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How do you tell your roommate you hate them.

jjjamesjjjames Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
edited February 2006 in College Life
Well if any of you have read my blog http://www.apblue.com you will notice that I hate my roommate more than Katrina victims hate FEMA. Everything he does ****es me off and yesterday he asked me what I was doing roommate wise next year. Our lease is up the end of May and hes talking about the summer and how fun it will be and how I can visit him at his house all the while I'm thinking how great it would be if his plane crashed on his way back home. I'm not confrontational at all and don't know what to say to him. Everytime I want to talk about it he starts talking about us taking summer classes together. Any advice would be helpful.

because roommates suck
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Replies to: How do you tell your roommate you hate them.

  • gsp_silicon_valleygsp_silicon_valley Registered User Posts: 1,542 Senior Member
    Be honest and tell him that while being roommates has been an experience you won't forget, it is now time for the two of you to move on in separate directions and meet new people. You will seek a new roommate for next term.

    Keep it short and to the point!
  • lkf725lkf725 Registered User Posts: 4,781 Senior Member
    Tell him you plan to apply to 24 hour quiet housing!
  • imiracle911imiracle911 Registered User Posts: 3,309 Senior Member
    wow i'm really sorry that you have to go through this. Ur roommate too is really pathetic. It's like how could no one tell you that through like ur 18 year. Anyways i say be blunt and tell him the truth(of course euphemize a little). Just say "i don't think we get along as i initially thought we would. So i think it's time for us to meet new people and go each other's directions." Say that u rn't nocturnal if he wants some evidence.
  • FrddyGVFrddyGV Registered User Posts: 634 Member
    I hate you. I'm gonna ****ing kill you in your sleep if I see you again.
  • hazmathazmat User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 8,435 Senior Member
    You only need to tell him to seek other people for future housing plans. You don't need to tell him anything further unless you want to.....you aren't confrontive so I'd stick to the simple method.
  • jjjamesjjjames Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    hahaha thats amazing. I told him i hated him a couple weeks ago and that he was a really bad roommate and he got all butt hurt and "tried to be better" This lasted for about 2 days now things are back to the way they are. I'm looking at him right now, hes playing World of Warcraft without a shirt on, his ***** tits sagging down to his belly. Thanks for all the advice though, maybe I should treat it like im firing him and say that things just aren't working out... or slay him in his sleep

    because roommates suck
  • monarchsfan16monarchsfan16 Registered User Posts: 280 Junior Member
    Well you could let it slip that you have a blog and make him curious enough so that he goes to it and sees that. I made that mistake with my roommate. Actually I'm still trying to figure out how she found out about my livejournal. But because she did (thank god) it sped up the breakdown of our temporary lounge. Now I am in a real room, with the roommate that I liked all along, and it's great. She'll be moving into her new room across campus tonight or tomorrow.
    And telling them doesn't do a whole lot. They can try all they want; they can't change significantly. The one I hated is a drunk; she comes in in the middle of the night hammered and wakes everyone up. She took up half the room with all of her stuff (and for last semester there were 4 of us in the room). She was obnoxious and couldn't care less what we all thought. She was notorious for keeping us awake until 3 am even when we were sick, because she was so loud. I could keep going, but you get the point.
    Seriously, let it slip that you have a blog. The roommate will get curious.
  • hairypottyhairypotty Registered User Posts: 1,215 Member
    You can say "You are a great person but (list reasons why he annoys you." If that doesn't work, then scare him away. Do annoying things he does.
  • princessbellprincessbell Registered User Posts: 2,079 Senior Member
    Oh, poor you! I was laughing my head off at that die b die entry! You can't be serious!
  • jjjamesjjjames Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    If I were to do the annoying things he does i would have to
    1. Jerk off... all the time
    2. Never ever do the dishes
    3. Never take out the trash
    4. Never take a shower
    5. Drink soda and alcohol 20 times a day
    6. Sit on the couch all day smelling it up
    7. Eat everything
    8. Clog the toilet at least once a week
    9. Never unclog the toilet
    10. Play World of Warcraft 17 hours a day.. literally

    I could never do any of the things he does because I despise them so much. As far as showing him my blog he would be really mad but he also might be amused. Nowhere in there does it mention his name so it would be funny if he stumbled across it and said to himself "wow that guy sounds like a ****ing *******" then come to realize that it was him. Thanks for all the advice but i dont' think the last two options would work to well, i'm still stuck on the murdering him in his sleep but i'd feel sorry for the Police Department having to cut out the wall to get him out.

    because roommates suck
  • impactangelimpactangel Registered User Posts: 380 Member
    Here's what you should do

    1. Join him...that'll teach him
    2. Don't do em either...buy paper plates to eat on
    3. Don't do this either...throw away the paper plates in a separate bag and only take out your own trash
    4. Lysol his room when he isn't there so he'll wisen up
    5. Drink soda and burp loudly all day long
    6. Lysol the couch 2x so that his nostrils burn when he lays there
    7. Buy nothing for him to eat...only buy when you need food!
    8. This is a bad one...I'd recommend going to the toilet in other places...perhaps the commons etc...
    9. Definitely don't help him...in fact, do something gross in there so that if he decides to clean it up, it'll be harder (suggestion...pee)
    10. Play an equally annoying game whenever possible (something with lots of gunfire on loud volume...counterstrike perhaps?)

    Have fun!
  • jjjamesjjjames Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    you are truly evil but have amazing ideas. As far as #'s 1 and 8 go, join him? As in jerking off? Thats kinda disturbing, and for #8 I live in apartments off campus now so there isn't anywhere to go except the bush outside. I found about 200 paper plates I had gotten from Costco earlier this year so I can use those and I decided that i'll actually play Battlefield 2 with my Harmon Kardon speaker set turned up full blast. I think our whole apartment needs to be lysoled though. Drinking soda isn't to appealing because i'm really trying to get back in shape. When hes on the couch i'll sneak my butt around from the back and gas him, hehehe, this should be fun

    because roommates suck
  • impactangelimpactangel Registered User Posts: 380 Member
    okay okay okay...hahaha

    #1 was a joke

    Perhaps secretly film him and then display the footage to his parents?

    As for #8, wow that really sucks.

    Only suggestion left is to do it on his bed until he agrees to unclog the mess.
  • Anonymous99Anonymous99 Registered User Posts: 861 Member
    dude, i must say that you're a great writer! Your writing about your roomate is so good that I question whether or not he even exists! Your writing style adds so much humor, but I still pity you.

    Please let us know how it turns out!
  • jjjamesjjjames Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    impactangel you truly are a genius! Last semester I had my webcam setup but took it down when he was spotted doing certain things I care not to explain. It was a huge hit, I worked on campus and we left one of the computers on all day watching him, it was hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Thanks for the compliment of being a good writer by the way my english major roommate from last year would have to disagree but hes anal about english
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