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Help choosing a major

oaksblogoaksblog 21 replies24 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
Hello, I am having trouble choosing a major (obviously everyone does). I think that is, is because I truly don't know who I am, to know what career I want. I am a junior (spoiler, I one of those who is taking 6 years to get a degree, but have had some hardships too that caused me to push school longer, haven't we all). Another thing I believe too is, I went to a community college first, which is fine for getting the gen ed credits out of the way, but I was way too focused and didn't really get to see what I truly liked. I have taken eng, hist, business, graphic design, math, bio, psych, comm, anthro, photography, astronomy, criminal justice, etc. I did enjoy graphic design, anthropology, and criminal justice. One thing though that I have been more so afraid of is going in class such as eng or history. Just so much stress over the years that is has started to mess with my memory. I want to get into something that isn't in those senses how in eng and history you have to memorize so many things. I tend to be better at more so the visual or math (still can be visual or just numbers). I did enjoy anthropology, criminal justice, graphic design. One thing also is that I believe I have both sides of my brain working on me when it comes to maybe what I want to do. I have the artistic need coming from one, as well as the sciences and maths coming in the other. I also don't want to continue to have to go even longer just for a bachelors degree, so that is making it harder on me. And the thing to is I am stuck between going to UNLC vs NSC. One where I could join clubs, but is a but more expensive (I still have 2 vs 3 scholarships) or NSC and it be cheaper. I am also a bit on an introvert, but have gotten better over the years, but would prefer a job that doesn't constantly deal with people all the time. I am fine with clients or such, but would prefer crazy much. I am just trying to find a major that best fits me, even if it isn't 100% my passion, but at least I like it and am good at it. Any thoughts on my post will be greatly appreciated.
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  • bopperbopper 13872 replies98 discussionsForum Champion CWRU Posts: 13,970 Forum Champion
    edited June 11
    So to me it seems you like anthropology (study of people and their culture) and criminal justice is an interdisciplinary major, where you study everything: law, psychology, sociology, public administration, and more.So this is a study of people as well.
    So what aspect of people do you want to study?
    Criminal Justice?

    Maybe look at the type of careers that go with these majors and what type of classes you need to take and see what you think.

    But then i read the last part of your post where you say you don't want to work with people.

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  • oaksblogoaksblog 21 replies24 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    Yea, I have thought over looking into different majors and need to go into a path that is best for visual learners, which I am and have thought of some ideas.
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  • TQfromtheUTQfromtheU 1538 replies17 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,555 Senior Member
    Go to the career office at your college and ask to take an assessment test to help you identify your likes and interest.
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