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Rant about your roommate here!

QueequegQueequeg 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
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So, basically I can't stand my roommate anymore and just feel like complaining. I always look at old threads, so maybe someone will find some use out of this. Especially if other people join me!

At the start of school, I realized my roommate and I didn't have much in common, but I still tried to get along with her. She had faults, but I did my best not to focus on them since I figured I had to live with her for a whole year, and they weren't anything major. On the other hand, my roommate would try to get me to apologize for really mundane stuff, like saying the word "weird".

I just ignored it for the most part. I tried to do stuff with her to keep the "roommate bond" going like eating lunch together. We weren't the best roommates, but it was nowhere near terrible.

On Thursday night, I had spent a good portion of the night studying for my midterm which was early in the morning. I was just about to go to sleep (the lights were off) at 12:30, when my roommate came in the room. She said she had something to tell me, but I told her I had to go to sleep because of my test. Then she became offended, so I asked her what it was she had to tell me.

She told me she had "decided on a change of roads", and had requested a roommate change. Then she didn't come back in the room until 2:30, so I couldn't confront her about it. When she came back, I asked her why she didn't consult me about anything and she didn't answer. Then I lost my temper. It was a miserable night, and I ended up not getting any sleep.

I was finally able to talk to housing (because they're closed on weekends), but they seemed to think that I had talked with my roommate about eveything and was fine with it all. I was never notified about anything.

That's my rant. I'm still kind of ticked off, because all of her stuff is still in my room, and they're just moving her in across the hall from me. Hopefully all will go well.

Any other roommate stories?
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Replies to: Rant about your roommate here!

  • ZamzamZamzam 839 replies15 threadsRegistered User Member
    My roommate stares at me when I don't turn off my alarm clock immediately. So the first thing I see every morning is his face, staring right into mine. He also leaves the door open (not unlocked, but wide open) when he leaves. And he tends to leave his keys/ID card in the room for long periods of time--long enough for me to come in, think he's not there, grab something, leave, and lock the door. I've locked him out 4 times already, and he's still forgetting his keys.

    My friends also refuse to come to my room because they don't want to have to deal with him. He tends to make really awkward jokes, usually about me. I thought that we'd get along really well, but basically everything he does is just a little bit grating. Other people on the floor have noticed that he's a little "off," too: apparently he was staring into someone's room the other day, and he's really overly nice (but really sarcastic at the same time--but he's really bad at being sarcastic and laughs at his own jokes all the time).

    Ugh. Had to get that off my chest.
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  • BodaciousGBodaciousG 314 replies18 threadsRegistered User Member
    Wow, I feel bad for both of you. Neither situation sounds pleasant (esp. the whole alarm clock thing...creepy). I honestly didn't find the dorm experience at all worthwhile. I did it for a year, but would have gladly never done it to begin with. My roommate was OK, but I honestly could care less about the so-called "experience."
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  • asdfjkl1asdfjkl1 1911 replies39 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    My roommate's a bit slutty. Though we get along and she's considerate of me, she has a different guy on her bed every night...
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  • tiff90tiff90 1266 replies104 threads- Senior Member
    My roommate was straighedged in hs, so she let loose the 1st month at college. She decided to smoke week several times a week and during those days coming in between 2:30 and 3:30 am. She is a spazzy stoner, which is incredibly annoying, she walks around the floor offering people food, and if they say yes she brings them in the room, making a shot load of noise, while I'm sleeping. Or she goes on he comp and plays music, and I can't reason with her because she is a stupid stoner.
    She invites people into the room who are stoned and acts like a complete paranoid pshyco.
    She came in 3:30 one morning and threw up several times in the room because she smoked too much (not throwing up in the room was HER groundrule).
    She takes things off of my desk or moves my things. When confronted, she first denies it and than attempts to justify taking/moving my things w/o permission (my things are on my side of the room, she has occasionally taken things off of my desk).
    She took over the neutral corner of the room instead of putting her stuff under the bed,
    She leaves a pile of roughly 20 articles of clothing in the middle of the room, so I must avoid them in order to move in the room.
    She wakes up an 2 hours before I do and slams the door at least 3 times, or leaves thedoor open.
    We have established a "quite hour/lights out", yet she consistently breaks the rules. Such as yielding phone calls on her cell when I am trying to sleep.
    Won't do her work in the study room(which is next door) when I am sleeping(she's a bit ADD so she enters and leaves the room numerous times).
    She's completely obsessed about how she looks, and feels the need to tell me she feels fat, or involve me in her stupid, self caused drama (so this guy who liked me found out I didn't like him and now he's avoiding me. She seriously just randomoly blurts this our when I am doing work. Even if I'm just trying to chill, it's annoying).
    She leaves her dirty laundry on the floor all week until her parents come to do her laundry, so the room has a stench.
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  • gnrfangnrfan 301 replies56 threadsRegistered User Member
    You guys are probably going to be disappointed if you come in thinking roommates will be friends for life. Be happy if you get along on a friendly basis or are just able to coexist peacefully. I mean, if you take three people who've probably had their own rooms and personal space for many, many years, put them together, and expect them to deal with each other, it'd be an achievement if they simply didn't get at each others' throats right?
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  • collegeiscool7collegeiscool7 13 replies0 threads- New Member
    My roommate and I were anything but "best friends" freshman year but we managed to coexist because we were respectful of each other and we used common sense. Obviously, nobody wants to be in a situation where they are made to feel uncomfortable or angry but sometimes just talking about it can help. As far as roommates staring as soon as you wake up, you just have to tell him that you do your best to shut off the alarm quickly and that he needs to relax a bit. As far as stoner roommates go -- it's college and people are going to be curious. Maybe ask her to keep away from the room. If these suggestions don't work -- talk to the RA or peer advisers to get the situation under control -- no one should be unhappy.
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  • fa-la-la-lenafa-la-la-lena 2790 replies54 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I think this section might give a few prospective college students more horror stories to worry about. It really stinks to have a roommate that doesn't respect boundaries and/or doesn't talk to you at all. Just to give a different, more optimistic perspective, the only thing I'd like to rant about my roommate is the fact that I despise country music (which she plays in the room enough to slightly irk me once in a while). Otherwise pretty much I have the roommate from heaven. The thing is, we're both laid-back people who aren't neat freaks or super-slobs, we aren't drama queens/sluts, we aren't depressed/mopey, and overall we get along fantastically. We share most everything and clean up after ourselves. We both don't sleep a lot and we don't care about guests, as long as both of us or courteous. We are good buddies with the same large circle of friends but don't depend on each other for everything either, and have different friends to hang out with sometimes as well
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  • mecca femmemecca femme 51 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Mine smokes weed ALL the time and will come back to the room at 2-3AM, high as hell and asking me **** questions while i'm doing my homework. Also, she brings this boy over sometimes which is fine but we had an agreement that if we planned on doing anything, we should text the other roommate so they know not to come in the room. well i received NO text, so when I get back from work i knocked on the door just in case she was dooing whatever since i hadn't been in the whole day, and then i hear shuffling so i wait and then the guy answers the door and she's like half naked with her hair all messed up. i got really ****ed off after that. oh yeah, and she sheds like a dog so her hair is EVERYWHERE. ewww

    but besides that we get along pretty well
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  • sleepymansleepyman 204 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    My roommate stares a lot too, if I'm coming in or leaving or getting up or going to bed. If its getting up, it'll usually be dark so I can't always tell if he is staring, but I know he is lol. The only other thing-- we have one window and we're on the first floor, and it faces my side of the room, specifically my bed. He'll open it whenever, but that's understandable since its not like its my window or anything. That's about it, every roommate has some problems and not all of them are worth it to "fix".
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  • PathetiquePathetique 657 replies22 threadsRegistered User Member
    The one thing so far that really irks me about my roommate is when she plays stuff on her laptop. Like, I'll be reading, doing homework or watching TV, and suddenly, she'll start blaring music or some TV shows. It's like, dude. Head phones. Learn to use them. And yes, I've asked her to use them, seeing as whenever I watch or do stuff on my laptop, or even play my keyboard, I use them. I'd use them with the TV, but that's not possible. It especially gets on my nerves because I'm not allowed to watch TV when she's "doing homework" and by that, she's doing about 10 minutes of homework for every 30 minutes of browsing the internet. But it's okay for her to. :) And yes, I've talked to her about most of this.

