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I am mentally handicapped yet have 1480 GRE and 135 IQ. Please help me understand.

GregoryMitchellGregoryMitchell Registered User Posts: 80 Junior Member
edited July 2009 in College Life
I have taken the GRE and scored a respectable 710 V 770Q.
I have also taken an IQ test and scored a 135.

I am still very worried though and do not feel qualified to do anything beyond pushing grocery carts let alone go to Grad school.

By far the greatest challenge I face is communication. I just dont know how to do it. Talking to people is near impossible. I have never really held a conversation with anyone and have no clue how to do it. My mind is always a blank slate and nothing connects. I have absolutely no analytical or critical thinking skills. I am incapable of writing papers and do poorly on essay tests any time I take them. For some reason though when something is presented in a clear cut multiple choice format I can solve it like on a GRE or IQ test.

I cant understand this discrepancy between my life experience and my test scores. I am relieved that the tests say I am not an idiot as I was starting to suspect, but I am also more confused than ever. Why is it that I cant write, talk, or pretty much think critically at all yet I do fairly well (certainly better than one would predict given how retarded I sound) on tests of intelligence?

Both my parents were IVY league educated and my sister was valedictorian and went to Oxford. I am the black sheep of the family and I know they are ashamed of me for being so stupid. I wound up at University of Connecticut and when they discuss politics or philosophy I can not contribute anything. Words start spinning in my head but nothing comes to my tongue.

Please help me understand what is wrong with me. I dont have autism or anything like that. I am also not insane. Is there an explanation for how a person can have a 135 IQ but have no critical thinking skills? Thank you for any replies. Maybe you suffer from a similar problem. It would be nice if I could meet other people who have the same problem.
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Replies to: I am mentally handicapped yet have 1480 GRE and 135 IQ. Please help me understand.

  • foxdie!foxdie! Registered User Posts: 832 Member
    That's very interesting. You should go see a psychologist.
    I can't relate to what you're experiencing but maybe with professional help you can improve your situation?

    You should get past your belief that you have inferior critical thinking or reasoning skills. It really sounds like a mild form of autism in an otherwise brilliant person.
  • hrtzhrtz Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    Ya don't need to be smart to talk philosophy and politics. maybe watch the news for a few nights.

    you are being to hard on yourself, honestly you dont need a college degree to be smart, actually most people who have college degrees are idiots. Most graduate students are idiots to. You seem like a smart guy, hindered by a disability. I am the same way. But I just say screw the rest.

    Find something you love, excel in it, and everything will work out. Being book smart doesn't mean much. Just doing what you love well is all that matters,

    Look at my father and uncle and countless other Americans. Il tell my fathers story.

    My father never graduated from HS, never went above 9th grade. Ya know how much he is worth now. 566 Million. My uncle is the same way.

    They took what they loved, cars. Knew them well enough to reverse engineer a part in the transmission and now both live very well. Both never even graduating from HS.
  • greennbluegreennblue Registered User Posts: 1,736 Senior Member
    Your post is very well written, so I'm surprised that you say you can't write essays. You've got the writing and analytical skills to do it.

    Talking to people is a different skill. You may be so anxious around people that your mind goes blank. A lot of shy people have this problem.

    I'd recommend a therapist, because although you're perfectly sane a trained professional can teach you to relax and make conversation. The therapist can help you to learn not to compare yourself to your sister and set your own appropriate goals.

    You might also have some kind of learning disability that ought to be diagnosed and treated.

    Don't let anyone discourage you. Good luck!
  • wutangfinancialwutangfinancial Registered User Posts: 808 Member
    "I wound up at University of Connecticut"-bahahahhhaha

    Sorry, inside joke

    Al ot of brilliant people, including Einstein, were really weird.
  • plot93plot93 Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    Both of the universities I've attended made accomodations for students with documented learning disabilities. People have strengths and weaknesses. There are some very intelligent people who find certain aspects of school difficult. If you think it would help, perhaps you could talk to a professional about this; a diagnosis of some kind might help you to get help/accomodations if you were to continue with schooling.

