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Braces in college?


Replies to: Braces in college?

  • MissSuperFantasticMissSuperFantastic Registered User Posts: 601 Member
    I had braces all through middle school and a bit of highschool, and got them off like a year or two ago. Well, I never wore my retainers like I was supposed to and now they don't fit, so I'm going back to see if I can get them reshaped. If they say I ****ed up and have to get braces again I don't know what I'm gonna do, lol. I might just let my teeth get crooked; they never looked /that/ bad.
  • maden10maden10 Registered User Posts: 304 Junior Member
    miss super fanatastic, omg haha i'm in the same boat. i wore those retainers like a week maybe. it would suck if i have to wear em again for like a yr or something. i might just have to accept the way they look now.
  • lkf725lkf725 Registered User Posts: 4,781 Senior Member
    Invisaligns can be the perfect solution for people who wore braces but were not compliant with the retainers. Your teeth are probably not "off" all that much, and your bite is probably still correct.
  • Lady StardustLady Stardust Registered User Posts: 97 Junior Member
    i thought braces in college was a big deal but braces r nothing. in addition to those i wear elastics running top to bottom, which i hav to wear 24 hrs a day except to eat/brush.
  • kevtricekevtrice Registered User Posts: 282 Junior Member
    If you are a girl you should be fine. Guys with braces will really be looked down upon.
  • mikenthemaddog66mikenthemaddog66 Registered User Posts: 2,680 Senior Member
    Braces are breast implants for the teeth!
  • bonafide20bonafide20 Registered User Posts: 434 Member
    one thing about college is that the students are not AS immature as in hs and gradeschool. i had braces in elematry school and middle school...they were white so you couldn't tell if it was my teeth or not. I had thm for two years.....I then was supposed to wear retainers, but I didn't do it....lol. And my teeth never reverted or anything.

    Anyway, no one will care if you wear braces in college and it wont be a big deal at all.....in fact, i had a TA who had bracs on and you really couldn't notice them unless you were staring at her mouth trying to notice them.

    Oh, fyi, I was a bad girl when it came to braces...I still ate corn on the cob and chewed gum with no problems....my mouth still ended up looking brand new after I got the braces off. It was worth it, though my mouth hurt when I first got them in and when the braces were tightened or whatever it is the orthodantist did......definitely worth doing...better late than never cuz it really does make a big diff.
  • AUlostchickAUlostchick Registered User Posts: 1,818 Senior Member
    >>If you are a girl you should be fine. Guys with braces will really be looked down upon.

    I disagree with this. One of my friends has braces and he's the biggest manwhore in the world, he has different girls all the time, and none of them seem to mind. He's almost 21 too.
  • mikemacmikemac Registered User Posts: 10,083 Senior Member
    from what i've heard, the clear fitting ones (e.g. invisalign) don't work as well. Plus you have to get a mold made every 3 weeks or something and constantly get new...things
    Beg to disagree here. A friend had them and they worked great. They can't fix all problems, they have to do an evaluation and see if they're right for you. There's some movements that require headgear and the like, and invisalign can't do that.

    But there are several advantages if you can use them: 1) you can take them out, which means you're eating anything you want with your own teeth and don't have to worry about biting into something too hard like an apple or corn and breaking a wire 2)they are hard to notice unless you actually look for them. most people didn't even notice my friend was wearing them 3) they are less painful than regular braces because they move your teeth in smaller increments. With regular braces every time you visit the orthodontist they crank the wires to move the teeth and that one adjustment has to get you to the next visit, but with invisalign you just change the retainer every 2 weeks so each movement is smaller. My friend says that by the next morning the teeth are in the new position and pain-free. BTW the poster I'm replying to is wrong about the mold; they take one mold when you start, then generate a bunch of retainers moving your teeth based on where they started and give you the sets.

    A disadvantage is that you have to keep your teeth CLEAN. With braces you can eat and not brush; it looks a little gross, but people do it when they snack for example. With invisalign you pop out the retainers and eat a snack, you need to carry a little travel toothbrush to clean them so the retainers will fit cleanly again.

    BTW MissSuperFantastic you should make sure your orthodontist can offer invisalign because otherwise you won't be offered it. People who've had braces in the past and stopped wearing the retainers are excellent candidates for invisalign because all the heavy lifting was already done; your teeth are probably just a little off and you might need only a few months with invisalign to get them back. And once they're straight again ask about a "permanent" retainer. A different friend wore braces and then when they were done had a wire cemented in on the back of the teeth that acts like a retainer.
  • naz_girl19naz_girl19 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    hi im 19, starting my freshman year of college this fall, and i just found out that i need braces. my dentist said that im not a candidate for the invisible ones and im going to have them on for almost 2 years.

    should i not get them? i dont want people to look down on me for having them so late. do you think guys wont want to go out with me if im a brace-face? ha
  • BodaciousGBodaciousG Registered User Posts: 332 Member
    ^Honey, your two options are to have beautiful teeth or keep your crooked ones. Obviously the former sounds better, regardless if you are looked down upon. But as mostly everyone has said, no one cares if you have braces in college.

    Teeth really are an important part of your appearance. Would you rather have a rough time for a couple years (you won't though, I promise) or for the rest of your life???
  • lkf725lkf725 Registered User Posts: 4,781 Senior Member
    My D had braces a little later than everybody else (not in college though) and it was completely fine. Nobody cared. I sort of wish that S would have had orthodontic treatment too as he had college friends with braces. I even know of adults with braces. D did not have the invisaline, but had clear brackets. These were completely optional and work the same as metal brackets. They give a much less obtrusive appearance than metal; you cannot really notice them from across a room or in photos that are not full head close-ups. Check it out.
  • konlinekonline Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    Have you started braces in high school and then continued in college? I wondered if if is hard to find an new orthodontist in your college town who will agree to take over your treatment? Our ortho is discouraging starting before college becasue there won't be time to finish and another ortho may not want to take on the case.
  • philafan312philafan312 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    i found out that i need orthognathic surgery in late may/early june. I need to get the clear braces, not invisalign, and im a second semester freshman in college. I need to have them on until probably around thanksgiving. I am real nervous and I really don't know whether or not I should get these. I am in a frat and will be moving into the house in august and i will still have braces on. what should i do? should i get them now or jsut wait until after college?
  • HonorsCentaurHonorsCentaur Registered User Posts: 1,666 Senior Member
    I'm a first-year student in college and I have braces. Out of the 1400 ish students in the first-year class at my university, I might just be one of a handful of guys with braces. ;) I hate it, but oh well.
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