    Otherwise we great along fantastically; I just really needed to vent about that. :B Like, I'm really glad with our relationship, and it might seem weird, but she's already helped a lot, personally and socially. I just hope I'm not depending on her too much.
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  • QueequegQueequeg 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Yeah, I thought I was "coexisting" with my roommate. At least until she requested a roommate change without telling me.

    She did lots of things that annoyed me, and I'm sure I did things to annoy her. I just overlooked the annoying things.
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  • sAxsKysAxsKy 883 replies57 threadsRegistered User Member
    Wow I feel really bad for you guys but I couldn't stop laughing about the story where the girl was half-naked.
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  • anisha08anisha08 1387 replies51 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Probably not a relevant contribution to this discussion, but we generally get along. We probably won't be best friends, but we're pretty good friends and we trust each other, which is something I believe is important in a roommate-ship.

    The only problem I've had with her is her boyfriend (well they broke up a couple of days ago), who would visit every week. She's a weed smoker and doesn't do it too often except when her now-ex used to come over. Whenever he came over, the room started stinking of weed and I went nuts with the Febreze when they left the room. It was the final straw when he began to roll blunts IN OUR ROOM. I told her that he should be careful about it since I don't want the RA to get us in trouble if she smells weed in our room.

    My roommate's also pledging a sorority that requires her to be on a dry pledge (no drinking or smoking) for this quarter, so I guess that combined with the breakup pretty much ends my only problem with her. Which wasn't really with her anyways.
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  • shwayzeeeshwayzeee 284 replies15 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Mine farts. A lot.
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  • dramakitty92428dramakitty92428 623 replies53 threadsRegistered User Member
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  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 728 replies0 threads- Member
    I have a single.
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  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon 3043 replies27 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I have two roomates. Our housing survey didn't ask anything personal and just asked where we wanted to live. So we pretty much just listed our top choices and that was it. It's working out great so far. The three of us go to bed around the same time, split everything three ways money-wise when we buy something for the bathroom, and we haven't fought in the two months we've lived together. Also, one of my roomate likes to nap at around three, so my other roomate and I don't come by around that time to let her sleep.

    I'm not best friends with either of them. One of them I kind of feel awkward around. She's nice, but for some reason...I don't feel a connection with her. She'd be the type of person I'd wave to in class but never actually speak to. We have zero in common. The other one I like a lot more and soemetimes we strike up a conversation. I feel comfortable with her, but again, I have nothing in common with her either so I don't see us becoming buddies. I don't think about my roomates just. They're just...there.
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  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 728 replies0 threads- Member
    I have two roomates. Our housing survey didn't ask anything personal and just asked where we wanted to live. So we pretty much just listed our top choices and that was it.

    BU did a terrible job with mine. I don't know why it's so difficult to make a decent housing survey.
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  • Nickel XenonNickel Xenon 3043 replies27 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I had expected something longer. My friend goes to another school and they asked 200 personal questions, like your sleeping schedule and stuff like that. I had expected the same, but nope. I'm so glad I got good roomates because some people I know at BU really got screwed over.
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  • TUOwls2011TUOwls2011 728 replies0 threads- Member
    I had expected something longer. My friend goes to another school and they asked 200 personal questions, like your sleeping schedule and stuff like that. I had expected the same, but nope. I'm so glad I got good roomates because some people I know at BU really got screwed over.

    Mine was a white trash, country music listening alcoholic, who had I stayed at BU any longer likely would've killed me.
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