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What types of bags do college students use?

magnetiquemagnetique 171 replies9 threads Junior Member
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In high school, everyone carries their bookbags around all day. What do you college students use to carry your stuff? What sort of bag should I get?

How many books/things do you carry around at once?
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Replies to: What types of bags do college students use?

  • ThinManThinMan 247 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Most people (myself included) just use a backpack, although lots of people use those side-pack thingies. I even see people using small suitcases with rollers to lug around all their textbooks.
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  • kk06kk06 543 replies11 threads Member
    In my hs we are strongly discouraged from carrying backpacks...I plan on picking up a cute bag for college though :)
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  • dukeclassof09dukeclassof09 476 replies1 threads Member
    I have never seen the airport-style bags that ThinMan is talking about. Most people have messenger bags (I prefer these) or backpacks. There isn't usually that much to carry at once since you don't need textbooks for class in most cases.
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  • monarchsfan16monarchsfan16 268 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Most people here use a backpack, although I've seen plenty of people use big purses too. It's really a wide variation, but I'd say most use a backpack
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  • Dima343Dima343 2188 replies23 threads Senior Member
    Most people use backpacks - I use essentially a messenger bag. I think I need a backpack though for when I go mountain biking.
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  • kenshikenshi 511 replies89 threads Member
    Most kids I see including myself carry one of those five star notebooks. I put my books and my laptop in it.
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  • juba2jivejuba2jive 983 replies18 threads Senior Member
    A lot of girls here use tote bags - LL Bean or Vera Bradley (barf) are two popular brands.
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  • i_wanna_be_Browni_wanna_be_Brown 8241 replies73 threadsForum Champion Brown Forum Champion
    i didn't ever have back to back class this year, so I would often just carry a 1-subject notebook and a pencil in my hand.
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  • magnetiquemagnetique 171 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Ok, thanks guys. I think I'll just take along my current bookbag and buy a nice messenger bag type also, and use whichever one fits best?
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  • bahamascbahamasc 81 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I have this Nike type of drawstring bag. Its really popular here. Only thing is that it is very small.
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  • iheartdonutsiheartdonuts 101 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I use a messenger bag when I'm gonna walk to classes nearby and a backpack when taking a bike
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  • fendergirlfendergirl 4620 replies159 threads Senior Member
    i used a messenger bag when taking my laptop with, a backpack most other times, and sometimes i just took a pencil.
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  • HelloKikiHelloKiki 651 replies40 threads Member
    Backpacks. Normally Jansport, and the larger the better!
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  • clemsonboclemsonbo 93 replies0 threads Junior Member
    just get a normal backpack, preferably one with a laptop thing in it. it doesnt necessairly have to be that big because depending on how your schedule works out youll be able to go back to your room between classes.
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  • jessetfanjessetfan 579 replies9 threads Member
    I bought a messenger bag that could be converted into a backpack, I think I used it as a messenger bag for about a week, but I liked having the option. It has space for my laptop and everything I want to take with me. I'm from New England so I bought one from L.L. Bean before I left; they're great because if you do bad things to your bag, break it, drag it around all over the place, etc, they'll replace it free of charge.
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  • NerjNerj 331 replies27 threads Member
    sorry.. but whats a messenger bag?
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  • quirkilyquirkily 1052 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Google image it. I can't really think of a way to describe it, but you'll know it when you see it.
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  • fittedfitted 96 replies20 threads Junior Member
    sorry but i think messenger bags are kinda faggoty
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  • redski59redski59 1344 replies37 threads Senior Member
    I just use a Jansport backpack, the same one from my high school years. Whenever I carry my laptop, I just put that in a sleeve and put the sleeve into the backpack.
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  • doublelayer009doublelayer009 255 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I use the tote bag. I got it for free when I bought HP & the half blood prince. Its the perfect size... i can fit a couple of notebook, a few small text books, and like keys cell phone... etc.

    Once i order my greek letter bag i'll be switching over to that.... but still thats a tote bag... they a perfect and i luv em!!
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