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Will I grow in College?

sudskrub7sudskrub7 0 replies1 threads New Member
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My dad is 5’7-5'8 and my mom is 5’5. I am 17 (turning 18 in September) and currently 6-6’1.

My male cousins, male uncles, and my father were below 5’7 when entering college and grew significantly taller during it. However, I am entering college already tall, and I have not seen much growth within the past year.

My nutrition is, and my other environmental factors are good, so there is nothing adversely affecting my height apart from me being slightly overweight. I am not at a weigh that is by any means alarming or troubling to me.

I will check on this with a doctor after quarantine ends.

Should I expect to grow any taller within the next 4 years?
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Replies to: Will I grow in College?

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 7900 replies84 threads Senior Member
    Absolutely no one- including your Dr- can say for sure. If your feet have stayed the same size for the last couple of years you probably won’t grow much more. I was tall all the way through-taller than all my brothers- and was 6’ when I started college. I grew another inch or so first year and that was it.

    Fun advice? Find a way to get to the Netherlands (holiday, study abroad, whatever). First place I ever felt ‘normal’ height as a young woman!
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  • LindagafLindagaf 10846 replies588 threads Super Moderator
    Maybe a bit, but it sounds like you’re done. However, your shoe size is a big indicator. If you still need larger shoes, you are probably still growing.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    edited June 1
    Ask a physician. Important that you address this issue now while young.

    P.S. In addition to any prescribed diet or medication, try to develop a daily work-out routine.
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  • HPuck35HPuck35 2140 replies17 threads Senior Member
    Nobody can say exactly.

    I did see several of my male college friends have growth spurt their freshmen year in college. I did. And some didn't grow taller at all.

    I was taller than either of my parents when I graduated high school and went from about where you are to another 1 to 1.5 inches taller. No significant height growth after freshmen year. Girth is another subject.

    Many of my friends did grow more muscular. That was probably more a function of who my friends were as I particapted in varsity athletics.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2264 replies36 threads Senior Member
    edited June 6
    A doctor with your history should be able to plot the data on a growth chart and give you expectations based on aggregate data.

    16 is a “typical” age to stop vertical growth, and re-starting if you’ve already tapered off is unlikely.

    But everyone is different and there’s no way to know for sure.
    Publisher wrote: »
    Ask a physician. Important that you address this issue now while young.

    What “issue” is there with growing or not growing taller in college?
    edited June 6
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6543 replies1 threads Senior Member
    To me somewhere between 6 feet and 6' 1" is a very good height for a man. I would be very happy if I had stopped growing at this height. If you get any taller fitting into airplane seats will start to be an issue, as will some cars.

    In college you get to walk a lot. This is a good time to try to get you weight right where it should be. It is a lot easier to gain weight after you leave college and after you stop growing. Personally I had to reduce my appetite by an enormous amount (roughly a factor of 2) when I stopped growing.
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  • PrdMomto1PrdMomto1 562 replies7 threads Member
    Did you have a major growth spurt at some point? Like a year period of time where you really grew quickly? I know with girls this happens and then after that they only grow another inch or 2. Not sure if it's exactly the same for boys but I would think it would be somewhat the same. My guess is if that happened to you a while ago you are probably slowing down. I had some male friends who were pretty small in high school and then had their spurt in college.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7377 replies34 threads Senior Member
    So shoe size is not an indicator or a good indicator of height. There are many sites to play around with about this The range is too far apart . Some will take the avg height of your parents but your past that. You would actually have to look at your growth plates of your legs/hips and such . If closed then your done. If slightly still open then your not. Totally not worth the money doing this, just saying. If you stopped growing in the past year that is normal. Some do tweak out a bit in college. Dennis Rodman(basketball player) of all people grew a lot from Freshman to Sophomore year.

    Your height is a good height but even if you do tweak out a bit there's not much you can do to stop growing.. Lol. Just enjoy the new you. If your a bit overweight well get going now. Nothing wrong to get in shape for college. Start healthy habits now and continue them in college.

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  • jym626jym626 57694 replies3023 threads Senior Member
    edited June 7
    If you really want to have an idea, go have an x-ray of your growth plates in an area like your wrist and get a skeletal age estimate.
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