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Is this a good reason to switch roommates?

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So, first off, my roommate and I have not gotten along too well this year. From my point of view, he is an extremely inconsiderate individual. He has his alarm go on snooze about ten times some morning. He plays his music out loud, but tells me "to shut the **** up" when I play mine out loud. He throws dirty and wet clothes on my bed. He also will come in at 3 or 4 in the morning, turn on all the lights (we live in a quad where there is a main study room and two bedrooms) in our bedroom and does his laundry. None of this is particularly a problem, especially because I have addressed it with him and he agreed to cut a lot of it out, which so far he has as far as I can tell.

The main problem, however, is that he has had a horrible, evil cough for the last month and a half. It is piercingly loud and it goes right through both my headphones and my earplugs that I wear every single night. He comes home usually around 3-6 every night and wakes up at like 9 so it honestly seems like his sickness just won't go away. He does not seem like a very healthy kid. I have expressed concern and recommended a doctor/student health center but he ignores all that and does not seem to think that there is a problem. I have been sleeping on my other dormmates bedroom floor for a lot of this time (I usually go in there once he comes in at night and starts coughing), but I am really losing significant amounts of sleep because of this. Is this a reasonable complaint and basis for switching roommates?

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