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Is my next semester schedule too hard?

clcliffclcliff 3 replies12 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Hi! I'm a psych major hoping to go to occupational therapy school when I graduate. This summer I'm taking A&P II and medical terminology so I'll be somewhat prepared but still. I want to know your experiences with these classes and if this will be too stressful.

Intro chemistry I/Lab
Spanish elective (my minor)
Cognitive psych

I have to take them all eventually, but I'm worried about having neuro and chem in the same semester. And cognitive isn't super easy either. Cog and neuro have "meh" professors and chem has a really good one. I can handle actually having to study, but chem isn't my thing and I don't want my GPA to take a hit. I can't afford to retake any of these as I'm trying to graduate early. Thanks for the help!
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