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FUN things for dorm life

homerdoghomerdog 4840 replies88 postsRegistered User Senior Member
We have all of the basics. What else should S19 bring that would be fun to have? I’ve read to bring things like games. What else!?
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Replies to: FUN things for dorm life

  • happy1happy1 22649 replies2223 postsVerified Member Senior Member
    Deck of cards, noise cancelling headphones
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  • rickle1rickle1 1813 replies14 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Nerf basketball hoop to hang on door.
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  • bjscheelbjscheel 489 replies5 postsRegistered User Member
    Deck of cards is a great idea, need to remember that.

    DD got a beach ball that looks like a globe to bat around. She's also bringing a Wii (her room is fairly big- this won't work for everyone).
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  • GoatGirl19GoatGirl19 298 replies4 postsRegistered User Member
    If he likes watching movies with friends, a small wireless/Bluetooth speaker can be very nice (with roommate permission). Most laptop screens are big enough but their speakers lack power so it's nice to have the boost from an external speaker. A movie and a few packets of microwave popcorn in the dorm common social area can be a great friend attractor.
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  • itsgettingreal17itsgettingreal17 3867 replies25 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Not for the dorm, but either a hammock or a large blanket for outside.
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  • homerdoghomerdog 4840 replies88 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    @itsgettingreal17 yep. He bought a hammock and a slack line (the kind you hook between trees and walk on) this summer. They are going to school with him!
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  • mamag2855mamag2855 794 replies2 postsRegistered User Member
    Good snacks to share, frisbee/kanjam, a bike might be fun to have. Swim gear, if there is a lake, beach area, etc.
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  • StPaulDadStPaulDad 380 replies1 postsRegistered User Member
    Case of booze, fake ID and a lava lamp!

    (True story: last fall friends of ours showed up at a southern university you'd recognize to drop off their DD18 and meet the new roommate's parents. Those parents brought the booze and lamp and took a series of photos and then ordered the fake IDs for all the girls during move in. Excuse me?!? It turned out the two girls got along wonderfully, laughed the whole thing off, and since they really aren't drinkers they just gave away the booze over the first couple weeks.)
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  • LuckyCharms913LuckyCharms913 1016 replies15 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    A basketball, football, couple of baseballs (and glove) if he likes any of those activities.
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  • momocarlymomocarly 851 replies7 postsRegistered User Member
    S loved his football and hammock. He also bought one of the cheep Nintendo systems with extra controllers that had all the old-time games built in. It turned out to be a big hit!
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