care about you're height. You could even make jokes about your height. "Everybody needs a short friend!" or just stupid stuff like that... The thing that will turn girls off is your major insecurity issues, not your height.. And really, why do you want to date someone who's shallow?? That doesn't make any sense to me...
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  • PRiNCESSMAHiNAPRiNCESSMAHiNA 2087 replies33 threads Senior Member
    Leg lengthening surgery? How awful! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say (as a girl, mind you), that we don't care about height THAT MUCH. Most females I know are about my height (5'5), and generally date guys in the 5'7-5'8 range.

    Not to mention, if someone is shallow enough to not want to date you because of your height, are they really worth dating?
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  • rockstar45177rockstar45177 13 replies5 threads New Member
    You need to learn to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are as a man. The attitude you walk away with after that will get you so many girls.

    Girls are attracted to how you carry yourself as a man, confidence and your attitude (among other things but those are big)

    if you really want to grow taller there are some programs that actually work and are not scams.

    PM me if you want but I think your problem is more how you see yourself and others and is mental.
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  • exultationsyexultationsy 1091 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Many women have a hard cutoff height of 6' and some of them have another cutoff at 5'10.

    Have you yet met one? Would you want to date one? "Oh, God, I thought you seemed tall, but you're actually 5'11"--it's over!" I know you're not borderline, but someone for whom there was such a clearly-defined borderline--you're better without them.

    Also, I'm 5'5"-ish, and that is tall for an American woman. While women do have a preference for "tall" guys, "tall" usually just means "as tall or taller than they are," in my experience. It's true that I'd have trouble being with a guy more than an inch or two shorter than myself (so, 5'3" or less is trouble), but the % of women in this country over your height is very small. In other words, you need to get over this.
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  • WhatdidyouWhatdidyou 535 replies4 threads Member
    hehe. you know? its your money, you can do with it as you wish.

    As a general rule, individuals are more concerned with their own shortcomings than anyone around them is. You think that being short is a big drawback, but other people probably don't even really notice it and/or care.

    Just like when you got braces in HS, you think everyone is looking at you, but in reality you are the only one that gives a damn.

    I also think it would be very awkward explaining my leg lengthening story to my friends/family/future gf.
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  • RacinReaverRacinReaver 6555 replies55 threads Senior Member
    I'm trying to figure out if this whole thread is a euphemism for something else.
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  • bl4ke360bl4ke360 692 replies20 threads Member
    You can gain 2 inches in height by sticking up your hair and wearing shoe inserts. You can even gain like 4 inches with shoe inserts but that would make the difference too obvious if you were to take off your shoes.
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  • KarmaGoKarmaGo 214 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I read somewhere that this surgery to lengthen your legs will throw your body length ratio out of whack. And your legs won't be able to stand as much pressure and exertion than they originally would have. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars to just "look" good?
    Why don't you just work out and bulk up? That'll be far more impressive.
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  • chiomaaachiomaaa 8 replies5 threads New Member
    I find your post really contradictory. You criticize women look down on shorter guys and call them shallow, yet you are considering changing your appearance because of this. Doesn't that pretty much contradict the point you were trying to make.
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  • dantheman91dantheman91 206 replies30 threads Junior Member
    I'm somewhere between 5'4" and 5'5". I would gladly take 5'7"!

    I may be short, but i'm trying my best to make a big difference.
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  • ThisMortalSoilThisMortalSoil 909 replies19 threads Member
    I've got a friend who's 5'6" or so and while he's no lothario he does get with women. Why? Because he's got self-confidence and is a very funny guy, in fact he does standup comedy.

    Stop letting something you have zero control over get you down. There's nothing you can do about it short of some painful surgery.
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  • keabie18keabie18 400 replies14 threads Member
    I'm a girl, and height is only attractive to me because i'm 6'0, and don't like to tower over guys, but 5'7 is really not that short. I would date someone who was 5'7. Short to me is 5'0-5'3. Just relax.

    If you're really concerned about being taller, take some really good yoga classes. They will teach you good posture, which will make you seem at least an inch or two taller. Also, they will help you relax as I advised!
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