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Veronica123Veronica123 18 replies11 threads New Member
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I am taking a stats class and it's called Introduction to Statistical Analysis.
I am taking it for pharmacy school, it's one of the pre-req.
I have never taken stats before, I took calculus and pre-calc in college.
And I took geometry and also pre-calc in high school.

I need to ace this class in order to bring my GPA up.
So I would like study tips, how to get not B or C but an A.
Also what is interesting about stats course? what do you get out of it?
If you love stats course why do you like it? how should I study for the course?
and things down that nature. For those who did well in the course tell me the steps of getting there. Will be greatly appreciated.

:) peace
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  • CalDudCalDud 1658 replies125 threads Senior Member
    If you were a B or A student in Calculus, statistics should come pretty easily to you. It can even be taken in high school.

    It shouldn't take up much of your time, but you must know what the heck you are doing for the most part. I'd just say do all the homework and definitely know how to get the answers to similar problems. You should be good.
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  • bjunior92bjunior92 74 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I've taken almost two semesters of stats, last semester and just finishing up this year (will be three semesters at the end of next year). I've come to the conclusion I hate it. Statistics is an overall OKAY course, but some concepts are very difficult to understand (most of the distributions you'll learn are difficult). You won't do well in the class if you just try to memorize how to do the problems. You need to know the concepts very well. Just make sure to take very good notes and do as much practice problems as you can. It's a very good course to take, though. It definitely teaches you how to analyze data and what that data means, which comes in handy sometimes.
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  • mikeyc765mikeyc765 1313 replies34 threads Senior Member
    I would say that unlike other math classes, it's worth spending more time understanding the theory/concepts rather than how to execute a particular computation. For the most part, the computations are easy. Statistics also tends to highlight the ability for critical reading/thinking.
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  • Veronica123Veronica123 18 replies11 threads New Member
    Thank you everyone for you awesome advices. Understanding concept seems to be everyone's take on stats. Thanks! really appreciate it.
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