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What "school supplies" will I need in college?


Replies to: What "school supplies" will I need in college?

  • readingclaygirlreadingclaygirl Registered User Posts: 2,213 Senior Member
    @whenhen Definitely. That's why it's good to stock up ahead of time
  • sseamomsseamom Registered User Posts: 4,905 Senior Member
    Exactly, @whenhen . We've already found the nearest Walgreens where D can pick up basics at a reasonable price. That doesn't work if you're in the middle of nowhere, of course. A lot of this is a matter of preference. D prefers hard copy planners, color-coded pens and highlighters, other kids prefer apps. D is planning on using those 5-star notebooks for her notes. I liked 3-ring binders and dividers. Whatever works for you, plus whatever profs require.
  • stradmomstradmom Registered User Posts: 4,943 Senior Member
    Never said it was cheap, just that it was there ;)
  • DreamSchlDropoutDreamSchlDropout Registered User Posts: 731 Member
    - A small portable book stand. Heck, bring a dozen of these and resell the rest, because peers will ask you where they can get one.

    - Hand sanitizer. You'll get sick a lot less. All those desks and chairs are touched by many hands every day.

    - A stand-alone alarm clock. Yes, you can just use your phone, but you don't have to remember to plug in the clock every night so the battery doesn't die while you sleep.

    - Thumb drive. Comes in handy for all sorts of things. Format it regularly and virus/malware scan it regularly, because the price of its convenience is how great a vector it is for computer infections.

    - An app that will record audio synchronized to the notes you take when taking notes electronically. I like Notability for MacOS and iOS, but there are other options.
  • runner019runner019 Registered User Posts: 434 Member
    edited August 2016
    What I would add:
    +Planner: For me, this is a must-have as I dislike entering things on my phone and also need space for to-do lists.
    +Highlighters: These are mostly for the planner. You can always tell what weeks were overwhelming for me because they are full of color.
    +Flash-cards: I'm in a major that works with languages and language-related concepts, so these are a must.
    +Mini Stapler: For whatever reason, this always seems to be a necessity in my classes, even if it's just because others borrow it.
    +Sticky tabs/flags: I love using these to mark chapters in my books so that I don't have to flip around for forever.
    +Calculator: Depending on what math courses you do or do not take, either scientific or graphing (or both). I just have a 2 line scientific and it comes in handy often (even with no math classes).

    What I would not add:
    -Flash drive: I don't really use flash drives at all, even though I have a lot of them. I just email things to myself. When I have a presentation it might come in handy so that I don't have to go to my email to access a powerpoint, but other than that, they are not critical for me.

    Binders vs. Notebooks:
    I have previously used 5 subject notebooks, but recently have come to despise them because I always end up wasting paper. Last semester I used a binder for one class and liked it. Thus, I am planning on using three 1" binders this year - one for MWF classes, one for TTh classes, and one for a MTWTh language class. With pocket dividers I'll be able to separate classes. I prefer binders because I can add or remove loose leaf for classes depending on what is needed and easily move pages to better organize notes & homework. The only drawback I anticipate is using the binders on some of the tiny lecture hall desks, but again, removable paper. I'm using Avery comfort touch binders, as I find them to last far, far longer than other brands/models. Though chances are that you will prefer notebooks, as most people do.
  • RMIBstudentRMIBstudent Registered User Posts: 697 Member
    edited August 2016
    Aside from class-specific materials like textbooks and clickers, and the obvious, as you pointed out:

    Hole puncher
    Appropriate calculator (some classes only allow non-graphing ones, which are horrible; take a graphing calculator if they let you)
    Either a separate notebook for each class or some other way to delineate them
    Loose leaf paper
    Some way to organize your materials
    Maybe something portable that will let you jot down general thoughts and notes
    A printer (really optional, only if you can afford it and your university has really poor printer access, which I'd find unlikely)
    Some apps can be helpful - I'd recommend evernote and google calendar.
  • MrduqueMrduque Registered User Posts: 342 Member
    A Calculator app, it may save you from any unexpected problem. I recommend you "Scientific Calculator" by roaming squirrel, It is available for android devices and I has lots of features.
  • otoribashiotoribashi Registered User Posts: 505 Member
    edited August 2016
    i bring my backpack. im a commuter so my needs might be a bit different. here is what i usually carry in each compartment:

    folder (to carry any potential handouts, returned quizzes/exams, and syllabi)
    single subject college ruled notebook (for notes. i typically just carry one to use for all of my classes but last semester i used two to separate physics from other subjects, because that's my major)
    *a hat (i like to go outside during breaks between classes and don't want the sun in my face)
    *headphones (to listen to music if the mood strikes or while studying. or in case i want to watch a video during break. though lately ive left it home a lot because it's bulky[over the ear] and havent felt like listening to music)
    *hairbrush (to brush my hair once it dries since i tend to shower in the morning before class. i leave this at home if my hair is gonna be up)
    *laptop (if i have online homework to do, or an english class that has readings online and we'll be doing lots of drafting. i leave this home if i can to avoid killing my backpack)

