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Hi. I’m a studio art major. I’m about to be a sophomore at my private women college. It’s also a liberal arts college. My first year was good because of the friends I made. I’m also on the Dean’s list. I received awards for leadership and for my efforts in fine arts as a freshman. Despite all of these good things my first year was filled with me caring about everyone else’s problems with my school, Columbia College in South Carolina . I had a friend who was having a difficult time with the nursing program and ended up transferring, I had people speak badly about the college itself, and I know it’s not a perfect school. There are dedicated educators there despite the problems . The school recently had their accreditation questioned and they’re put under warning until July 2020. I just can’t help feeling like I need to transfer. It is a small school and some of the girls there do too much, but I’ve had the time of my life with my friends there. I’ve done a lot of work at my school and I should be proud of myself, but I don’t know if I made the right choice staying here. I’m afraid to tell my parents this because all they would say is, “transfer if you want to”. I’m also afraid to transfer because I could lose some of the scholarships and financial aid I received. I just want to be happy, I want to graduate, and have a positive future. I’m confused and sad.
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    It is difficult if your college is facing the possible loss of accreditation. Most places do pull themselves together and manage to keep accreditation. Right now everything is in place for one more year, so you are "safe" for that sophomore year.

    So go back there for this sophomore year. Do your best. Look at some target transfer options. If you want to, go ahead and apply. See what the aid packages end up looking like. Decide to stay or go after you have a better sense of the situation next summer.
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