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Making student sign a "contract" in class?

paul2752paul2752 4777 replies349 threads Senior Member
I have heard a rumor in my school that this one teacher makes students sign a contract saying that they won't question his grading. Is that even legal?
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  • bopperbopper 14309 replies101 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    If that happened, one could always talk to one's adviser or the department head about this and ask what they think.
    Also, every college has a grade appeals process...
    But also keep in mind from the professor's point of view, they may have many students that don't attend class, don't study, barely do the homework and then complain about a grade because the "tried really hard".
    Obviously if there was a mathematical error in grading the professor should address it.
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  • skieuropeskieurope 40509 replies7529 threads Super Moderator
    Perhaps you should confirm that this is more than just a rumor before getting up in arms about it.
    100% agree. Additionally, if the college has an appeal process, as mine does, a professor can say whatever he likes, but that does not mean it will be upheld. Institution trumps (no pun intended) individual professor.
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