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TI89 for Differential Equations?!?

anoviceanovice 1301 replies75 threads Senior Member
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Can someone give me a crash course on using the TI89 to solve DE's? Like finding the general solution and solutions to IVPs... I know you put it in the deSolve(function, x,y) blah blah blah but the answer is never in the right form.

Anyone? know of any websites? Thanks!
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Replies to: TI89 for Differential Equations?!?

  • lastpickedlastpicked 40 replies2 threads Junior Member
    learn to integrate and seperate
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  • boxesarefunboxesarefun 152 replies11 threads Junior Member
  • CitanCitan 2165 replies122 threads Senior Member
    my prof doesnt let us use them...89 for diff eq is practically cheating
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  • anoviceanovice 1301 replies75 threads Senior Member
    I just want to use my calc to check my answers on homework. So thank you to boxesarefun for answering the question and not ranting about my practices.

    If I didn't know how to do it manually a calculator wouldn't even help because just showing the answer not only gets me a zero for that problem but my prof subtracts points off the total(ie I can get a -1 for a problem).

    Thanks again.
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  • TooyaTooya 254 replies17 threads Junior Member
    ti-89 you ask?

    On the home screen, press f3. :)
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  • ee_stuee_stu 478 replies4 threads Member
    Why don't you just plug the solution(s) back into the differential equation and see if you get an identity? You are talking about elementary differential equations, right? If not, then my bad.
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  • MicklerobeMicklerobe 60 replies4 threads Junior Member
    It's not necessarily cheating. In my class we get long involved problems, and on the AP tests for Calc the open ended problems are many step, and its more a test of concepts, not can you do the nitty gritty work of differentiation.
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  • mercurysquadmercurysquad 2664 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Well it has its uses in elec.engg. or physics classes where you gotta solve an ODE to get the final answer but the question is not about solving ODEs, but about elec.engg. or physics concepts.
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