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Packing for college!

sadesyosadesyo 8 replies5 threads New Member
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I have a huge wardrobe and I don't think i will be able to leave most of it! How did you decide what to keep at home or what storage did you include in packing that would allow me to bring more clothes? Some advice would help a lot.
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Replies to: Packing for college!

  • musicallylatinmusicallylatin 3593 replies221 threads Senior Member
    To decide which clothes to take:

    Wash ALL of your clothes.
    Hang them ALL up in your closet, but with the hook facing the opposite way that you normally hang it.
    As you wear your clothes, switch the hook back the normal way. In the end you'll see what you really wear and don't wear and it'll help you narrow down what to take.

    I'm a college minimalist in comparison to a lot of the other girls in my residence hall, so I can't give you help on bulk packing beyond this article: How To Pack a Carry-On Like a Boss. I use her tricks each time I travel now, and it works for me well. I was taught to roll clothes individually to save space over folding them, but each time I do that, it doesn't seem to save any space to me.
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  • SingDanceRunLifeSingDanceRunLife 1655 replies132 threads Senior Member
    Honestly, I brought 90% of my clothes with me. The 10% left at home were things I didn't wear at all.

    I mean, I did get rid of some stuff after going through it before packing, but there wasn't a ton of that my first year. (There was more my second and last year).
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  • bschooltotechbschooltotech 71 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I totally failed at packing and only brought 14 shirts. I acted like I was going on vacation.
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  • CatriaCatria 11199 replies150 threads Senior Member
    Clothing won't be an issue for me if I went to graduate school away from home, but sometimes I think it's the initial batch of supplies that is a subject of debate at home.
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