    BTW, I got a mere 1070 on the GRE (v + q), and that was after studying. I never took an IQ test, but maybe it's a good idea for me not to. I don't find school easy, but there's not much else in life I find easy either. I'm not good at socializing, and I didn't excel at any of the jobs I've had so far either. Sometimes I spend a few hours reading a chapter in a book, yet comprehend very little. Yet I guess I'm fairly motivated, because I'm doing okay on the master's degree I'm currently working on, and I plan to apply to Phd programs before too long.
    Sometimes you just have to make the most with what you do have.
  • trvsdrlngtrvsdrlng Registered User Posts: 206 Junior Member
    Go talk to a school counselor. They'll be able to help you better than a bunch of random people on an Internet forum can.
  • chaoseschaoses Registered User Posts: 1,039 Member
    Go talk to a school counselor. They'll be able to help you better than a bunch of random people on an Internet forum can.

    the OP says he/she can not communicate with people and can not form a conversation, you're telling him/her to go talk to someone. if they can, then they wouldn't post this thread.

    to OP: this is kinda strange to see. Have you tried talking to your family members or have they tried talking to you or anything like that? How did you learn if you can't communicate to people before?

    I know people who can't form conversation because their minds work slow, they need time to formulate sentences, it's like those who learn a new language, their mind can not work fast enough to form a respond (i know you're probably not one of these people). Looking at ur test scores, ur certainly not dumb. maybe you can respond to things well once you have more time to understand it? are you confortable talking with people slowly, like if they allow you time to respond?
  • kolomkolom Registered User Posts: 355 Member
    I agree with some of the things said. Your scores and your well-written post prove that you have intelligence, or at least some of kind of it.

    Perhaps you have a form of the savant syndrome, although I do not think so. We are NOT psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists/experts. I think my best advice would be to visit a real psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist/expert.
    I think you problem can be solved with some kind of intensive.

    Good Luck.
  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom Registered User Posts: 24,853 Senior Member
    Get help from your college counseling center. You can communicate with them by writing if you're unable to talk directly with a counselor or with the person who makes the appointments.

    Getting professional help is what you need to do because while we message board posters may be supportive and sympathetic, we don't have the expertise to help you.
  • EntityEntity Registered User Posts: 151 Junior Member
    Sounds like you have symptoms of Autism. In Autism there is a deficiency in the "Mirror Neuron", a neuron which enables us to acknowledge other people. Go get checked.
  • gadadgadad Registered User Posts: 7,762 Senior Member
    Talk to the staff at UConn's Disabled Student Services office. They should be able to route you to a resource for testing learning and developmental disabilities. Documenting a disability would give you legal entitlement to various accommodations in the classroom, and that could be crucial if you're considering heading to grad school. There will probably be a cost - in Georgia, it's $500, which is much less than what you'd pay for a private diagnosis.
  • yuccayucca Registered User Posts: 971 Member
    It's true that you have no critical thinking.
    but you shouldn't worry too much.Just enjoy your life,don't push yourself so hard.
    Good luck.
  • BigredmedBigredmed Registered User Posts: 3,731 Senior Member
    While it's possible you have a form of Autism, I think there might be something else going on. Have you seen a neurologist or a speech therapist for your problem?

    What you describe sounds like an expressive dysphasia/aphasia. If you normally write as clearly as you did in your post, but have trouble finding or forming words, it literally could be because your brain is wired improperly. The same thing happens in some people who get strokes when certain parts of their brain lack blood flow during the stroke. I can't guarantee that a neurologist will be able to "cure" you, but they, along with help from a speech therapist might provide you some improvement...or at the very least, some sort of explanation.
  • mj93mj93 - Posts: 3,601 Senior Member
    Why is it that I cant write, talk, or pretty much think critically at all yet I do fairly well (certainly better than one would predict given how retarded I sound) on tests of intelligence?

    You write clearly. Why are you concerned with your writing skills?
  • lostinparadiselostinparadise Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    i also have the same problem.i can't think critically.can't write paper .i have no wisdom.i am now attending in a the topmost university.still i feel as stupid as one can be.i often feel like autistic.but i dont know why i am so.help me with this
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