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What time do you tend to get up in the morning?


Replies to: What time do you tend to get up in the morning?

  • whenhenwhenhen Registered User Posts: 5,638 Senior Member
    Plenty of people shower at night. I can get ready in seven minutes or less if I just bush my hair/ teeth, put on some standard clothes, and get my backpack which already has most of the necessary books.
  • Writer1992Writer1992 Registered User Posts: 1,072 Senior Member
    I shower at night and EASY can get out the door in 10 minutes. Use the bathroom, brush teeth, change clothes, make sure hair isn't too frizzy, grab some water and Pop-Tarts and hurry out the door. It can be a bit of a rush if I don't have my things in my bag from the night before but it can be done. I don't use makeup so that's not a problem. If it's an early class, who cares what I look like? As long as I'm presentable, it doesn't mattaaa.

    I live a bit off campus so I have to leave earlier to catch the bus and avoid taking the crazy packed bus with the rest of the residents here. This sucks but I have to just deal with it and adjust my schedule.

    I have class at 7:35 am M/W right now and this is subject to change because I'm not an early riser at all. I tend to stay up really late for no reason then wake up around noon or even later if I can. I'll probably wake up at 6:40 to catch the 7:04 bus to campus. Tu/Th I have class at 2 pm so I can sleep until whenever. I'm nervous that I'll sleep the day away, which I always do with later classes. Or, if I know I have class or something to do at a certain time, I won't do anything else because I'm just anxious for class to start. So I'll browse the web or watch TV until class then I don't get out til late and don't feel like doing anything else.

    Hopefully this semester I have a somewhat 'normal' sleep schedule so those Tu/Th I'll be able to get up and do something of importance! Friday, I only have class at 905 am but I never went to my 905 am class last semester, especially on a Friday, so let's see how that works out.
  • AmandarinAmandarin Registered User Posts: 621 Member
    I get up at 9 on M/W but don't have class till 12:45, so I head to the studio or work on homework before hand.

    I get up at 8 on T/R for 9am class

    I usually shower at night, or in the middle of the day when I have time - rarely before class (except sometimes my 1245 class) I hate going places with wet hair, and doing it otherwise takes a short millennium
  • baktraxbaktrax Registered User Posts: 2,563 Senior Member
    @Niquii77 That's pretty much what I do, minus the shower (no way am I ever going to get up early enough to take a shower in the morning). But "fix my hair" is just brush it. I don't do anything fancy.

    To be honest, unless you take a shower in the morning and/or eat breakfast in the morning, I don't understand how it can take anyone MORE than ten minutes in the morning. Unless you have to put on mountains of make up or straighten/curl your hair.

    Maybe it's just because I'm not a morning person at all, so I've got my routine honed for speed because it takes me forever to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Niquii77Niquii77 Registered User Posts: 10,104 Senior Member
    edited February 2014
    I shower at night.

    Sure, you guys are able to get "ready" in ten minutes. But my definition of "ready" is simply different.

    I brush my teeth for quite awhile. Maybe takes at minimum a three minutes to consider them clean. I have a retainer, as well. Must clean that. I wash my face in the morning. That takes time. Got to get dressed. That takes time. Moisturizer, deodorize, and smell good. That takes time. I don't really wear makeup. Takes at most five minutes. In total, thirty minutes minimum to have enough time to eat and make it to class with about five minute to settle in.

    Nope. If I tried to get ready in ten miniutes, I'd feel unprepared for the day.

    Quality differs. :-??
  • baktraxbaktrax Registered User Posts: 2,563 Senior Member
    See you're counting other things in that thirty minutes as well. What I count as "getting ready" in the morning is what you do before you need to get out the door, not including the time it takes to get to class and such. I was only counting using the bathroom, brushing teeth, getting dressed, deodorize, wash face, etc, and out the door. Takes about five minutes, maybe ten if I'm moving slow or need to pack my bag or something. I don't eat breakfast, so that's a non-issue but I get how that takes people longer.

    If we're also including the time it takes to get to class as well, then it probably takes me forty minutes to "get ready" in the morning--ten minutes to actually get ready, fifteen minutes to drive to campus and park, fifteen minutes to walk from the parking lot to class, although I usually allot for more in case there's traffic or something.

    I get that I was addressing a different question than what the OP originally asked, but I jumped in in the middle and was answering specifically what another poster asked. If your counting the time you get up to the time you sit down in class as "getting ready," well, then yeah that's going to take longer. I only count what it takes to get me out the door, which is 5-10 minutes.

