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I hate College

akt2020akt2020 1 replies1 threads New Member
I’m pretty sure no one hates college as much as I do. When I share to people how much I hate it they don’t understand how much college has destroyed me mentally and physically. My studies are hard and I’m a Junior so it’s to late to change my major from speech pathology. College has brought on GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) where I had to be rushed to the ER because I also had a panic attack before a final, I have bold patches of my hair GONE because when I’m stressed studying I pull my hair out, and the closer I am to going back from Christmas break the more depressed I get. Iv literally been crying everyday, none understand how many sleepless nights I had in one week alone!. The professor I have in my SLP class is horrible she is very discouraging and she makes me regret getting into this major. When I tell people about my battle with anxiety they turn around and use it against me. Iv been super depressed, Iv even tried go to counseling and it could only help so much. Also everyone in college is the same I don’t party and I just feel like an odd ball who hasn’t enjoyed the college experience one bit. I know I can’t be the only one.
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  • aunt beaaunt bea 10096 replies68 threads Senior Member
    See my pm to you. @thumper1 can share some thoughts with you as well.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9936 replies538 threads Senior Member
    I’m sorry you’re having a terrible time. Please remember that for many people, college is a chore that they must complete. That was true for me, and it’s true for many others. You get through it and are stronger because of the challenge.

    Find something positive to focus on, and take it a day at a time. Remember that college isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s called earning a degree for a reason. MANY people have awful professors they don’t like, and you just have to persevere. You’re a junior, and you’re done with the worst of it. Keep going.
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  • akt2020akt2020 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Your right, and I will keep going
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  • aquaptaquapt 2282 replies47 threads Senior Member
    Do you see yourself wanting the career in speech language pathology?

    I didn't much enjoy PT school but I enjoyed being a PT once I got through it. But if you can no longer see yourself in the career itself, *and* hate school, that's really a double whammy.

    Are you in some kind of direct-entry program or will you need to apply to a grad program? If the latter, are you on track as far as grades and other requirements, to be able to get in?

    Perseverance is good but you do also need to know your limits. If you need a break, maybe look into where you might be able to work for a semester or a year, that would give you exposure to the SLP career and perhaps give you more perspective on what you're doing and why.
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  • collboy23collboy23 17 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Idk your situation but maybe you can take a semester break off before completing your Senior year of college?
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