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Anyone NOT enjoying their college experience?

LQTMLQTM 106 replies12 threads Junior Member
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People say college is the best four years of your life. Anyon disagree with this statement?
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Replies to: Anyone NOT enjoying their college experience?

  • Russell7Russell7 1379 replies35 threads- Senior Member
    I liked the first 2 years. Now I hate it. The novelty really wears off and the commuting doesn't help.
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  • oldelecdudeoldelecdude 147 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I liked it enough until I started spending 25 hours a week in classes, 10 hours TA'ing, 10 hours in research, and god knows how much homework
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  • kindaslick89kindaslick89 477 replies21 threads Member
    Wow my luck sucks, my first roomate just got kicked off campus because he had mental health issues and was gonna hurt me and some other kids in my dorm. I found this out after he didn't show up to the room for three days and I learned that he was in a mental health facility. All the people in the immediate facinity of my room all joined the same frat. I probably wont get a roomate until next semester and it gets pretty boring here pretty fast. I might transfer outa this place if things don't change. I knew not to get too excited for college. But im doing pretty well academically so maybe I can transfer to a better school.
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  • Lala7819Lala7819 79 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Well, I'm almost 3 years in (2 and a quarter years in full time) and it's the same old same old. Just like work, and all the time I'm either spending full time at school and full time at work, full time+ some at school and part time at work, or as in this semester taking a killer class load with two lab sciences and no time at work. I think it's much better than when I used to work full time alone, much more interesting and makes me feel more productive. Though, I worked it out so I'm getting my associates, then my bachelors, then going on to a professional program. Breaking up my years at different schools for my different degrees make it less monotonous and makes it so I can always see a light at the end of the tunnel (currently that's getting my associates degree in 10 weeks.)
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  • BodaciousGBodaciousG 314 replies18 threads Member
    I find college soooo incredibly boring. I've never hated learning more. I cannot wait until I'm done. Also, I never bought that whole independent crap. I've been independent from a very young age, so college wasn't a change for me.
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  • randomgrandeurrandomgrandeur 655 replies16 threads Member
    I wish people would stop going in with that mentality that these are the best four years of your life. Honestly, if you look at it like that, you're peaking at 21/22. That's an awful way to live.

    I think people should view college as a great chapter. Nothing more. Nothing less...because what's not cool is coming back to your university as a 40-year old parent tailgating as you're trying to get wasted with current students while your 8-10 year old kid is running around. It looks stupid and it's damn creepy. (...and this isn't a far-fetched idea. I see it all the time at BC.)

    Seriously, it's only four years of your life. Make it what you want, but please don't think these are the best years of your life.
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  • legendofmaxlegendofmax 4528 replies209 threads Senior Member
    For many students it's basically a chance to study and party and do whatever they want without parental interference. There are few opportunities in life where you have that kind of freedom for such an extended period of time... there is a lot more work to be had after college. So, if nothing else, at least try to enjoy those aspects. It doesn't mean that college will be the best time of your life. I basically came to Penn tumbling down the metaphorical stairs of transition, and only now in my senior year have I managed to get back up on my feet. It's been nearly three years in the making, and unfortunately now I only have a year left. These are definitely not going to be my best years, and they don't have to be your best, either.

    A lot of people aren't quite satisfied with everything college has to offer. I sure as hell know I have issues with it. I basically came from a place where I've known my friends for YEARS... coming to college felt like starting over, and in a sense, it was... and I wasn't quite sure how to handle it all. There were also many financial matters that, even to this day, continue to plague me, and dealing with it all is stressful. On top of that, I've had two failed relationships and a lot of family stress. The campus isn't to my liking and I'm not fully satisfied with what I am studying. In general, there are many things I had envisioned in my college experience, but reality has been much different.

    Basically, I feel as if I don't fit in at Penn too well. Whatever Penn is trying to offer, I'm just somehow not compatible with it. I feel like the structures of other schools would have been more suitable, and I regret not looking into them more seriously, especially because I had gotten into so many schools. I literally had the option to go to basically any school I wanted. Such opportunity, and yet I was so careless in my decision making. It's my sorest regret.
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  • hikidshikids 1260 replies24 threads Senior Member
    There are always mismatches as people have misconceptions about what college will be like, colleges themselves, majors, the places they are located, and the simple fact that we change as we age. Wait to you hit work for a few years, college may look a lot better.
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  • LQTMLQTM 106 replies12 threads Junior Member
    ^ The stress of work will make one realize that college is the last years of youth. . .which is a no brainer. It's work, you have your boss and fellow co-workers that make you go crazy. For me, these last years of youth have not been fun.
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  • nerd855nerd855 323 replies14 threads Member
    I disagree with college not being the best time of your life. I think it is, for me.
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  • fa-la-la-lenafa-la-la-lena 2790 replies54 threads Senior Member
    Well I have to say I love my college experience so far. At least since high school, every year seems to be getting progressively better as I grow up as a person, more confident of my personality and where I stand on issues. And college?!?! OMG. I love it. The pressure is tenfold to get work done, but I have only been dreaming of this type of independence for FOREVER. But by no means am I saying that the college experience is a tell-all, definitively the "best years of my life." College definitely will embody some of them, but I have a huge life ahead of me and I can only imagine it getting even more exciting after college
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  • kingofqueenskingofqueens 491 replies25 threads- Member
    College and your childhood (ages 4 - 13) are probably the two best periods of your life.
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  • LuckyStarBoyLuckyStarBoy 166 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I'm not "disliking" my month so far in college, but I'm definitely not getting out of it what I was expecting.
    I thought the maturity level of people would increase dramatically, especially since I attend a rather competetive university (UW-Madison), however people are just as dramatic and unaware of their surroundings as they were in high school.
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  • polkadot_heartpolkadot_heart 259 replies20 threads Junior Member
    I don't agree on the mentality that college is the best years of your life. People said high school was, and I certainly didn't think so. I think the best years of your life are what you choose them to be, personally.

    I enjoy college because I enjoy learning but I definitely have not had the "stereotypical" college experience, which makes me feel a bit like I've been left out. But that's not a new feeling for me. It isn't what I expected, that's for sure (I'll be graduating soon too, which makes it feel even weirder)
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  • breathesgelatinbreathesgelatin 9 replies0 threads New Member
    I think it goes without saying that it is different for everyone. I would say my college years were the WORST four years of my life.
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  • FLVADADFLVADAD 1575 replies27 threads Senior Member
    ^^^^breathesgelatin, what was it about those four years that made it so bad for you?
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