    For the OP, get up at whatever time you need to get up to do whatever you need to do in the morning. Someone in my class gets up 2 hours before we have to be there, and I get up maybe forty minutes (or less, if I'm going to park closer to class) before class. If you can't get up early enough, then you have to skip some stuff. When I was in undergrad, I've gone to class in my PJs. You have to do what you have to do =D
  • Niquii77Niquii77 Registered User Posts: 10,104 Senior Member
    edited February 2014
    See you're counting other things in that thirty minutes as well. What I count as "getting ready" in the morning is what you do before you need to get out the door, not including the time it takes to get to class and such
    No, I'm not.

    Everyday I wake up an hour and thirty minutes before class. At minimum getting ready takes thirty minutes this decreasing the hour and thirty minutes.

    I do not believe anyone can adequately brush their teeth, wash their face, brush their hair, an get dressed in five minutes. Adequately meaning your teeth are fully brushed, your face is fully washed...like you're presentable. I just don't...It would feel so rushed.

    This thread has made me want to time myself. I shall do so and share my findings.
  • sopranokittysopranokitty Registered User Posts: 1,506 Senior Member
    edited February 2014
    @ smurray09: Easy. I just change out of my pajamas into jeans (my pajama top is usually just a camisole that I threw on before going to bed, and I just throw on another shirt over it) and put on a jacket. That takes me a minute. Brushing my teeth takes me another minute and a half. Getting my backpack and phone takes 30 seconds. Getting to the bus stop takes only 2 minutes because there's a bus stop by my apartment. So that takes me 5 minutes at most, and then I have another 5-8 minutes to wait for the bus to come. I'm not fussy about what clothes I wear to school, as long as it's clean and appropriate for the weather (aka, I'm sure not wearing a T-shirt and a skirt if it's 40 degrees or pouring out). I don't wear makeup when going to classes and I do all my showering at night. I skip breakfast on Tuesdays and Thursdays because my first class ends at 8:50 and I can grab breakfast after.

    And I don't bother with washing my face every single morning like Niquii77, mainly because 1) there's nothing to wash off, 2) I don't have acne, blackheads, or any of that stuff, and 3) my skin is already smooth. Seriously, whenever I wash my face, the only thing that happens is it makes me a little more awake. There is NO difference in my complexion. I also naturally have really small pores, so that's another plus. Makes it less likely for dirt and oil to get into my skin. And washing my face is usually just wetting a washcloth and then lightly scrubbing my face for about 10 seconds with it. I've tried different brands of face scrub/wash products before...those did absolutely nothing other than make my facial skin feel tighter than usual.
    Post edited by sopranokitty on
  • Writer1992Writer1992 Registered User Posts: 1,072 Senior Member
    5 minutes? Probably not. 10 minutes, definitely. If I'm running late (which is always ;) ), I can be out the door in ten minutes but it will be rushed. But I can brush my teeth, brush my hair, wash my face and get dressed presentably and throw some instant coffee in a mug and grab a package of pop tarts and be on that bus early enough to have time to eat my pop tarts in class before class actually starts.

    The retainer thing sucks though.
  • Niquii77Niquii77 Registered User Posts: 10,104 Senior Member
    I'm going to time myself right now. :)

    (Eh...not so much. Well yeah, it does...but at least I have straight teeth!)
  • AmandarinAmandarin Registered User Posts: 621 Member
    Haha I feel like the only person who hates being rushed in the morning. Id rather wake up earlier and take a lesiurely approach to getting ready - listen to a little music
  • Niquii77Niquii77 Registered User Posts: 10,104 Senior Member
    *cues drum roll*
    My findings have proved that.....so much time is wasted timing myself. :D

    Brush teeth, floss, mouthwash, and clean retainers: 12 minutes
    Wash face: 3 minutes
    Makeup: 5 minutes
    Do hair: 10 minutes
    Get dressed and use bathroom: 6 minutes

    I feel pretty comfortable with these times. :)

    @Amandarin I feel you. I feel you. I love to listen to music, take my time, text my friend, check Flipboard...and the like...
  • CSIHSISCSIHSIS Registered User Posts: 3,413 Senior Member
    Depending on the day, either 8:40, 9:15, or 10:15. Weekends any time is fair game.
  • Writer1992Writer1992 Registered User Posts: 1,072 Senior Member
    edited February 2014
    Amandarin - me too. It's not ideal being rushed, I was just saying it could be done. I have found out though that even if I have an hour, I will make eggs and watch TV for 45 minutes then rush to get dressed and out the door. Sighh
  • DescuffDescuff Registered User Posts: 4,031 Senior Member
    I just brush 5 minutes twice a day and floss/mouthwash weekly. Works for me that way.
    Also you just offered me more insight into why it my lady friends/family nearly x5 longer to get ready. :))
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