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My Adviser is making life extremely difficult

MrFoster46MrFoster46 26 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Hi all,

Been a while since I used the site. I wanted some advice on how to deal with my current situation.

I have an English teaching job in Hungary that I would begin in January. This is a great opportunity, I've always wanted to visit Europe, and I'd be able to be back with my girlfriend.

Only problem is my university. I thought I was on track to graduate in December. My history degree is completed entirely (minus one course). I was never informed many of my transfer credits were rejected, but I'm pretty sure I can petition these.

Another problem I found out about was that they will not give me a degree without a minor. This was never communicated to me during my transfer process, when I met my adviser at orientation, or when I was able to meet my adviser one time in January. I've been desperately trying to meet her, but she has not responded to my emails and she was not in during her walk in hours. I've also heard she is planning on quitting.

Having a minor would not be a problem, if the University had not trashed all of my German credits from my previous school. Out of 15, I only got to keep 3.

Here's what they said I need,

Civ I*
Civ II*
Language, Culture, Pyschology,*
Adv. US History*
1 German history (German Focus minor)*
2 German Class
Diversity Class

The ones with asterisks I am trying to petition, either for double credit from a previous class, or with a credit from old old university. (come to think of it, they have to take civilization I, because I received a passing AP test score).

This job in January is very important to me. I heard a rumor my advisor is quitting. If this is the case, who should I talk to until a replacement is found? This is stressing me out a great deal :(
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  • HPuck35HPuck35 1999 replies15 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Advisor or not it is your responsibility to know the rules regarding credit transfer. So, what the rules? Why were your credits rejected and why didn't you follow up yourself with finding out their status?

    AP credit is not automatic. Again there are rules that each college will follow. One college I know will only give credit for a score of 5 and not in every case at that.
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  • RoaringMiceRoaringMice 684 replies2 threadsRegistered User Member
    Have all your AP test scores sent to your current university. Do that tonight. In addition, find out how your current uni handles AP credits. There should be information on this in the admissions section of the college's website. If you can't find it tonight, contact admissions tomorrow and ask them how AP credits are handled. It is not the case that they have to take them; find out what they do take, how high you needed to score on the exam for a subject to be taken, etc.

    After you applied to transfer, and were accepted, you should have received a formal transfer credit evaluation. At that point, you would have known how your credits transferred. Did you not have that? This is normal course of business for all colleges, so you should have had this information.

    You are responsible for knowing what's required in order to graduate. That said, you now know you need a minor. One option is to figure out which minor you're closest to completing, and finish that one, regardless of your interest in it.

    See if any of the classes you need are offered by your college in the summer, and go ahead and sign up for them, if you have the aid or money to take them. If you're able to get your transfer credit petition approved, you can drop them before the add/drop deadline. But if you aren't, then you have a spot reserved in these classes, so you can try to make up for lost time.

    If you find out that you can't graduate in December, contact your job in Hungary and find out if you can work there while you're finishing your degree, and if not, if you can postpone your start date until the summer, so you can finish all this up.
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  • MrFoster46MrFoster46 26 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Thank you, I suppose I should explain more as to what happened. I was at a private uni in Austin. I loved it, but they came upon some financial issues they created, raised tuition by over 5k, and laid off about 60 professors. (1/3rd of the staff, and dozens of office personnel). They never sent my final transcript to my new uni. I paid them to do it again, and they still didn't. I had to bus over to Austin in person and get it from them. I'm assuming this is because of how many staff members were laid off or forced to retire. I actually lost 3 good professors whom I am still friends with, and that's why I'm privy to much of this information. Hell, the university might even get sued for trying to fire a group of professor's who had tenure because they protested the school's crazy money spending and tuition hikes.

    The university requires a 3 on the AP exam for credit, so I'm not worried about that. Most of my credits carried over, someone in the front office showed me how to take care of that. They did also say that we don't have a new adviser lined up, and likely won't have a new one until mid April. This is especially problematic for poor students who want to graduate this semester.

    That's really good advice, about getting signed up for classes soon. I'll do that. And also asking about starting in Hungary and finishing my degree while there. My current university is a major commuter school, so they will undoubtedly have the college courses required available to take online.
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 811 replies4 threadsRegistered User Member
    Teaching in Hungary sounds like fun. I was in Hungary this past summer - primarily in Budapest. We have family there that I met for the first time in person. Where in Hungary are you working. Just curious - my niece's kids attend an English speaking school though they learn English and they are bilingual from birth.
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Amazing how every problem you have is someone else’s fault. Your university is going to have written rules on transferring and on degree completion. Go study them. Request a transcript to see what courses you have credit for and what the gaps are. If your advisor is unavailable or leaving, request another ASAP. Go in person if possible.
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 811 replies4 threadsRegistered User Member
    I agree with intparent. At this point you should look into the issues rather than blame others. See if your online unofficial transcript lists exactly which courses gave you credit and how (free elective, direct replacement of a required class etc). Find out which AP courses your university accepts since they don't all accept all courses no matter what grade. The registrar may be able to answer these questions as well. Usually transfer credits are determined early on when you first matriculate after you submit the offiical transcript. You said it is a rumor your advisor is quitting. Have you emailed or gone to office hours to request an appointment?

    If you don't have an advisor speak to your dean of your department. Contact the job in Hungary sooner rather than later. When does your summer schedule come out so you can see what is available. Look at your course catalog or whatever your school calls it which usually lists all the requirements for the degree. I doubt it would leave out that you need a minor but then you would probably need to look up the requirements for the minor. Basically be proactive rather than passive.
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