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Should I follow what my roommate says?

Rexmonster00Rexmonster00 0 replies1 threads New Member
So my roommate is an ok guy and seems like a quiet nice shy kinda dude. He does have quite a bit of quirks but I don’t judge and they don’t bother me. One however occurred after our first night. He said, “hey man it’s weird to sleep in just your underwear, it makes me uncomfortable so don’t do it”. He wasn’t being rude or anything but I now have too questions for you guys. I don’t feel healthy or sleep well sleeping in my day clothes (he also doesn’t like pajamas) should I sleep however I want? And do any of you sleep in your day clothes? I looked it up online and I can’t find anyone that does or any articles supporting it as a healthy way too sleep. (Also we have a bathroom in our room with a shower and he doesn’t want me to shower while he is awake and in the room)
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  • EmpireappleEmpireapple 1983 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Your roommate is a bit odd about these topics. Sleep however you want and shower when you need to. I think you are going to find more quirks here that will be a bit off. Keep your options open for a new living situation for next year. Good luck.
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  • one1ofeachone1ofeach 770 replies17 threads Member
    Agree agree

    No one I know sleeps in day clothing!
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  • collboy23collboy23 17 replies2 threads Junior Member
    This is not normal at all. Why would you have to sleep in your day clothes. I could maybe see him wanting you to wear a shirt with pj shorts/ boxers but day clothes? Most people won’t even sit on their beds with day clothes on. The showering thing is odd too because from what I’m understanding, he must not shower often.
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  • aquaptaquapt 2281 replies47 threads Senior Member
    Seriously? You lost me at "he also doesn't like pajamas." Wut?

    Even though you really ought to be able to sleep in your underwear if you want, I could see a compromise like adding a light t-shirt just as a goodwill gesture. But no, not street clothes.

    And, there must be some sort of privacy barrier between the main part of the room and the bathroom/shower. He doesn't have to see anything. If just knowing that you're in there is too much for him, then I'd politely let him know when you're heading for the shower, so that he has the option to step out a few minutes if he doesn't want to be there.

    It does sound like he's not trying to be hostile, but really does have a personal issue that he needs time and space to deal with. And it sounds as if you recognize that and are making every effort to be kind. Hopefully if you are firm in your boundaries but also respectful of his discomfort, he'll figure things out. He's lucky he got you and not some dude with a million Tinder or Grindr guests!
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35232 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Gee, maybe he wants you nude. ? I dunno.

    What's odd is OP coming here with this question. Why can't you make your own decision? What gives another the right to suggest what you sleep in? Why do you need a crowd answer?
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  • CheddarcheeseMNCheddarcheeseMN 3553 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Maybe the roommate just wants him to put some sweatpants on when he gets up- we don’t know how much time the OP is spending in his underpants or even if they are boxers or tiny briefs . Maybe there is just too much OP on display.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 5438 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Sorry, he can ask anything on a forum. He is asking for help like... Well... Just about everyone that comes to CC.

    Question... How does your roommate sleep when he goes to bed?

    If he is in his day /street clothes then there might be a mental health issue. Is he from a different culture? Maybe there is something with that. Maybe nudity of any type is against something he believes in.

    Maybe a talk with him first and your RA second is in order?

    As stated, you should be able to shower and sleep how your comfortable. The onus is on him to leave the room. Talk to him about it. If it's an issue just tell him you will let him know when your going to shower and if he wants to go into the lounge during that time that's up to him. You shouldn't have to change anything as long as what you are doing is reasonable and respectful.

    You could also start with a shirt on then remove it later on but again the issue is not you. College is about learning and growing and it seems your roommate needs to do both.
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  • MassmommMassmomm 4092 replies84 threads Senior Member
    I assume you are asking because you want to know whether your sleep attire is normal. Yes, it is. People sleep in their boxers, tighty whities, pajamas, and nude. All are fine. If your roommate has issues with nudity, it would be considerate to hold up a towel or something as you change, but nudity in one's own bedroom is expected and normal. Your response can be "I'm sorry you are uncomfortable." But unless you are intentionally exposing your private areas to your roommate with the intention of being annoying, you aren't doing anything wrong. If your roommate is uncomfortable, you can both talk to your RA.
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  • Helen13Helen13 93 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Do like my daughter and her roommate did. Put a curtain up in the room so you don't have to see each other.
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  • PublisherPublisher 9574 replies119 threads Senior Member
    edited January 21
    Try sleeping in a light weight all cotton sweat suit.

    One example is made by Champion. Was available at Sports Authority in light grey, blue or black, but now best to buy on the internet. Very light weight elastic pants & long sleeved matching t-shirt.

    P.S. It is very kind, considerate & mature of you to be so accommodating to your roommate's quirks.
    edited January 21
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