    pencil pouch (i made a separate section for this to detail what's inside but this goes inside my main backpack compartment):
    one mechanical pencil (for notes. im gonna be honest, i carry just one because i dont want to be burdened to lend one out if someone else forgets one and then have it lost forever because they didn't give it back. i know, im horrible)
    a pen (in case i need to sign any paperwork for any reason, like visiting counseling offices)
    thumb drive
    (i used to carry 4 colored highlighters but took em out when i cleaned my backpack cuz i realized i never use them)

    scientific calculator (ive yet to require a graphing calculator despite my major. lol)
    inhaler (i have asthma. ive rarely had to use it but you never know when you'll need it)
    small tissue pack (i also get allergies sometimes. you don't want to be caught without tissue if your nose suddenly becomes runny!)
    hand lotion (sometimes my hands get really dry and it's unpredictable when it happens. they feel really stingy and painful. it's like tissue, i mostly dont need it but it's a huge pain being caught without it if i do suddenly need it)
    house keys
    *face sunscreen
    *body sunscreen

    i also bring my reusable water bottle, a lens cleaning cloth (for my glasses), and chapstick.

    * this means i sometimes leave it at home if i don't plan on using it or whatever. things without this symbol are things i carry every day.
  • otoribashiotoribashi Registered User Posts: 505 Member
    edited August 2016
    also i use my phone's calendar app to take note of deadlines and quizzes/exams. you can color code em by class if you'd like. i used to have a schedule app for stuff like this but just decided to use my main phone calendar app.

    i also have a graphing calculator app (algeo). it's really easy to use for complicated calculations because it formats everything really well as if you were writing it out by hand and you can add fractions and symbols where you need it. you can clearly see everything in one step instead of having to do calculations line by line like on a traditional calculator. so much easier to use as a calculator because of the touch screen on your phone. i also used to use it for graphing but then i discovered desmos dot com. but you need to be at a desktop for that. they probably have a mobile version but i havent tried it and id rather keep things on one app and use that algeo app than try to juggle between em.

    i use this app for labs. comes in really handy when doing repetitive calculations since you can just touch your screen to edit out the number you want instead of rewriting everything.
    but use your main test-taking calculator for classes where you need to use a calculator for exams because that way you'll get used to using it for exams and wont make any mistakes because you got used to always using your phone.

    i also use the google keep note to write down any little notes like homework, assignment info, dates, and other miscellaneous things i may want to 'write' out. you can also set reminders, repeating reminders, reminders that begin on a chosen date or time, or that repeat on certain days at certain frequency, color code, photos, ect. really handy app.

    oh and laptop charger if my battery's running low.
  • adlgeladlgel Registered User Posts: 782 Member
    What is a clicker?
  • RMIBstudentRMIBstudent Registered User Posts: 697 Member
    @adlgel Some classes use a "clicker" where you press buttons in to answer questions in-class electronically. It's relatively rare and the professor will surely tell you and explain how to purchase one.
  • DreamSchlDropoutDreamSchlDropout Registered User Posts: 731 Member
    I second the binder recommendation. I've always preferred binders for the reasons stated above, as well as for the flexibility of mixing different kinds of paper. My notes are often a mixture of ruled paper, graph paper, and plain paper for drawings & diagrams.
  • nanotechnologynanotechnology Registered User Posts: 2,526 Senior Member
    The longer you spend in college, the fewer supplies you will bother to keep around. I never needed a stapler because anything I had to print and hand in I would do at the library, where they had staplers and hole punches next to the library. I stopped buying notebooks when I switched to doing all my homework/math/studying on printer paper (a pack of that lasts forever) that I joined together with loose leaf binder rings (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00008XPLC/ref=s9_top_hd_bw_bljcsd_g229_i1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-2&pf_rd_r=1W6W10N6YAQBEHZAP1C5&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=96aa10c5-fe30-4f6b-a749-e65a5620d06a&pf_rd_i=705362011) and cereal box cardboard.

    But the big thing is that you'll probably end up doing more and more on your computer. The best investments I ended up making in terms of supplies for college was an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse to go with my laptop. Not the type of thing you have to buy right away (and the type of thing you'd order from Amazon anyway).
  • whenhenwhenhen Registered User Posts: 5,641 Senior Member
    I'm going into my last semester of college and I always carry a mini stapler with me. It makes me feel special inside when half the class comes up to me to staple a project that they printed out five minutes before it was due in class.
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