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What is the number one challenge going to be? Take the poll.

PSedrishMDPSedrishMD 601 replies111 threads Member
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Share some opinions on what makes college most daunting.

PS Did I miss anything?
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Replies to: What is the number one challenge going to be? Take the poll.

  • TheStonedPandasTheStonedPandas 825 replies17 threads Member
    That's probably everything. I chose Academics: more work! but the social aspects are scary as well.
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  • protonproton 948 replies73 threads Senior Member
    academics would be the most shocking
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  • Dima343Dima343 2188 replies23 threads Senior Member
    It really depends on where you're from, I'm from a school with very challenging classes but not much of a social life so I think the social aspects are going to be more of an adjustment than academics.

    But if you come from an average high school, it would probably be different.
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  • dpideritdpiderit 43 replies10 threads- Junior Member
    ok being on your own is the biggest challenge even you don't realize it... so many little things you don't have to worry living all your life with your parents that once you are away you'll encounter
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  • bettinabettina 1224 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Boarding schools kids won't be daunted by being on their own.
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  • mosbymosby 321 replies20 threads Member
    The social life and being away from friends is a biggie.
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  • efilsiertaehtefilsiertaeht 194 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hmmm didn't find any of that challenging. The biggest challenge for me was... finding the motivation to work! oh wait, i haven't solved that one yet. (But I go to school 15 minutes away from home, so while i didn't go home between sept 20 and thanksgiving I saw my family for my brothers birthday and my birthday and I got to see several of my friends who go to fairly local schools as well)
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  • nguyentnguyent 378 replies5 threads Member
    as for me, since i havent exactly been a bookworm or "nerd" or "geek" or overachiever in high school, the most for me would probably be the work, since premed at hopkins might be a lil tough. im not really worried about social life, because college for me isnt so much about parties as it is about education. im goin to college 10 mins away from home, so that wont be a big problem. but still, the classes ive taken and the level of work ive had, especially in math and science is probably comparable to college level, but im still worried about how many more hours of homework i have to spend in college vs the half hour during high school.
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  • sacsac 1528 replies19 threads Senior Member
    PSedrish -- One you might want to add? Weather. Son was asked by a relative what has been the biggest surprise so far about college. He answered that he didn't expect New York to be so cold. LOL.

    From my own observation, the biggest challenge for him has not been the amount of work, but the way college courses are organized and graded. He worked at the steady pace he learned in high school, but came home a little shell shocked by tough finals that count for 50% of the grade.
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  • silent_angelsilent_angel 70 replies2 threads Junior Member
    im not scared of the social aspects at all... im excited.. my fam is moving outa state probably but im stayin here.. my boyfriend and my best friends are goin to the same college as me so i wont be lonely.. and my parents are payin for everything except utilities if i rent the house from them.. so im just worried about the academics
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  • astrophysicist2bastrophysicist2b 208 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I've grown up in a college town, and so I'm rather familiar with the atmosphere and academic load (taken classes). I can't say that I'm attached to my parents; I'm extremely ready to get them off my back. As for my friends, however, many of them are jrs this year, and even those who are srs don't plan on attending the same colleges I'm applying to. I don't know what I'd ever do without such caring people, but hopefully we can keep in contact w/ aim, although it won't be nearly the same.
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  • welshiewelshie 341 replies2 threads Member
    I agree with the poster who mentioned motivation. I go to college about 600+ miles away from home (and friends), but don't find too much of struggle with leaving my family. The hardest part was trying to get myself motivated to attend class (which, I suppose some folks might say is related to being away from the watchful eye of my parents but I don't think so). Behind academic motivation, the hardest transition might be the social aspect because I always associated with the entire gamut of individuals (smart kids, party kids, drinkers, smokers, religious nuts, liberal zealots, etc.), but I now find myself at BYU surrounded by an overwhelming number of people that all seem the same to me and all seem to repulse me. I just don't find them interesting... at all. So yeah, behind trying to find academic motivation, adjusting to a system where I must now diligently seek out interesting people around me has been the biggest challenge.
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  • millie05millie05 173 replies7 threads Junior Member
    The social aspect doesn't bother me. I'll meet people and make friends. The roommate doesn't bother me if she's creepy I'll switch at semester break. But the money is a bog problem followed closely by leaving my family-that will be strange.
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  • fiddlefrogfiddlefrog 1209 replies10 threads Senior Member
    The rest is a piece of cake compared to the significant other factor, as far as I'm concerned.
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  • LongPigeonLongPigeon 23 replies2 threads New Member
    I am pretty big on the academic stuff, so I guess I am going to have a harder time trying to finish all my hw in time, because there can be so much hw in college! T_T
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  • AnyCollege'09AnyCollege'09 107 replies6 threads Junior Member
    i said my family - this year's been so hard with them because i feel like i've outgrown their constant attention and concern, i want to grow up - because i can be, and when they're patronizing or condescending in any way it drives me crazy. at the same time, however, this is my last year with them and next year i'll be in california - quite far away from new york - and won't be able to come home for my sister's ballet recitals or my brother's soccer games...i don't know, i'm so torn
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  • peeckopeecko 67 replies2 threads Junior Member
    academics -- i'm not reminded about test dates anymore, i just have to anticipate it. if i was away from home, that would probably be the bigger shock, but i go to a school 20 minutes away.
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  • usna_rejectusna_reject 1489 replies44 threads Member
    social, I've never been with people like these or witness drama like this in my life.
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  • ariesathenaariesathena 5072 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Well, if you're going to ask what you missed... ;)

    How about opening it up to college students or the recent grads who haunt around here?

    Also, Quantity of work is not daunting so much as caliber - I found it hard to adjust from doing busy work (fairly easy/straightforward) to intense engineering and the different, more inductive, thought process.
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