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A to Z: What To Bring To College


Replies to: A to Z: What To Bring To College

  • vtoodlervtoodler 1867 replies244 threads Senior Member
    Hair grease......Dry hair is distasteful
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  • redr002redr002 171 replies12 threads Junior Member
    awesome list, Kate. Thanks for all of the effort!!!
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  • gianievvegianievve 1755 replies66 threads Senior Member
    Yay! This list is featured 3 times and is even on the main CC board! Kate - you'd better copyright it ;)
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  • allynicoleallynicole 6 replies2 threads New Member
    Wow this is such a cool list! I love it:) I was making my own list but it's not even close to being good as yours.
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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Paper towels
    zip lock plastic storage bags-gallon size
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  • ScootronScootron 37 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Duck Tape (you don't have to use the ugly silver -they also have white and other colors too)
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  • CynthiaRCynthiaR 183 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Man, and I thought I was almost done shopping! Thanks for the list though--lots of stuff I wouldn't have thought of, but really will need.
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  • willow_41zwillow_41z 271 replies28 threads Junior Member
    A word of warning about laundry products and cleaning products- some people are very senstitive to scents and smells, so you'll want to be careful about what you bring.

    Summary of my suggestions:
    Fan if you live in an unairconditioned dorm.
    Feminine hygiene products for women.
    Poncho for when it's blowing rain
    Woolite for clothes that are handwash.
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  • adidesadides 2025 replies19 threads Senior Member
    i ended with 102 !!!!!! my original list had 24 items :D
    Thanks a lot kate for the list and for the timing (i was asked to show a list today :) )
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  • Ejpejp87Ejpejp87 - 41 replies6 threads Junior Member
    it seems like everyone these days needs lists and needs to plan out every moment of their lives. In the hours it takes to make a list like this, you could bring the basics, and just buy whatever else you needed. Dorms are small, there is no way you can fit everything on that list (or half of it, if you want to say your list is just guidelines) in a room. Also, you will be living near a bunch of people and could probably borrow a couple things if you needed to.
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  • Ejpejp87Ejpejp87 - 41 replies6 threads Junior Member
    if you are buying the items at college though, you don't need a list, because, if you find you need more hangers, you can go to the store and buy them. Also, making such a comprehensive list like this kinda does show that you need to plan everything out. Think about it, with these lists you are trying to plan out every day of your college life based on the things you will need for those days. Also, I don't see how your lists are that helpful because you basically just wrote down every item they sell at osco drug or cvs.
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  • lkf725lkf725 4597 replies184 threads Senior Member
    I, for one, appreciate a good list. Thanks kateapollo!
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  • Ejpejp87Ejpejp87 - 41 replies6 threads Junior Member
    mkay katie your list is fine, i just reckon it's overkill.
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  • twinklestar146twinklestar146 184 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Great list! I hadn't thought about so many of those things, so this was a great way to make sure I'll go to college prepared. =)
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  • kateapollokateapollo - 108 replies25 threads Junior Member
    Thanks to everyone who found the list helpful. Also, thank you for the suggestions and additions people offered. More are welcome.

    Tiramisu's idea is what I was hoping people would do: copy and paste into Word, delete what you don't need, and there's your college list, ready and done.
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  • Mackie45Mackie45 598 replies115 threads Member
    God!!!! I wish everyone would just shut up about the list!! It was a great list with very good items. Anyone who didn't like it, didn't have to read it. Thanks Kate for the list and try hard not to curse the haters out. :)
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  • zantedeschiazantedeschia 7793 replies48 threads Senior Member
    Yea I didn't know people could get so upset about a list. It's helped more people than it didn't, and I for one appreciate it very much.
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  • curiousercuriouser 1342 replies20 threads Senior Member
    I'm a mom who scrounged for good lists last year when my D went off to college. This year, your list is perfect for S--it's his turn now.

    As many have mentioned, there's more than enough on your list to just about cover everything. And perfect to edit to get to what each person needs.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I think most people don't realize how much you really DO need to be living on your own for the first time!
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