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Is there something wrong with me if I can't get a job at Wal-Mart?

awill430awill430 Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
edited June 2010 in College Life
I make the President's List and I still can't get a job at Wal-mart.
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Replies to: Is there something wrong with me if I can't get a job at Wal-Mart?

  • 90PercentGravity90PercentGravity Registered User Posts: 62 Junior Member
    Walmart doesn't want thinkers.
  • MushaboomBlueMushaboomBlue Registered User Posts: 1,715 Senior Member
    I don't see how making the President's List correlates with not getting a job at Wal-Mart. I mean, I do understand what you are saying, but there is more to getting a job than just intelligence =\
  • tmos67tmos67 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    hey i haven't been able to get a job at wal-mart or mcdonald's plus 9 other places...economy sucks ha
  • October47October47 Registered User Posts: 1,021 Senior Member
    Maybe you just don't have the experience. Many, many jobs out there require experience. Even Wal-mart. They're not going to necessarily care if you have a 4.0 or what you've done at school. They want to know how well you can deal with customer service and what you can do for their company.

    Not to mention you're probably competing against dozens of applicants who might have way more experience than you. Even if a company might say that experience is preferred but not required they still could pick the person with more experience. Sometimes if you're in school it makes jobs harder because some companies don't want to hire students that might be away for part of the year or that can't devote themselves full-time to a job.

    So it could have been anything. You might not have had the references, experience, enough availability, or there just simply might have been older people applying who know more about the retail business. Even sometimes if you don't have your own form of transportation that can hurt your chances.

    Oh, and a priceless job hunting tip: always make sure that you fill out and complete ALL of an application. Always sign and date everywhere you need to. You might laugh, but it's easy to get caught up in the stress of dealing with all of these applications and questions and all and not notice something.

    Don't feel bad about not getting the job.
  • GardnaGardna Registered User Posts: 1,013 Senior Member
    You might have heard this mentioned briefly somewhere, but the economy is really bad right now. Especially for teenagers, getting a job that requires no specialized skills is tougher than it was even a few years ago because of the increased competition. I know we often flippantly refer to jobs at McDonald's or Wal-Marts as being typical "teen jobs" that anyone could get if their standards weren't so high, but that's just not so anymore. Don't take getting rejected there personally; just keep going and be prepared for rejection from these unskilled jobs since you're not competing just against other teenagers but against people who are really talented or otherwise overqualified who wouldn't normally be fighting for a cashier job at a fast food joint except for the fact that they lost their original job designing rockets for NASA or programming for Microsoft. With that kind of economy, it's wrong to look down on anyone who is trying to find a job and is failing.
  • HisGraceFillsMeHisGraceFillsMe Registered User Posts: 4,782 Senior Member
    Your academic skills have nothing to do with your ability to get a retail or entry-level job.

    Truthfully, how are your people skills? Retail jobs want to see that you can handle working with customers all day in a pleasant manner and not rip anyone's head off.

    If you're not even getting called back for an interview, it's probably nothing to do with you. Like others have said, thank the economy.

    You might hold off on looking for the moment...let's face it, summer is one of the hardest times to get a job with all the students (high school included) looking...and start again in September or October. This is when a lot of stores start hiring seasonal associates, and if you're a good worker often-times they'll keep you on after the holidays. That's how I got my job last fall.

    Also, apply EVERYWHERE. Even if they say they're not hiring, go on the web site and check. Go back multiple times. If they say they're not hiring, hand them a copy of your resume and say something like "Well here's my resume, I'd really appreciate it if you would keep me in mind the next time you're hiring." Thank everyone you speak to for their time, even if it's just a cashier who tells you where to get your application. These might seem like basic things, but so few people have common courtesy that it might set you apart.
  • tiff90tiff90 - