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I'm not sure if I should major and minor, Double major and minor, major or double minor.

AdrianAmariAdrianAmari 0 replies1 threads New Member
So, I plan to become a Cosmetic Surgeon and Major in Biochemistry once I start college. I want to study Spanish and Korean; Spanish because I've been studying it for years in school and would be very beneficial for communication with future patients and Korean because I am very intrigued by Korean language and culture and plan to study abroad and even live there for a while. Now, I'm wondering what would be best to do: Major in Biochem and minor in the Korean language and take Spanish classes? Or double major in a language and biochem and minor in a language? Or Major in biochem and minor in foreign languages in general? Or lastly, a double major in Biochem and foreign languages in general. Do you get to choose the languages to major/minor in for general foreign language studies? I just have so many questions, XD. Thanks for your time. :)
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Replies to: I'm not sure if I should major and minor, Double major and minor, major or double minor.

  • me29034me29034 2182 replies109 threads Senior Member
    You can study a language without majoring or minoring in it. Often times majors or minors have other requirements such as cultural or history courses. These aren't bad to take of course, if you are interested, but they can take up precious room in your schedule and may not be necessary if all you want is to be able to speak the language.
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 8028 replies85 threads Senior Member
    Isn't summer great? you get to spin out whole trains of thought about choices which are neither pressing nor consequential. That might read as snarkier than I mean it, so I'll amplify a bit:

    1. For almost all of the colleges you are likely to apply to, you won't declare your actual, official major/minor/etc until sometime between second semester first year and second semester second year. So, no rush.

    2. At many colleges, minors can be declared as late as first semester final year.

    3. What your actual major/minor/etc is will have *nothing* to do with your medical school admissions process (having languages is a plus, particularly in states with high levels of non-native English speakers, but they don't care if it's an official 'major' or 'minor')

    4. IF you follow your current path the only person in the whole world who will care about your major/minor combination is you- so the 'best' choice is the one that makes you happiest.

    tl;dr: get to college. start taking the classes you need for med school and the language classes you want to take. look at what having a 'major' or 'minor' requires in the way of course work. do the ones that work for you.

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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2456 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Are you attending school this fall? These are questions that are good for your assigned academic advisor, and you should be able to research online for now. Every school has different offerings and requirements for majors, minors, etc.
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14518 replies106 threads Forum Champion
    Or you could major in Spanish or Korean and take the extra pre-med classes as well...you don't have to major in biochemistry for med school. But if you do want to major in biochemistry, I think I would pick one of those languages to concentrate on as they can be very time consuming. Look at how many credits those classes are.
    As other say, you don't have to minor in a language...you just can take courses in the language. Consider also taking intensive summer courses if possible in a language. Talk to your advisor about best options.
    Also you have to see how you are doing and if you can put the time into the languages. You may also want to take a Medical Spanish course.
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