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What is the number one challenge going to be? Take the poll.


Replies to: What is the number one challenge going to be? Take the poll.

  • DeviantDeviant 118 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I suspect that the financial aspects are going to be harder. I haven't filed the FAFSA yet, I need to do my taxes first, and my income is only thing going on my FAFSA - my mother doesn't work. However, I receive Social Security from my father's death, but the FinAid officer told me that's not taxable and it doesn't go on my FAFSA. So with me making under $4,000 last year, technically I'm need-based, correct?

    I've already been accepted to college, and my family will only be 3 hours away from me. I'm pretty used to a heavy academic load, but the next thing that I will have to adjust to is the living alone (as in not with my family) and with a room mate. I don't think that would be a challenge unless my mate is completely different from me.
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  • pixiedanzerpixiedanzer 722 replies48 threads Member
    I'm gonna miss my friends :-(
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  • repeat1982repeat1982 100 replies19 threads Junior Member
    yeah, the biggest difficulty for me (im a frosh) was being away from my friends and family...i was able to visit my family some since im close by, nbut all my friends went far away, and not being able to see them for 2 1/2 months was really tough...more than i thought it would be...also studying discipline...you ahve to be able to sit down and do it...theres a lot fo distractions...
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  • DeviantDeviant 118 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Discipline is a big one for a lot of people. To just sit down and study when you aren't being forced to is going to be a big change. No one to tell you when to go to bed, when to be home, when to wake up, etc.
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  • El1jahEl1jah 113 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I'm from small town Oklahoma, so the culture shock will be intense.
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  • IlliniJBravoEchoIlliniJBravoEcho 1096 replies14 threads Senior Member
    I'm a Chem E major at U of I. My high school math and science classes were jokes. So I think everyone knows my answer.
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  • JubeiJubei 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I only wish I didn't have to worry about money and wether or not I might get financial aid. I have to start asking people about this if I ever decide to transfer somewhere far because its gonna cost like 12k a year for some far away state colleges.
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  • celebrian25celebrian25 15082 replies288 threads Senior Member
    I wish I was smart like everyone on this site and I could win some really prestigous scholarship, but that won't happen :) I just have to hope winning a whole bunch of tiny scholarships will add up
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  • rockettgerl22rockettgerl22 226 replies9 threads Junior Member
    I have to say tha ti'm finally extremely grateful for the fact that my mom has had absolutely no role in my education (she doesnt even know what "ap" and "sat" mean /are) or my sleeping /homework habits so i've had to develop discipline in those matters already instead of having it be an issu at college , which otherwise i would imagine would be a genuine concern
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  • ottothecowottothecow 1031 replies11 threads Senior Member
    I agree with rockettgerl.

    I have always been able to do these things myself (although she knows what they mean). I do my homework when I feel like it (although I still procrastinate my ass off) and I think that next year it will be a good thing that I learned to do it without forced motivation.
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  • DaniDani 180 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I agree with El 1 Jah--I've grown up in a very small, culturally...uh..unique town in Hawaii. Having grown up in a rural area surrounded by primarily Hawaiians and Asians, it will be quite a cultural shock to move to the Philadelphia 'burbs.
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  • karishma1karishma1 7 replies0 threads New Member
    being away from home for me--i'm very close with my family and it'll be soo weird to be away from them --i guess i'll adjust to it hopefuly
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  • RevanRevan 252 replies8 threads Junior Member
    definetly the "significant other" factor
    i mean... 60 km is much. but 6000km?? That is gonna be tough.
    With the academics factor on number two

    The rest... well. I do live with my parents for the moment. But i travel a lot and often spend long periods without them. Last year, i counted a total of 20 out of 52 weeks spent away from home. -trips, camps, olympiads, preparation camps for physics and so on.... So living without parents and with roomies will be no chalenges. Neither will the social environment.
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  • niwatoriniwatori 98 replies3 threads Junior Member
    i would say not exactly one or the other....but more.......balancing good grades with a healthy social life.
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  • BigRed25BigRed25 541 replies36 threads Member
    def adjusting to academics. i live in jersey 40 min from nyu so i don't think ill have any trouble adjusting to the social life there. im also rooming with one of my good friends from high school and i don't think ill miss my friends/family too much because i can just cross the hudson and i'd be home.
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  • moradamorada 316 replies0 threads Junior Member
    not being poor!

    all I got out of the FAFSA was loans, which provides money for sure, but I don't want to graduate from a *state university* being insanely in debt
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  • nirvana33nirvana33 357 replies24 threads Member
    i'm transitioning from suburban southern california to new york city, so i'll have to say the weather and social scene will be my biggest challenge.
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  • dtmfreakdtmfreak 42 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Most of you are very wrong haha. I just finished freshman year and believe me adjusting to roommates is very difficult. All people are different and everybody has bad habits. As the year progresses towards the end and finals, your roommates habits will annoy and aggravate you to the point of insanity. At my college, most roommates didn't really get along, I dunno about others.
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  • CynthiaRCynthiaR 183 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I'm pretty worried about the academics. My high school is, umm...not challenging, and I suspect my college will be. I've done roughly 10 minutes of homework my whole senior year-and I honestly wasn't trying to slack off. The one class that I actually had to work for, I did fine and had no problem doing assignments and putting in the time, after a couple weeks of figuring out I needed to. My parents have never been strict, and I haven't had any rules to follow in longer than I can remember, so that shouldn't be a problem.
    My friends...I will miss some people a lot, but I've never fit in socially or culturally, and I think that will be better in college. I'll make friends. Hopefully one of those friends will be my roommate *cross fingers* That's my second choice of "biggest adjustment"
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  • usna_rejectusna_reject 1489 replies44 threads Member
    Staying in shape and a hectic workload. Plus being around so many people who I consider are better than me.
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