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What's the biggest "inside joke" on your campus?


Replies to: What's the biggest "inside joke" on your campus?

  • beanieboobeanieboo 707 replies11 threads Member
    borum, i bet you go to haverford. one of my best friends told me about that =)

    inside jokes at BC? last year a girl sent an email to every listserve she was ever on asking for an off campus apartment for her boyfriend. most people on campus got something like 300 per hour cause everyone hit reply all. it was rediculous. then theres all the slogans that state how infinetly better we are than both ND and BU, which is true =). living on newton is "freshman year abroad"
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  • PseudonymPseudonym 647 replies2 threads Member
    Duper: yup :)
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  • sleepymansleepyman 204 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Pseudonym we have a SAC too, student activities center, its the closest thing we have to a gym and it is nasty, sweaty, un-airconditioned, and sticky XD.
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  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 728 replies0 threads- Member
    Yeah, we have a SAC too, but after like the first week, no one really laughs about it anymore.

    I can't really think of anything here outside of the fact that it's automatically assumed by everyone that everyone else is poor (I'm not). Or Liberal (I'm not). Ummm there's a certain Chinese restaurant that everyone goes to when they're drunk.

    Everyone laughs, because we're always told how diverse we are (one of the five or so most diverse schools in the U.S.). It's not that it's untrue, it's that it's something continuously repeated to us.

    There's probably something I dont know/can't remember. I've only been here for just over a semester.

    At BU, there's the jogger down Commonwealth and reported sightings on Facebook, and not a joke, but everyone at BU (and plenty elsewhere) know about the West Campus Burger. God, I miss that :/
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  • dramakitty92428dramakitty92428 623 replies53 threads Member
    TUOwls...where do u go?
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  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 728 replies0 threads- Member
    Temple lol
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  • PseudonymPseudonym 647 replies2 threads Member
    Heh, it's not the fact that it's called the SAC that I find funny, it's that it's a SAC with two ballrooms.
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  • b@r!um[email protected]!um 10254 replies175 threads Senior Member
    beanieboo, actually I am a Bryn Mawr student, but I think we are referring to the same duck pond :)
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  • theKnowerOfStufftheKnowerOfStuff 7 replies0 threads New Member
    At Carnegie they used to sell shirts that said "Sex kills. Come to CMU and live forever." :)
    They were kinda right on point too (unless you were in the arts; the rest of us just assumed that was one big orgy ;) I mean at one point, I kid you not, there was a class where part of your grade depended on proving you had/could make friends.

    Ooo, there are some great nicknames for a few of the colleges too.
    -Humanities and Social Sciences (commonly refered to as H&SS) = H & Less Stress
    -College of Fine Arts (generally called CFA) = Cant *****ing Spell (or Add, depending on who you ask)

    Theres also a thing about one of the buildings being Optimus Prime...
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  • sopranokittysopranokitty 1490 replies16 threads Senior Member
    One of the buildings at UCD is nicknamed the "Death Star."
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  • KudryavkaKudryavka 859 replies20 threads Member
    Grinnell's biggest inside jokes are probably "yellow bikes" and "foam machine".
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  • charlieschmcharlieschm 4096 replies186 threads Senior Member
    Years ago, at U. of Virginia, whenever a tourist asked for directions, they were told "it's the red brick building with the white pillars, you can't miss it."

    (That described 90% of the buildings on grounds, and about 10% of the buildings in the town. It even describes the 20,000 seat arena.)
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  • YonderMountainYonderMountain 283 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Here it's probably references to the decommissioned submarine that is allegedly buried underneath the campus.
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  • AUGirlAUGirl 2791 replies99 threads Senior Member
    Thomas Cooper is really famous for getting around a lot. A lot of girls spend the night at his place and have study dates with him. (TC is the library.)

    And of course... Our mascot is the Gamecock, so we have lots of jokes about ***** and t-shirts and things like that.

    We always say "Go *****!" on our facebook statuses, and a lot of kids are from up north (we're almost half out-of-state), and they always have friends who comment and are like "You seriously say that?" or "That's offensive!" or "Did you get hacked?"
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  • clockworkclockwork 239 replies38 threads Junior Member
    People often say they're going out on a date with Homer. That's the name of our library.
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  • silvercrystalsilvercrystal 49 replies20 threads Junior Member
    The third floor of Geisel...if that counts.
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