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How racist is the University of Alabama?

ChicagoBlackHawkChicagoBlackHawk Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
edited September 2012 in College Life
Just curious if anyone has any insight on racism at the University of Alabama. While I am considering primarily academic powerhouse schools like Michigan, Illinois and Purdue, Alabama essentially makes it almost free for me to go there. The way I see it, college is a once in a lifetime thing, therefore I would hate to be excluded or marginalized because I am not white or black (I am of Indian decent). I ran a search of racism at UA's newspaper, Crimson White, and found tons of articles about racist incidents. It seems like almost every other week there is some problem. I did the same with Michigan's Michigan Daily, Illinois's Daily Illini and Purdue's Exponent and basically found none. Also why are all fraternity and sorority houses either all white or black? The houses at Michigan, Illinois and Purdue are all integrated. This is what worries me the most, why is Alabama so segregated? They keep talking about the new south, but it still looks like the old. Academically Alabama isn't the greatest but it isn't as awful as most of the nation thinks, so I am not worried about that. It is basically as good as what you make of it. The racism is what really keeps me from considering or even visiting that school. Any insights would be nice. THANKS!
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Replies to: How racist is the University of Alabama?

  • arghwhyarghwhy Registered User Posts: 284 Junior Member
    Racism is everywhere. Statistically, the more students in a school, the worse it will be.

    Just learn to deal with it.
  • Mike1213Mike1213 Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    as far as the sorority and frat houses go
    people generally segregate themselves naturally
    just a fact of human nature that we tend to prefer to associate with others of the same race
    if you look at churches and neighborhoods all around the country you will find this is supported

    difference is in michigan, illinois, etc integration will be more forced/promoted

    I visited the same newspaper site (Crimson White) and searched 'racism' 'racist' 'race' and nothing came up but then i started searching other keywords that would surely bring a result and still nothing so I think their search function is broken/disabled at the moment

    Also, keep in mind that blacks commit racial crimes against whites at a far higher rate than vice versa. Only they don't make the newspaper or local new channel very often.
  • b@r!umb@r!um Registered User Posts: 10,168 Senior Member
    Also why are all fraternity and sorority houses either all white or black? The houses at Michigan, Illinois and Purdue are all integrated.
    How did you come to that conclusion? I just checked out 20 fraternities at Michigan. Among those:
    8 seemed predominantly white
    5 were predominantly (exclusively?) African-American
    2 were predominantly (exclusively?) Asian
    2 were predominantly (exclusively?) Latino
    1 was predominantly (exclusively?) Indian

    I'd be surprised if you found a single college campus with a race-blind Greek scene.
  • b@r!umb@r!um Registered User Posts: 10,168 Senior Member
    But from a purely statistical point of view, you'll probably feel more marginalized at Alabama. At Alabama, 91% of students reported their race as either white or black. It's 61% at Illinois, 66% at Michigan, 68% at Purdue. No surprise that Alabama features more "black and white" thinking.
  • steellord321steellord321 Registered User Posts: 349 Member
    Frats hardly represent the entire campus either. I think he's referring to incidents like this though University Of Alabama Racist Incidents Brings Back Bad Memories | Breaking News for Black America

    Agree with others that people tend to socialize with their own race after like, elementary school, but you won't see antagonistic crap like that on a midwest campus. Even being white, I'd get away from the south as quickly as possible. The whole region has a horrid, recent and ongoing problem with racism. No one's gonna give you a hard time at UMich etc. At worst, people are busy doing their own thing.
  • RichardDRichardD Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    I hear Alabama is pretty racist in general. I have a asian friend who moved to Alabama temporarily for work. He told me he was denied access to several client's offices that his company works with because of his nationality.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,562 Senior Member
    Alabama =/= University of Alabama.

    There's a lot of people on here who go to Bama. I don't think they've ever mentioned an issue. B@r is right about Michigan. Many do tend to be segregated.

    There are incidents of racism at almost every college. I disagree that it's a southern thing. I have lived in the midwest/great lakes most of my life and I know of racist incidents that have happened on midwest and great lakes campuses as well. If anything, you might want to consider smaller LACs with highly diverse populations.
  • Mike1213Mike1213 Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    if your asian friend thinks alabama is racist perhaps he should visit east asia
    korea,japan, and china are all more racist and openly so
    but its only wrong when whites are racist right?
  • Big10ChampBig10Champ Registered User Posts: 148 Junior Member
    @Mike1213: You have some really messed up thoughts going on there. You need to reevaluate... pretty much everything you just typed.

    OP, I have never been to Alabama, or the University of Alabama, but as previous posters said, the larger percentage of white students you get, generally the more racism you're going to get. That does not mean everyone there is a racist, or that you won't fit in, but that's generally how it works when it comes to PWIs (predominantly white institutions).

    I attend Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and I love it here. Do I wish there was more diversity? Absolutely. Have I encountered racism? Absolutely. But as I said, I really enjoy this school and have become friends with people of various racial and cultural backgrounds.

    Honestly, I suggest you visit the schools you are considering if you can. Just walk around campus during the day, get a feel for the atmosphere. Talk to a couple non-white students and ask them what they genuinely think.
  • Mike1213Mike1213 Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    Is anything I said incorrect? Please tell me if I am mistaken.
  • Big10ChampBig10Champ Registered User Posts: 148 Junior Member
    Boiling social segregation down to "people just tend to prefer those of their own race" is incredibly ignorant at best.
  • VladenschlutteVladenschlutte Registered User Posts: 4,329 Senior Member
    I really didn't want to touch this topic with a 10 ft poll because any topic on CC which mentions race inevitably turns into a crapfest of ill-informed ignorant posts, but in good conscious I don't want you to get the wrong idea since it seems you are asking a genuine question. Please completely disregard Big10Champ.

    In reality, you are unlikely to encounter any open racism at any of those schools, and equally so. Big public universities have very very little open racism. You may very well run into someone who doesn't want to be your friend, doesn't want to talk to you, doesn't want to have anything to do with you purely because of your race. That's not going to be any more likely at Alabama than any other school you mentioned. There is no more enmity for Indians in the South than in the North.
  • vlinesvlines Registered User Posts: 3,579 Senior Member
    OP, there are a number of students that post on the Alabama forum. And I know that this topic has been discussed on that forum a few times. I would recommend that you go to that forum and read those threads or reask your questions there. It might help!

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  • Mike1213Mike1213 Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    Big10champ how can it be ignorant if it is supported by fact time and time again?
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,562 Senior Member
    Facts, Mike? Can you show me some facts that contradict what Big said?
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