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A to Z: What To Bring To College

kateapollokateapollo 108 replies25 threads- Junior Member
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1) This is a composite, alphabetical list of what to bring to college.

2) If you have worthy suggestions about what else a student might like to bring, please list it. If you have specifications-- like what types of bandages students should bring, or what snacks are popular in dorms etc-- please list it as well.

Other than that, just ignore items on the list you don't think are necessary and don't complain about it, because it doesn't help anyone.

This composite list is very much for Gianievve and LiquidPaper, two people who were kind and appreciative towards my effort and wanted to see a composite list. Here it is. Thank you. :)

I apologize to those who I annoyed by posting various categorized lists about what to bring to college. I am NOT spamming or trying to sell anything.
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Replies to: A to Z: What To Bring To College

  • redski59redski59 1344 replies37 threads Senior Member
    Wow Kate! This is very helpful! We should be the ones to thank you! :)
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  • PEALS-05PEALS-05 520 replies65 threads Member
    That's a long list. I haven't really thought about half of that stuff.

    But of course, thank you. :)

    Redski: Are you going to be at USC too? I am going to be in Parkside dorms this fall. :)
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  • gianievvegianievve 1755 replies66 threads Senior Member
    Thank you kate!
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  • sucharitasucharita 3771 replies49 threads Senior Member
    wow that's a really comprehensive list!
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  • beck86njbeck86nj 803 replies2 threads Member
    I don't understand why you're so bothered by the thought of people posting other opinions on the things you suggest. I agree that it's great that you made up this list, but I think that the addition of other opinions can only make it more useful. For example, "yes, I also found item x useful, but for a different reason," and "item y could come in handy, but you might want to think about [concern] before bringing it," are both helpful.

    For instance, you list a Foreman Grill. That could come in handy, but anyone who wants to bring one of those would need to refer to school-specific documents on what is (and isn't) allowed in dorm rooms.
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  • redski59redski59 1344 replies37 threads Senior Member
    Hey Kate, I'd suggest that you ask the moderators to make this thread a sticky. Then it will stay on the main page without people having to bump the thread.
    Redski: Are you going to be at USC too? I am going to be in Parkside dorms this fall.
    Hey Peals, I'm in Parkside too! 6-person suite!
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  • Mackie45Mackie45 598 replies115 threads Member
    I'm just bring a toothbrush/toothpaste and a change of underwear. lol. Great list!
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  • evanescenteuphoriaevanescenteuphoria 578 replies139 threads Member
    thanks a lot kate. i'm going to save this list for NEXT YEAR ;)
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  • tanmantanman 2607 replies38 threads Senior Member
    Excellent list - will be very useful as a I pack for college. Thanks!
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  • lkf725lkf725 4597 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Do you really need more than two sets of towels?

    PS - Good list...thanks!
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  • zantedeschiazantedeschia 7793 replies48 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for the list! It's very helpful. Inspired me to write up my own list (taking things from this list that pertained to me) and I ended up with 85 items! More than I would have thought of
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  • janeeyrejaneeyre 228 replies69 threads Junior Member
    holy crap this rocks! Thank you! (bookmarks)
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