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Self-Defense On-Campus

VinceLestradeVinceLestrade 145 replies12 threads Junior Member
Hello, I am looking for a means by which I may legally and properly protect myself whilst both on- and off- campus. I know rules are often strict — and I by no means wish to break college rules — so I want to find something that is both effective at defense and practically usable on most campuses (I don’t know what college yet).
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Replies to: Self-Defense On-Campus

  • scikitscikit 24 replies0 threads Junior Member
    There are tasers you can get on Amazon for under $10. Nonlethal and not messy like mace and will give you enough time to run.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8807 replies85 threads Senior Member
    Once you figure out where you were going to college you will then need to find out what is legal in that state and on that campus.

    That said, there are self-defense classes that are run by police departments and campus police that can be really helpful. Most safety measures are common sense. Don’t walk around alone. Don’t have your nose in your phone. Always be very well aware of your surroundings. Keep your dorm room locked and don’t hold the door for non residents who should be swiping in.

    Most schools have lots of safety measures built in to daily life. There is the blue light emergency call system. Escort services if you need to come back from somewhere at night and you don’t have someone to walk with you. My daughter even uses a find my friends feature with her roommates so if someone doesn’t come back when they’re supposed to they can make sure they’re OK

    Other than a rape whistle on her backpack, that’s the only special equipment my D has.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 80226 replies720 threads Senior Member
    edited January 30
    Be able to run quickly. If you are faster than an attacker, you just need to get out of reach. If you are slower than an attacker, you need to defeat the attacker in combat, a much more difficult task.

    Colleges may have PE activities courses in martial arts based self defense.

    Don't get drunk, and be aware of situations where others can get you more drunk or drugged than you intend. Being drunk or unconscious due to being drugged makes you an easy victim for a criminal.

    Weapons and such won't help if you are not aware enough to be ready to use them and have practiced using them in surprise attacks.
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  • GKUnionGKUnion 366 replies12 threads Member
    My son joined the Jiu Jitsu Club. It’s been a spectacular stress reliever and he’s become extremely capable of disabling a larger opponent.

    First and foremost, as others have recommended, true situational awareness is your best defense. Not putting yourself in a position to be victimized is priority #1.

    Don’t waste your time with mace/pepper spray.

    On a college campus I would recommend a “tactical pen.” They won’t attract attention, they’re generally decent pens and they can be used in a pinch to injure an attacker.
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  • VinceLestradeVinceLestrade 145 replies12 threads Junior Member
    GKUnion — I appreciate the suggestion. I think self-defense training and the appearance of being able to protect oneself is a great way to deter would-be attackers, preventing violent encounters from ever occurring to begin with.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9929 replies538 threads Senior Member
    edited February 16
    I’ve got to wonder, Vince. Why are you going to live on campus? You are worried about finding quiet places, bathrooms, being robbed or worse, etc.... Stay home where you will be safe if you are so worried. Millions of students attend residential colleges and survive unscathed. I think you should be more concerned with why you are so worried about campus life.

    Think about this: how are others on campus going to feel if you’re walking around with a billy club or brass knuckles? Because honestly, unless you end up in a single, most people are going to be pretty uncomfortable with a roommate who has those things AND wants to carry them around campus.
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  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn 39988 replies2198 threads Super Moderator
    ^Agree with @Lindagaf.
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  • VinceLestradeVinceLestrade 145 replies12 threads Junior Member
    @Lindagaf — I have gotten over the weapons thing now; however, I would never openly carry anything, regardless of my level of paranoia or state of mind. I think I might just contend with a flashlight and whatever the campus offers in way of safety, currently — I think that will suit me fine.

    I want to live on campus primarily because I want to be involved with the campus culture, but also I want to be able to more easily navigate to classes and events. I would perhaps live at home if there was a better college near here; unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere.
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  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 23859 replies17 threads Senior Member
    I think you will find most of the things you (or others) have listed are illegal to have on you while walking through campus or to store in your dorm - mace, tasers, brass knuckles and of course guns, knives, bows.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 5496 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Sorry but your posts are almost a farce but in some way it might help someone else.

    @ucbalumnus had the best suggestion from a self defense measure. 3rd degree black belts would tell you to run when faced with someone with a knife. You also "never" use a weapon you are not familiar with or it will be used against you. Scream for help as you are running "call police"

    When walking in Chicago at night I will carry my keys between my fingers pointing out. Warning... This is a weapon.... If close contact and needed I would go backhanded hard and quick to the eyes. Yes, Been trained to do it.

    You could carry a basic pen in your pocket and use that if needed.

    Jiu Jitsu is for close combat. Run first... If your jumped then it can work great

    Basic self-defense class's over the summer might show some basic moves and how to get away from a grip or something. Your backpack can be a weapon also if needed.

    We could go on and on....... But just be aware of your surroundings. If at the library late at night there are services from your school to take you home. Don't man up. Use these services. They are there for a reason

    Walk in groups or with other people when you can. Stay in lit areas and don't take short cuts between buildings or in alleys.

    Most schools have a lot of security. Talk to them.

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  • VinceLestradeVinceLestrade 145 replies12 threads Junior Member
  • VinceLestradeVinceLestrade 145 replies12 threads Junior Member
    @knowstuff — All very interesting tips. I do agree avoiding combat at all costs in paramount to ensuring one’s safety. If a fight can be avoiding by fleeing, calling for assistance, or whatever else, than such would always be much preferred. I will certainly remain cognizant of my surroundings and work to handle situation with tact and skill.
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  • jym626jym626 56617 replies2968 threads Senior Member
    And if you are really paranoid and really concerned about getting robbed, carry 2 wallets (one empty or maybe having a dollar or 2) and a dummy old cellphone, so when robbed and they ask for your phone and wallet, you throw the dummy ones on the ground and run.
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