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Difference between college parties and nightclub parties?

crazi4unicrazi4uni Registered User Posts: 280 Junior Member
edited May 2010 in College Life
I have been to several nightclubs and generally know what goes on there. But I have never been to a house party or a college party.

Exactly what are the differences between the two? Is the music a lot less noisy at college parties, so that people can talk more?

Also, I know that the costs of regular partying at nightclubs can be quite astronomical. How about at college parties? As a regular college student, can I still go to a party every weekend without breaking the bank?
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Replies to: Difference between college parties and nightclub parties?

  • SingDanceRunLifeSingDanceRunLife Registered User Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
    I think clubbing is so much more fun than partying. The atmosphere is generally better (IMO) and people are there less to get drunk and more to dance and have fun.
  • Ruella76Ruella76 Registered User Posts: 311 Junior Member
    This all probably depends on what kind of college you go to, but at my school there is a very large Greek scene, so a lot of underclassmen especially attend parties there. Most upperclassmen and some underclassmen attend house parties just off campus.

    Generally, yes, at college parties the music isn't quite as loud. They can get pretty loud at frat parties but usually these houses just don't have the ability to make it as loud as you would hear in a club. At house parties the music is often more in the background than the main focus of the party, so generally I find house parties much more conducive to getting to know people. The drawback is that there's not as much dancing as at a club or frat party.

    Frat parties serve up terriblee beer and occasionally some Franzia or jungle juice but the reason for that is because attending them is free. For house parties it's up to the host, but most will charge $3-5 just to help them offset the cost of alcohol (then you can drink all you want, usually better quality beer and mixed drinks). So yes, it's much cheaper, since everyone attending these are college students looking to save a buck.
  • crazi4unicrazi4uni Registered User Posts: 280 Junior Member
    So for college parties, pretty much the only drinks there are beer and some form of juice with alcohol?

    No patron, tequila shots, grey goose, etc.?
  • hoonosehoonose Registered User Posts: 637 Member
    I'm going to guess that's sarcasm. No one gives out shots of patron and grey goose to complete strangers for free.
  • MushaboomBlueMushaboomBlue Registered User Posts: 1,715 Senior Member
    College students can't afford grey goose every weekend. I wouldn't have that at a party I was hosting to random people I don't know. Psssh.

    You're better off going to a club if you want those kinds of drinks or you'll just have to deal with drinking warm cheap beer.
  • Ruella76Ruella76 Registered User Posts: 311 Junior Member
    Hahaha "no patron?"

    At college parties, alcohol is just a cheap social lubricant. Not something to be savored and enjoyed in and of itself. lol
  • BrandoIsCoolBrandoIsCool Registered User Posts: 799 Member
    LOL @ the Patron comment!

    That stuff is EXPENSIVE! You shouldn't ever have to pay to get into a college party! The alcohol there is pretty cheap stuff. No point in blowing a fortune for random kids to get free shots of Patron.
  • andrewexdandrewexd Registered User Posts: 921 Member
    lol patron, expect cheap beer to be served at an open party.
  • fa-la-la-lenafa-la-la-lena Registered User Posts: 2,844 Senior Member
    house party tends to be more chill with a lot more talking. Flip cup and beer pong typically played. Music is often played, but there is not always dancing. Sometimes it can be crazy with kegstands and all but most of the times it is a more relaxed atmosphere (albeit this depends on how crowded the party is, and what time it is - the later it gets, the drunker/more ridiculous people get). Also, depends on the school but at my school there is a $5 (beer) cup fee per party (but if you bring your own stuff you don't have to bother with that). Some places don't have any charge at all though, so it really depends on where you are
  • umcp11umcp11 Registered User Posts: 1,321 Senior Member
    OK, clubs SUCK. They cost like $20...for what...and then more for drinks...oh no. If you want Grey Goose, like, buy a bottle?! Don't pay $12 for a shot. And usually at clubs people just stand in circles with their friends and hardly interact with anyone else (it's usually very difficult to talk to people because of the music) - also, it's unlikely that you'll actually have something in common with the person if you do manage to talk to them ("Oh, you're an accounting major? I'm an accounting major, too!" <--college party "Oh, you're a 27 year old community college drop out...uhh..." <--club).

