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Cost of College Degree

meiam1meiam1 5 replies2 threads New Member
College is suppose to be some of "best years" of your life. I mean I am not saying it hasn't it has allowed me to grow, but I just feel like you pay all of this money to live up to the standards of society, like people aimlessly go through college not knowing what they want to do with their lives, just to go into debt even further in grad school where they pursue their true passion or follow their passion to make money. Sometimes it feels like we are slaves to higher learning, because the burden of debt. I feel like practical experience is worth more than some college degrees. I personally really don't want to support such a broken system, until something is done about the high tuition cost.
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Replies to: Cost of College Degree

  • jimmyboy23jimmyboy23 588 replies20 threads Member
    Until you get to that point in your career where you need a college degree. You could have fifty years work experience helping build bridges and you could know everything about it but you are never going to be the lead on such an important project without certification. Work experience really doesn't mean anything until you get a degree.

    The burden of debt is only bad for people who choose colleges they can't afford. Everybody could go to school for free if they wanted too but the name brand draws them towards schools they can't afford.

    There's not too many good options without a college degree Most people go on about plumbers and electricians and mechanics but really one of those jobs is literally working in poop all day and usually none of them work more than five hours a day because the work can be very exhausting.

    The system isn't broken; it's stupid people who mess up the system. The only reason tuition has gotten this high is because people are willing to pay that much for one school over another.
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