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wearing hats in class

JKpoker2JKpoker2 Registered User Posts: 135 Junior Member
edited September 2009 in College Life
Ok why do teachers get mad at students wearing hats in class? Today my teacher said something like its rude to wear hats in a building (class) and he said he was trying to change his ways because he is older. He also said something about texting (bc students were texting in the back) but didn't really get too angry, and just said its give and take. Is it that rude to wear a hat or text in class? I mean i'm paying to go to school and i should be able to do what i want in class as long as its not distracting other students?
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Replies to: wearing hats in class

  • kdmomkdmom Registered User Posts: 362 Member
    Well, the hat thing is generational. Removing your hat used to be considered a sign of respect. A man would take his hat off when entering someone's home and would also "tip" it (lift it off the head and set it back down) when meeting someone on the street. Most older people automatically react to someone who wears a hat inside as though the person is being either ignorant or willfully rude.

    As for texting in class, I don't think that the fact that you're paying for the class has anything to do with whether or not you should show respect to the teacher. After all, you pay your doctor, your lawyer, your mechanic, etc. Does that mean that it's ok to be rude to them or to imply that their profession isn't worthy of respect? I think that texting, passing notes, whispering, and even sleeping in class are all behaviors that subtly (or blatantly, depending on how you do it) imply that you don't care about what the teacher has to say. That's not respectful.

    I realize that standards of behavior change over time so I'm not saying that people who wear hats and text in class are necessarily wrong, I'm just telling you how it looks to people my age.
  • comiclovercomiclover Registered User Posts: 683 Member
    "Is it that rude to wear a hat or text in class?"

    Uh, yes it's rude to text during class.
  • BatlloBatllo - Posts: 3,047 Senior Member
    Your hat is distracting to the teacher. Respect him by taking it off when you enter his classroom.
  • happycowloverhappycowlover Registered User Posts: 335 Member
    As long as you're not wearing a sombrero or one of those outrageously neon-colored ginormous old lady church hats, you should be fine. I'll never understand why you shouldn't wear your hat in a building. Do people think you have a gun in there?
  • nontraditionalnontraditional Registered User Posts: 519 Member
    One of the ways your professor figures out whether he's explained something well enough is to look at faces. Your face is harder to see when you are wearing a hat with a brim. That's aside from the fact that men wearing hats in a building are traditionally considered rude. (And that's not entirely generational. I know places where, today, young men your age remove their hats when they enter a building.)

    Texting is fine during lecture if nobody knows you're doing it. If they can tell, you're being distracting to other students and you're being rude to the professor. (Have you ever tried lecturing to a large group of people who behave the way some undergraduates act? It can be a pretty demoralizing exercise.)

    I imagine that you will want to be treated respectfully at some point in the semester. When you raise your hand to ask a question, I assume you're not going to want the professor to be whispering to another student he finds more interesting while you are doing the asking. If you visit him in office hours because you're confused about something that everyone else seems to understand you aren't going to want him to tell an amusing story about your cluelessness during the next lecture. If you ask him for an extension on a paper or a problem set you're going to want him to think of you as an adult who not only takes your academic obligations seriously but also has other responsibilities you need to balance, not as a child who needs to be contained by rules so that your inherent immaturity doesn't undermine your chances at passing the class. Well, this is your part of the respect thing. Take your hat off and make sure that you look like you're paying attention and trying to learn things, because it is respectful to the prof. Be quiet and don't move around a lot, because it is respectful to your classmates. If you can do that while still texting, go for it. But if you can't -- and a lot of undergraduates seem to think they can when they really can't, so you might want to ask someone else -- then think about what it would feel like if you were trying to explain something to your prof and he was obviously having a conversation with someone else instead of listening to you, and text after class.
  • JKpoker2JKpoker2 Registered User Posts: 135 Junior Member
    I typically don't text during class unless someone texts me but I feel like I'm paying to go to college (not like high school where I didn't pay directly) and it should be my right to do what i want during class time unless i distract the class. I have a new way of thinking though and don't really respect old school thoughts. just my two cents
  • boysx3boysx3 Registered User Posts: 5,164 Senior Member
    think about it from the other person's perspective--that's part of maturity.
    How would you feel if you went to office hours to speak to the professor, and each time you went and you were trying to ask him a question, he texted, or talked on the phone, or worked on his computer or graded papers.

    Now flash to the end of the semester. You are asked to evaluate the professor. He needs good evaluations to receive tenure.

    Reverse the situation. Later this semester, the reading doesn't make sense to you. Or you miss class because you get sick. Or you need an extension on a paper or lab report. or you would really, really like a B instead of a B- because you need to get a certain gpa.
    You go to office hours to get some help from the professor, and he recongnizes you as the kid with the hat hiding half-closed eyes who spends the entire class texting instead of taking notes.

    Do you have a real reason for wearing a hat in class?
    Is there a real reason to text friends in class...or can it wait a half-hour until you are free?
  • willmingtonwavewillmingtonwave Registered User Posts: 3,344 Senior Member
    I think it is rude to wear hats, particularly ball caps.
    Let's be honest, if you are beyond college and you wear a ball cap outside of the outdoors and sports, you clearly have issues.
  • HurleyHurley Registered User Posts: 77 Junior Member
    Or maybe you're simply having a bad hair day.
  • hayzehayze Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
    hats can aid in cheating on exams. Kids place cheat sheets under the brim. And yeah, texting is rude during class
  • HuntHunt Registered User Posts: 26,909 Senior Member
    I'll never understand why you shouldn't wear your hat in a building.
    That's because this is a rule of manners, and such rules don't necessarily have a rational basis. Part of maturity is understanding the rules of manners that matter to other people, and following them as long as they aren't contrary to your beliefs or something like that. If the professor thinks it's disrespectful for you to wear your hat in his class, really, that should be all you need to know.
  • willmingtonwavewillmingtonwave Registered User Posts: 3,344 Senior Member
    Or maybe you're simply having a bad hair day.
    yeah, that doesn't really happen to me...
  • Biggie_SmallsBiggie_Smalls Registered User Posts: 587 Member
    No, it's all part of respect. Respect for the teacher and the material being taught and the time being spent trying to teach you. Don't text or wear a hat, it is rude.
  • TwistedxKissTwistedxKiss Registered User Posts: 2,535 Senior Member
    Both are rude. At the very least don't text in class unless you are in a huge lecture hall and there's no way your professor can see you, and even then keep it to a minimum because it's rude to the people around you. Most people will wear hats in class still but it is in poor taste.

    "One of the ways your professor figures out whether he's explained something well enough is to look at faces. Your face is harder to see when you are wearing a hat with a brim."

    This is also a very good point. I have had professors specifically complain about that.
  • tx2000tx2000 Registered User Posts: 152 Junior Member
    maybe because it's where i'm from, but at least 75% of guys wear caps in class every day. it's an engineering school though...
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