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what does the term "creepy" mean?

Mikki MarsMikki Mars Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
edited September 2009 in College Life
I always hear this term a lot, especially about guys relating to getting girls. What does it actually mean, as in a strict definition? I do have a sense that it means "a guy who is desperate to have physical/sexual relations with girls and will do anything to get there." But how does a guy, who is simply trying to meet more people because he doesn't know too many yet (but like ALL other guys does hope for some tail) not cross that line between friendly and creepy?

And I am aware that guys who get girls also have a lot of regular friends, and I need them now and fast and as many as I can get.
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Replies to: what does the term "creepy" mean?

  • diontechristmasdiontechristmas Registered User Posts: 2,891 Senior Member
  • collegebosscollegeboss - Posts: 437 Member
    If you have to ask...
  • WCFWCF Registered User Posts: 530 Member
    Spot on collegeboss.
  • ns9908ns9908 Registered User Posts: 147 Junior Member
    It's a very esoteric word known intuitively among females and only vaguely by males that is used in the same way that "****" used to be used amongst males (when it was relatively PC). It's a meaningless word but it is in fact the kiss of death. You can't stop being creepy, you can't "become" creepy, it's just a meaningless attribute that no female can really define either.

    When talking about girls, rule number one is to throw reason out the window. Clearly you have yet to learn this rule as you're still looking for definitions.
  • TwistedxKissTwistedxKiss Registered User Posts: 2,535 Senior Member
    I would attribute the word "creepy" to someone that for whatever reason makes me feel uncomfortable (or gives me "the creeps," so to speak.) It doesn't necessarily have to be in a sexual way but that is one example that doesn't necessarily have another accessible adjective to it. Like someone who makes me feel uncomfortable because they are mean or whatever could be described as b*tchy, etc, whereas someone who is making me uncomfortable due to unwanted and/or inappropriate sexual advances doesn't have an adjective that I can think of off the top of my head besides, "creepy." So I guess I would just say it is a vague term used to describe an unpleasant feeling that just so happens to be particularly attributed to sexual situations for lack of a more specific word.
  • EntadusEntadus Registered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
    Being creepy means you are giving people around you bad or uncomfortable feelings (inadvertently or otherwise.

    Be socially aware. Notice how others react to your words and actions. Keep a friendly, playful vibe and avoid creating discomfort.
  • BMWdude335BMWdude335 Registered User Posts: 378 Member
    It's as simple as this.
    To girls, a guy who is "creepy" tends to be mysterious (a good trait, but not good by itself)

    If you're a very good looking and confident creepy guy, girls have this inner gut feeling to make babies with you (think of the serial killer(s) who get thousands of love letters in jail from girls who want his genes)

    If you're a bad looking and indecisive creepy guy. well. let's jusy say you just ended the family tree.

    The end.
  • TwistedxKissTwistedxKiss Registered User Posts: 2,535 Senior Member
    There is absolutely no way "creepy" can be a good trait even in combination with something else. It is intrinsically bad.
  • ThisCouldBeHeavnThisCouldBeHeavn - Posts: 16,060 Senior Member
    adj. having or causing a feeling of fear or disgust, as if insects were creeping on one's skin
  • peter_parkerpeter_parker - Posts: 923 Member
    Well, I think the original meaning of creepy was quite clear. Creepy would be a cemetery at night. Or some dark lurking figure on the side of the road when your driving at night. Or, maybe it's just somebody staring at you from across the room with vacant eyes. The girl in "the Orphan" was pretty creepy.

    Anyway, nowadays it's never used like that at all. Nope. Instead, it's used as a catch-all by girls against guys that they don't like, intended to prey on their insecurities (creepy = they repel women). It's just like guys calling guys that they don't like "d-bags" like someone mentioned. It's just a vague bashing term that people like to pretend is actually based on some specific demerits.

    The similar terms used by guys against girls would be, oh, I don't know--- "b--tch" is always sure to get a girl riled up. "Fat" or "fatty" is another easy one that preys on common females insecurities - even if they are stick thin. There are plenty more easy low-blows against both genders but I personally don't use them or look favorably upon those who do.
  • BatlloBatllo - Posts: 3,047 Senior Member
    The intuitive feeling a person experiences when another person makes unwanted physical, verbal, non verbal advances towards them.
  • prismacolorsprismacolors Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    I love how the guy's posts are 'telling what females consider to be creepy' and they are GUYS. Just epic.

    I only call people creepy when they make me feel weird and kinda scared. I sort of get this feeling that I want to run away from them ASAP. Like if someone is sitting in their car at night doing nothing and watching people or following me when I'm walking home at night or talking about murdering people and you can't tell if they are joking or not.
  • pisces8519pisces8519 Registered User Posts: 103 Junior Member
    as said above, creepy is making other people uncomfortable. Certain characteristics of creeper guys are: guys who are way too touchy-feely, send constant texts/messages, guys who know your number when you never gave it to them, know stuff about you that you never told them, bring up awkward topics, make sexual jokes constantly, guys who are never looking at your face, and guys who ask really personal, inappropriate questions.

    If you just want to make new friends and are fairly normal, you shouldn't come off as a creeper. If you are simply trying to get into someone's pants, it's usually pretty obvious and creepy.
  • Alix2012Alix2012 - Posts: 1,246 Senior Member
    t's a very esoteric word known intuitively among females and only vaguely by males that is used in the same way that "****" used to be used amongst males (when it was relatively PC). It's a meaningless word but it is in fact the kiss of death. You can't stop being creepy, you can't "become" creepy, it's just a meaningless attribute that no female can really define either.
    haha it's not a meaningless attribute and it's not used the same way "****" is. Younger women get hit on a lot by guys. Some of those guys are "creepy" meaning they come across as weird and we don't trust them. Sometimes it's obvious they're really desperate to hook up, other times they ask weird personal questions or seem like stalkers, or just exhibit strange behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared. Sometimes these people have no social skills and don't get they come across as creepy, other times they really are weirdos. It's not always sexual, but it often is.

    I think the reason a lot of guys don't get why girls think certain people are creepy is because it's intuitive (women's intution or whatever). Sexual predators are usually men preying on women, not the other way around. So when a girl gets a "creepy" vibe it's usually a signal to stay away from the creeper.

    and yeah, some girls overuse it and think everyone's creepy or hitting on them.
  • guttergutter Registered User Posts: 257 Junior Member
    As far as I can tell (being a guy), "creepy" is purely subjective and is basically like any other insult.

    If Brad Pitt were staring at a girl from across the room the girl would get excited and hope he was interested. If a homeless guy/nerd/ugly guy/<insert guy with a trait the girl finds unattractive> is staring at her from across the room, then he's creepy.

    Don't get me wrong, guys have terms like this too. It's easy to throw around the words slut/whore/etc. for a girl that isn't actually promiscuous yet never mention such terms when you happen to be the recipient of this sluttiness/whorishness yourself from a girl that genuinely is a bit...easy. It's all subjective. It's important to note, though, that being called a whore is probably closer to a guy being called an "*******" than it is to a guy being called creepy. If you're called a whore (or an *******) you can probably rebound pretty well with indignation or, if you so please, by embracing the role. But what are you supposed to do if you're called creepy? There's nothing you CAN do. No matter what you do there's nothing that will get you out of the creepy title to those that have already labeled you with it.
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