    I believe frat/house parties are FAR SUPERIOR. Hey, maybe I'm just not classy, but I'll take the free jungle juice (yeah, I've never had to pay at a frat party here...sometimes at small house parties, yes, but that's ok because they're your friends and you wanna help them out). Also, there's usually plenty of space in a house or frat to chill and talk and bond over being students - you might actually see a person you meet again on campus, in class, or in a club...much easier to make legit, non-sketch connections. SOMETIMES frat/house parties are chill (just some drinking/card games, talking, music in the background). But sometimes they are wild. And everyone knows a wild college party with kegstands and dancing and free booze is always superior to some stuffy overpriced club. I mean, really. It's not even a competition.
  • damitssamdamitssam Registered User Posts: 617 Member
    Fratwater is an acquired taste consisting of beloved natty ice, natty extra, or keystone. Recently, PBR went on a price war, so we upgraded for the last couple of weeks.

    We always make our jungle juice with the famed KAM or the newly beloved Karkov.

    Anything else, a greek bro is lieing. period.

    Bar life is not bad in a college town, ESPECIALLY on weekdays.
  • XptboyXptboy Registered User Posts: 321 Member
    nightclubs are awesome, yeah so they're more expensive, but they are so much more fun, ppl are generally dressed better, girls r hotter, ppl r generally not ****faced like at college parties (although some are)
  • iInsomniaiInsomnia Registered User Posts: 185 Junior Member
    Nightclubs and fraternity/house parties each have their own appeal. If you like less interaction and predominantly dancing, go for nightclubs. Nightclubs are truly superficial. If you and that random person of interest have the quick moment of "interest", by all means dance the night away and hope for a possible hook-up. As oppose to regular parties, where there is more social interaction and potentials. I don't know about you guys, but the cost for covers in my area goes from $5 -10, then there's drink prices.
  • Rex212Rex212 Registered User Posts: 246 Junior Member
    ****faced at college parties vs ****faced/combo of other other substances at club
  • peter_parkerpeter_parker - Posts: 923 Member
    Personally, I think college parties are much better than the clubs, though both can be fun.

    There are no frats at the university that I'm at - and I think that's a good thing. I don't want to pander to some frat brothers for the pleasure of paying $3-$8 entrance fee to drink some of their "natty" light. But then, I've only been to around five frat parties (at other universities).

    I'd much rather go to some huge blow-out the dorm is throwing, funded by $3000-$5,000 of funds by the university, with music from mega-stacks just as loud as in the clubs and with free alcohol/ beer/ punch for all, and mixed drinks if you know someone there with a room.

    1. Completely free (although I hear this might be unusual at other universities).
    No, the -free- alcohol there is not patron (although it could be, if you're going to a small party where there's patron). However, that is why you PREGAME back at your room, where you can have any liquor you want for retail price (not 5-20 times retail price like at clubs).

    2. The parties are wilder (no supervision or bouncers, usually --- only several student security/ a rent-a-cop.)

    3. Easier to get laid. Hordes of 18-22 yr old girls, better girl:guy ratio, you probably know a few girls there, girls are more comfortable at home than at downtown club. There is less of a *****y subculture.

    4. Less fighting. I've never seen a fight at a college party but I've seen lots of nasty ones at clubs (I've never been in one personally). There are tons of older, simian monkey-brained men at clubs, who will fight you for looking at them wrong or dancing with "their girl." I've danced with women with no men around, and the girl would practically jump on me, only to have some 26 year old gorilla come grunting up to either "protect" her or stare daggers at me because she's the girl he's been hoping to bang for the last 6 months/ 6 years. I'm not a big guy by any stretch, but once I've had a 6'4'' 240 lb gay guy (no joke) come up to me to scare me away until the girl "called him off" because - shocker - she actually wanted to dance with me.

    5. No carding -- hooray under 21ers!

    6. You can wear whatever you want - toga, underwear, ridiculous costumes, check.

    Note: Clubbing might be a lot more fun for girls than guys. Older men with real jobs and money can buy you drinks and you can get dressed up and feel like the girls from Sex and the City. Clubs can be a fun change of scenery I suppose.
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