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What is the number one challenge going to be? Take the poll.


Replies to: What is the number one challenge going to be? Take the poll.

  • LBad96LBad96 Registered User Posts: 3,499 Senior Member
    Definitely the academics, paying for stuff on my own, and being nine hours away from my family.
  • rav199rav199 Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    academics and the heavily weighted final exams... bad test takers, up your game in college like me :/
  • RedThunderRedThunder Registered User Posts: 114 Junior Member
    How much it cost.
  • timothythegreattimothythegreat Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Paying for it own your own, and being homeless some semesters.
  • WorryHurry411WorryHurry411 Registered User Posts: 1,112 Senior Member
    Last few years of high school are usually a complex time for children and their parents. Parents who are so used to looking out for children and doing things for them, feel confused and hurt that their child is pushing them away and judging every word they say. They want save him from all the mistakes and hurt that they ever experienced or saw others experience.

    Child on the other hand is growing up, has hormones telling him to be his own man. He wants all the privileges of an adult without carrying all the responsibilities of an adult. Even the most thoughtful young people become immune to their parent's dilemmas.

    I recommend that you try to make it a happy year, enjoy your family. Once you leave then you'll never have this set up again. Do main things your way but avoid conflicts and be compromising whenever possible. Hug them more and say sincere apologies if you feel that you were rude. They are afraid to let you go and scared about things that can go wrong in your life if you aren't careful. Take some responsibilities around the house and make them feel that you'll do fine on your own. Once they are more confident then they'll be less annoying and more at ease with you living on your own.

    Don't be anxious about college life. People have been doing it for ever and if you kept your priorities right then you'll be done before you know it. In today's age of skype, FaceTime and snapchat, you'll be able to keep your connection with your siblings and you all will have a lot to talk about during your vacations. Good luck with everything.
  • ballin247ballin247 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Managing your time. Getting to bed, getting things done without your parents nagging.
  • dingbatsdingbats Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    The biggest challenge is not going insane and oding on the **** in your room

    Also communication
    And never telling anyone how you feel
    Learning how to act and hide your feelings is hard
  • blackwidow22blackwidow22 Registered User Posts: 295 Junior Member
    I think making your own decisions and failing/succeeding on your own
  • newjerseygirl98newjerseygirl98 Registered User Posts: 2,158 Senior Member
    edited August 2016
    I'm going to my best friend so much! I hang out with him about three times a week. He says he'll split a hotel with me so he can visit, but it won't be as often. I'll miss my dog too. :(

    My mom isn't strict, and we did nothing at my high school, so I'm also worried about the work load.

    I've worked since January, but I won't get a job until I'm settled in. I've saved enough to last until then (hopefully).

    I live in NJ (just outside of NYC) and I'm moving to Philly. Not too far, but far enough.
  • lnicolelnicole Registered User Posts: 186 Junior Member
    It kind of scares me reading this a lil bit... I mean I do my HW and all that, I'm a good student. I'm also an only child so the independence thing isn't an issue at all. But I'm kind of worried about the work load (esp. since I'm planning on going into Mechanical Engineering hopefully). I don't leave for college until next year- heck, I'm just now sending in applications)- but the work load thing is kind of concerning I guess. I suppose I'll have to get through it anyways so I might as well not worry about it lol
  • logcase18logcase18 Registered User Posts: 63 Junior Member
    Being away from home was/is the biggest challenge for me. I have an awesome roommate this year and we have become very close, almost like brothers. So that has helped somewhat with the homesickness. We both still feel it, we just get each other through it. We don't judge each other for crying and we often cry together.
  • ASJackson923ASJackson923 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    1. The Academics. It's not like high school, I've studied for hours/days for an exam only to get C's/D's on it. In high school I studied for 30mins-1hr & got A's & B's. Studying is not the only thing that works in college. It's hard to adjust from semi-weekly exams/assignments in high school & tests to 4 exams in college

    2. Time management. For me, juggling between academics, social life, & working 16hrs a week can be a chore sometimes. When you're at work time flies but when you only have school time feels slow. Also some people have to get used to time schedules completely different from K12, such as having night classes or in my 1st semester, having a 3hr Saturday class

    3. Registration. Some basic requirement classes can be taken before you can even register. Upper classmen usually get priority. Definitely pre-plan & submit on-time.

    Other Notes
    Away from home- Not the biggest issue for me. I'm only 45 mins away from home & I can take the train from Newark to New Brunswick to go home. I usually go home every 3 weeks/Once a month. Even than, I feel like I could go a little longer.

    Costs- Right now it's fine for me, I usually don't spend my money a lot & only for a Saturday Lunch,Laundry,& the occasional train ride. Plus having an on-campus job helps a lot
  • InTheLexusInTheLexus Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    edited February 2017
    The workload and finding a quality relationship.
  • misterrobotomisterroboto Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    The hardest part of college for me is definitely the social aspect. In high school you have lunch periods, glorious times of day where 500 people are trapped in the same room for almost an hour, giving you literally hundreds of people to talk to who will always be at the same place every single day. In college, there's no focus point of social life. It's decentralized, and you have no guarantees of where anyone or anything is.

    The second hardest would be the structure of the work. Not the work itself mind you, but the structure. In high school assignments are plentiful and spread out but in college you're forced to have only a handful of assignments the entire year, with a huge portion of your grade being backloaded into the last two weeks. I've had 45% of my grade determined by the last two assignments in several classes. Since 45% is the difference between an F and an A, the last two weeks literally make everything else pointless.

    Third is the teachers. They walk a fine line between expecting you to be responsible and shrugging responsibility themselves. Posting grades, something which you'd think would be a basic, bare-minimum responsibility, is something that over half my professors openly refuse to do. There's also this attitude of syllabus-as-God, wherein you're expected to read an entire 10 page document all over again even if it's just a simple question that you need answered.
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