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Why don't people have the same connection with their graduate institution as they do

Drew00Drew00 2733 replies231 threads Senior Member
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with their undergraduate institution?

Has anyone else noticed this? My dad did his undergrad at UMich and his grad at UCLA and he's all about Michigan football and basketball. He has Michigan stickers on his car and he's always wearing Michigan stuff. But, he could really care less about UCLA, I don't think he even owns a UCLA shirt. I've also noticed this with other people. They rant and rave about their undergrad school but never really talk about their graduate school/experience.

What gives?
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Replies to: Why don't people have the same connection with their graduate institution as they do

  • molliebatmitmolliebatmit 12245 replies129 threads Senior Member
    Well, most graduate students interact primarily with students and professors in their immediate program, and hence don't feel a strong connection with the school as a whole.

    And graduate school is in general a lot more work and less fun than undergrad. :)
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  • alanstatsalanstats 103 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Because Undergrad is all about fun. It is the time of your life, sure you learn a bit, but mostly you just try to have the best time possible while still keeping decent grades. Grad school= work work work. Especially first year of law or med school, or MBA programs
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  • BigredmedBigredmed 3726 replies26 threads Senior Member
    yep, Undergrad is a blast, there's time to do everything and, well it's just awesome.

    Put it this way: when I graduated last may it was the saddest day of my life, and I really wish I had taken an extra semester or two.
    When I graduate from med school in three years, it will be one of the happiest days of my life.
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