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How do you meet a girl who's not in your college class?

NightRogueNightRogue 38 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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So last year, I saw this cute girl around campus a few times but didn't really get the chance to talk to her. The semester started and I was hoping to get to know her better. However, it doesn't look like she is in any of my classess, so I'm not too sure how to get to know her? I was wondering, what could I do to approach her or try to know her better?

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Replies to: How do you meet a girl who's not in your college class?

  • NorthernMom61NorthernMom61 4166 replies29 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    In what context do you see her around campus now? Is she virtual stranger to you, just a girl you have seen around campus? Or do you see her at the gym, coffee shop, dining hall, any type of casual place where you could start with a simple friendly conversation?
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  • DustyfeathersDustyfeathers 3340 replies75 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    The "friendly conversation" suggested above is the best advice. Just find reasons to talk to her casually, and keep it short but sweet. Maybe over time suggest eating at the dining hall together. It may take time to get to know her and for her to respond, so you should be somewhat persistent -- like not stalker persistent but gently persistent. I'm sure you know that already. You probably already know ahead of time too that she may have reasons to not be interested in anything more than a casual friendship, such as she's too busy with her school work, or she has another partner, or she has goals other than dating, currently. Good luck!
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