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how can one become popular in a big university?

protonproton 948 replies73 threads Senior Member
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how can one become popular in a big university?

im sure it will be a bigger challenge than becoming popular in high school simply because of the sheer size of the campus and student population.

not that im trying to or care or anything im just curious as what you have to say...
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Replies to: how can one become popular in a big university?

  • pearlygatepearlygate 563 replies18 threads Member
    become student gov't president
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  • PseudonymPseudonym 647 replies2 threads Member
    You don't... there's no such thing at a big enough school. If you become president of a highly visible organization you might become well known, but it's not the same thing.
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  • ratrollratroll 142 replies15 threads Junior Member
    By wearing all A&F ^.^ KEKE
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  • ChamilitaryMayneChamilitaryMayne 781 replies0 threads Member
    be one of the best players on the football or basketball team or do something crazy
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  • umcp11umcp11 1289 replies32 threads Senior Member
    College kids LOVE to say that there is no "popular" and that "cliques" do not exist as much and blahblah. From my visits to various campuses, this is almost a complete lie. No, you would never be popular like you might have been in HS in a sense that you personally knew every gorgeous girl or were invited to every big party...but you can still be "popular" in a sense that you have a large group of friends, the majority of which are attractive, stylish, and outgoing. The same things that got you that in HS can get you that in college...
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  • URichmond2010URichmond2010 731 replies6 threads Member
    Well, yes, but there isn't the clique of popular people like there is in HS.
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  • EclipticaEcliptica 936 replies11 threads Member
    Be really good at something and/or make yourself seen.
    I go to a decent-sized school, but I tried to master the art of getting everyone to know who I am (because it boosts my ego LDO) and I get the feeling that almost everyone knows who I am there because of athletics and the fact that when I go out, I try to make an appearance at as many parties as I can. . .if only to just say 'hi' and shoot the ***** for a few minutes.

    I should write a book on this, I have such a great life.
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  • California-BoltCalifornia-Bolt 966 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Win the Heisman?
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  • steeveesteevee 766 replies62 threads Member
    Only a fraction of the school will know you at the most. Sports, popular clubs, or student governments will not make you popular enough.
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  • KaznackKaznack 1896 replies89 threads Senior Member
    College is how celebrity-like jocks are put into their places.
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  • nbachris2788nbachris2788 4184 replies263 threads Senior Member
    Colleges are usually too large for anyone to become popular in the high school sense, and unlike in high school, the student populace in college will not be fawning sheep idolizing the "greatness" of the popular people.
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  • Dilo26386Dilo26386 121 replies24 threads Junior Member
    I definitely can think of one person who literally everyone on campus knows of in my class (maybe 4000-5000 kids?). He's known for getting alot of...uhh..."play", and thus is seemingly loved by the girls and resented by a number of guys. He's a real cool kid though. I was in an orientation class with him, so I've known him for a while, but anytime I introduce him to someone, he always remembers their name, and is generally good at just bs'ing. Not exactly the most stellar student, but a good guy nonetheless.
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  • Dilo26386Dilo26386 121 replies24 threads Junior Member
    forgot to answer the question...

    If you really want to be popular for some reason, I'd just approach it like networking. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible, and continue to follow up with them. Something as simple as, "so what are you getting into this weekend" can go a long way sometimes. Also, I'd frequent parties as often as possible, and host a number of pregaming activities in your room.

    Hahaha...after reading this I can't believe I amassed a "how-to" guide to being popular in a large college.
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  • hyakkuhyakku 597 replies79 threads Member
    Lol, you are deluding yourself if you think its not possible to get that popular.

    Bro, its just like in high school, people don't fundamentally change. It's just like when you were in freshmen year ya know? You were at the bottom of the ladder, and either you stayed there, or you climbed up a little, or you leaped to the top. This time the ladder's just a bit bigger.

    Still I'm looking forward to getting to know at least 1k people or so within my first two years, I think that's pretty attainable . I go to a small school but I know at least 400 people so I mean it shouldn't be too much harder man, everyone (or most) is there to meet people and chill out and have a blast.
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  • ephrhymeswbeefephrhymeswbeef 218 replies1 threads Junior Member
    If you have to ask, you can't.
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  • karotkarot 1193 replies7 threads Senior Member
    Give out candy with your name on it to every single person you meet for four years.
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  • atlantizatlantiz 311 replies115 threads Member
    walk around naked at school everyday...ppl will immediately notice you and probably talk about you. soon you will be immensly popular and known as the "naked guy"
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  • gemstar66gemstar66 728 replies38 threads Member
    There's only one person i know of in a school of ~14k that everyone knows of and/or recognizes.

    He's naturally an outgoing person, and I've never heard of him being an a-hole to someone who didn't deserve it. He also was freshman class president, and has done a lot for student gov't and other activities. Everyone seems to like him, and he has a very approachable/likeable personality. So I guess being involved in A LOT would make you well known, but not necessarily popular (not everyone will like you obviously).

    & like others said before, popularity in college is different than high school, since people are not as cliquish in the same sense.
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  • Meteorain007Meteorain007 286 replies2 threads Junior Member
    become van wilder.
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  • silverpebblesilverpebble Bounce Email Group 302 replies7 threads Junior Member
    It's impossible to become popular with everyone in a huge school. Why would you even want to?

    Focus on making strong connections with people in your immediate circle - the people you live with, people in your same major, and people in any organizations/sports/groups you join. Your life will be a lot fuller that way.
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