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Would this be appropriate?

sunshine02sunshine02 250 replies151 threads Member
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I really enjoyed all my classes this year, and I loved all my professors too. They were very enthusiastic, helpful, and dedicated. It's been awhile since this has been the case, and as a result, I want to write each of them a thank you card, but I'm very worried that professors will take this the wrong way? I wrote thank you cards to select teachers who I really liked in high school, but I don't know if there's a different "culture" in college? I don't want them to misunderstand, but I really do want to thank them.

Any opinions/advice would be helpful. Thanks!
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Replies to: Would this be appropriate?

  • ChedvaChedva 18881 replies11658 threads Super Moderator
    Yes, it's appropriate, IF:
    1) You keep it professional.
    2) You send it AFTER final grades have been submitted.

    College professors, as much as high school teachers, like to hear that what they're doing makes a difference.
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  • granipcgranipc 398 replies30 threads Member
    I agree with Chedva... just wait until after grades are in. I think any teacher loves a pat on the back, and it's rare they get them.
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  • stradmomstradmom 5052 replies51 threads Senior Member
    As a professor, I can tell you that your card will be much appreciated, even more so than if you gave a gift. I do agree with those who are saying you should wait until grades are in.
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  • AxelrodAxelrod 660 replies3 threads Member
    No, it's not appropriate, in my opinion (especially if you plan to take another course with this professor). Too much room for misunderstanding. Say it in person or on a review card/website that rates professors.
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  • ladeeda6ladeeda6 494 replies14 threads Member
    I bought a chem professor I knew a thank you gift. She wasn't my professor, but she took time out of her schedule weekly to tutor me because she knew the professor I had wasn't very good.

    Alternatively, I wrote an email to another professor (i never took her class) that ran a program I was in to thank her for everything she had done to help me figure out what's needed for grad school, how to give w proper presentation, make a poster, etc. She seemed to appreciate it.
    I also had a TA I liked a lot this semester but I just gave him a really good evaluation.

    With most of my current professors, with rare exceptions, I just do the evaluations and they aren't very good.
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  • meletemelete 13 replies1 threads New Member
    Wait...assuming the student has a good relationship with the professor, and the thank-you-card is given significantly after grades are out, how could the professor misunderstand? Like, I don't get what the professor would even think the "ulterior motives" could be...someone care to fill me in?

    I only ask because I've definitely emailed professors after the class was done to tell them how much I enjoyed the class, and I hate to think it was interpreted badly.
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  • steellord321steellord321 349 replies0 threads Member
    Another reason to wait until after the grade is if, to your immense shock, you get a really bad grade and then regret ever thanking them.
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