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It sucks not having a car

SingDanceRunLifeSingDanceRunLife Registered User Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
edited November 2012 in College Life
I don't have a car, so I have to rely on the transportation my school provides and my friends who have cars (which is only a select few -- most of my friends, like me, don't) to get places (the public transportation where I go to school sucks, and I would never rely on it).

I was planning on going grocery shopping tonight, and I went to where the shuttle picks us up/drops us off, only to wait for about 10 minutes and then find out it was canceled for the night. So now, I have to either find one of my friends who can take me, or scrounge for food until Sunday which is the other day my school provides transportation to the store, and by Sunday it won't make a lot of sense to get much food because I'm going home on Tuesday for 5 days.


I posted on FB asking if any of my friends who have cars could take me, and the only response I got was from one of my friends who said her gf could take me...for $10...and that's way too much! It's literally a 5 minute drive to the grocery store. I offered $5, and I checked on a website that calculates the cost of driving trips...and the cost for her would be under $2...

Oh well...I guess I'll be living off pasta for the next 6 days since that's basically all I have...
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Replies to: It sucks not having a car

  • ThisMortalSoilThisMortalSoil Registered User Posts: 928 Member
    Yep it is quite inconvenient at a lot of schools if you live off-campus.
  • spectasticspectastic - Posts: 847 Member
    a bike and a burley trailer, and you're all set.

    relatively low maintenance, no insurance required, no gas, easy to store, good for your health. I could go on...
  • clarinette52clarinette52 Registered User Posts: 709 Member
    That works if you don't have to cross a very busy street. If I tried to bike to the Walmart near my school, I would probably get hit. I'm very thankful my parents let me have a car on campus.

    I would try to get a working relationship with one person to drive you to and from the store. That way, you two can work out how much you would owe in gas and not have to deal with people gouging you for money.
  • LenitusLenitus Registered User Posts: 5,420 Senior Member
    I was without a car for the first few years, and it could be tough at times relying on others for rides. Freshman year was the most difficult because the only people I knew were freshmen, and the campus policy then was that no cars were allowed until junior year. Walking to the grocery store was a pain, as I was on the opposite end of campus from where the store was. But I survived :) Got some good exercise, too.

    My question is, how are you getting home? Are your parents coming to get you? Mine weren't always able to drive the 3 hours, so I relied on the ride board posted in the student union. It worked very well as there were thankfully a few upperclassmen living in or near my hometown.

    @clarinette52, are you a current Valpo student? That's my alma mater! If you're talking about the Wal-mart in Valpo, then I could see how crossing US 30 on a bike might be a bit intimidating.
  • WordworkerWordworker Registered User Posts: 869 Member
    Maybe your secret sorority would like to start a grocery shuttle as a community service.
  • cbugcbug Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    I can't believe you are complaining about your friends charging you $10 a few times a month. Do you have any idea how much it costs to have a car on campus. With gas, maintenance, parking permits, and insurance, it is costing them hundreds every month. And that's assuming they don't have a car payment. You calculated the trip at $2?? Well this person's time is valuable too and it doesn't seem like you even know her. Sounds like you need to grow up.
  • GA2012MOMGA2012MOM Registered User Posts: 5,440 Senior Member
    I agree cbug. OP, check out zip car if you don't want to pay $10 to a friend. You can pay them, and it'll be much more.

    edit: D is in med school in the middle of nowhere without a car. When her roommates loan her their car, she puts gas in the tank. Other than that, she does the public bus when and where available, if not it is zipcar, amtrak, taxi or the Dartmouth Coach to get to the airport. All combined are cheaper than owning and maintaining a car. $10 is nothing.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,796 Senior Member
    Or a cab...
  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse Registered User Posts: 26,432 Senior Member
    You think it's expensive paying for rides? What do you think it will cost to maintain a car at school, never mind the initial cost of the car? Insurance, gasoline, maintenance, issues that come up, parking. My son had a car. Bought it himself, used it in high school, paid for it himself and sold it when he went to college. Too much expense to keep it.

    Now if you can some ELSE to pay for your car, that's a whole other story.
  • cbugcbug Registered User Posts: 614 Member
    Also if it's "literally" a 5-minute drive. That means it's only a mile or so. So get off your butt, strap on a backpack, and walk there and back! Simple and free.
  • SingDanceRunLifeSingDanceRunLife Registered User Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
    The shuttle my school provides is free, and it generally runs 2x a week (Wednesday and Sunday). However, sometimes it does get canceled.

    Biking to the store would be extremely dangerous -- it would require going on some of the busiest streets in the city...and pedestrians aren't even allowed, so walking isn't an option either.

    When I go home, one of my parents (usually my dad) comes to get me. I only live an hour and twenty minutes from my school, and my dad works about 45 minutes away from my school. That's how it's always been because I can't take a bus home since there are no buses that run from the city I go to school in to my hometown, and there is no train in my hometown, or any surrounding town, so that's not an option either.

    And yes, $10 is quite expensive. I've never had anyone ask for more than $5 before this girl, and most of my friends with cars don't ask for anything, and some refuse to even take anything (I offer every time though).

    Anyway, one of my other friends said I can go with him. He's in a wheelchair, and the school provides a van for him once a week, and they allow one friend to go with him for free, so I'm going with him later this afternoon. He said it's a win win because I can get what I need and get transportation for free, and he can have some helping hands to do his shopping. It'll also be nice because we haven't hung out in awhile.
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 31,677 Super Moderator
    I'm glad it worked out. Please, though, keep in mind that $10 is NOT expensive. Just because friends are willing to do it for less (or nothing) doesn't mean that this number is unreasonable.
  • SingDanceRunLifeSingDanceRunLife Registered User Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
    At my school, $10 IS expensive. So don't say it's not because you don't know. Maybe elsewhere $10 isn't expensive, but here, it most certainly is.
  • JeSuisJeSuis Registered User Posts: 1,930 Senior Member
    I hate having a car! Everyone expects rides from me, and if I refuse or request gas money, people think I'm selfish or a bad friend. My town has really good public transportation, though, so a car is pretty unnecessary.
  • SingDanceRunLifeSingDanceRunLife Registered User Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
    That sucks. I absolutely always offer gas money, even to my one friend who I know won't take it because he absolutely always refuses to take it!
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