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Are class materials such as glue, markers, and colored pencils ever used in College?

SuperGeo5999SuperGeo5999 Registered User Posts: 679 Member
edited July 2017 in College Life
I was planning what I should have for when classes start a month from now by looking at what I already have and what materials I still need to get. I came across materials such as glue, colored pencils, and markers because I still have them and I brought them with me to school this past semester because I'm so used to bringing them with me because I did in high school. In high school markers, colored pencils, and glue were used for class projects and activities but I haven't tooken any classes that required these materials for anything or looked at a syllabus that lists these materials in it. I'm asking this question to see if I still need these materials and because I kind of miss using these materials for class projects in school because I'm someone who likes projects. If they're not used for projects, how are projects done in college?

Replies to: Are class materials such as glue, markers, and colored pencils ever used in College?

  • Studious99Studious99 Registered User Posts: 911 Member
    I'm not in college, but I would be shocked if a teacher required you to have those kind of supplies outside of an art classroom. Make sure to check the syllabus to be certain though!
  • whenhenwhenhen Registered User Posts: 5,638 Senior Member
    Projects are done by having one group member do almost all the work and the other member(s) add their name(s) to the final document on a computer at the end.

    The only time I used glue in college was to make large posters by combining 8.5x11 paper with part of an image printed out on each page. Even then, that was only used for decoration, not for an actual class assignment.
  • SuperGeo5999SuperGeo5999 Registered User Posts: 679 Member
    edited July 2017
    I was thinking maybe these materials would be used to do science projects such as making a model volcano, cell, atom, or brain because I did one in elementary school but I don't know if college courses would need you to do something like that. I believe the purpose of these projects would be to learn the structure of these things because when you build things to match what the structure is supposed to be then you learn by applying knowledge from homework, lectures, videos, internet sources, textbooks, etc.
  • SuperGeo5999SuperGeo5999 Registered User Posts: 679 Member
    edited July 2017
    @whenhen I don't think having a group member doing all the work in a group project and having everyone else put there name on It to get credit is a good way to represent how a project is done in college because in high school it was against policy to take credit for even a group project for work they didn't do.
  • bodanglesbodangles Registered User Posts: 9,185 Senior Member
    edited July 2017
    I had to build a popsicle stick bridge once but the supplies were provided to me.

    Building models in science class is mostly a thing younger students do. In college you're just expected to learn the information. Labs might be more hands-on, but I don't think any of mine have required building something, unless you do an egg drop competition or something.
  • guineagirl96guineagirl96 Forum Champion Math/Computer Science, Forum Champion Richmond Posts: 3,855 Forum Champion
    Most projects are done on the computer where you won't need those kinds of materials.

    I will say, I have had to use colored pencils in college, since I've had a couple professors that have given assignments where a journal entry had to be color coded (these were dance classes like improv and choreography, and we often have composition notebooks for those rather than doing all assignments on a computer).
  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 Registered User Posts: 587 Member
    I had two roommates that were education majors. They often had to make some unique way to teach a concept that involved glue and other items. It couldn't hurt to bring 1 glue stick and 1 pack of colored pencils. I had a small group communications class in which we had to come up with a product to sell and make a model of the project (not a realistic model with real material that would actually be used). We came up with a bar of soap with a toy inside and used play doh to represent the bar of soap.
  • SuperGeo5999SuperGeo5999 Registered User Posts: 679 Member
    @bodangles I built a Popsicle bridge once too for my senior project in high school because I did mine on Civil Engineering. We also tested the bridge for my project by using weights and how much weight the bridge could hold and it broke once 16 pounds was weighted against it. Just curious, what class was this project for? What kind of analysis did you do for the bridge? You said elsewhere your a chemical engineering major.
  • bodanglesbodangles Registered User Posts: 9,185 Senior Member
    Yeah, that's basically what we did. It was for an Engineering Design class that all engineering majors at my school have to take.
  • raclutraclut Registered User Posts: 3,771 Senior Member
    edited July 2017
    You can use the materials to make signs for clubs fairs/activities. The only markers you may need for your classwork is highlighters for textbooks or notes otherwise I don't see you using these supplies much in college.
  • stradmomstradmom Registered User Posts: 4,895 Senior Member
    As a professor, the most I've asked people to bring to class for an activity was "three writing implements that have different output" (e.g. pencil, blue ink, black ink). Students were underlining/circling parts of a text for different concepts. My classes involve lots of small group work and relatively creative interactive experiences, but I provide any special supplies needed.

  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 39,650 Senior Member
    Colored pencils: to make clearer maps (geography, marine science), biology drawings .
    Markers to clarify and organize notes: Outline ( I.A or A1..) In blue, theme in green, key quote/information orange asterisk in the margin, key formula or anything to memorize : draw red rectangle around . (use whatever colors you like ..)
    it helps when you review before exams
  • elenaidkelenaidk Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    To be honest, I have never used any of these unless I needed them for certain projects (even that has been a rare occasion). They're useful to have access to but I wouldn't go out of your way to have them on you at all times. Depending on the type of student you are then markers or colored pencils could be useful to take notes in different colors, so you can change up what you're looking at. Other than that, these supplies are more for if you have a specific project you need to do.
  • labegglabegg Registered User Posts: 2,554 Senior Member
    DD uses colored pencils regularly.
  • snowfairy137snowfairy137 Registered User Posts: 2,081 Senior Member
    Before I got my tablet-laptop combo I would use colored pens to take notes.
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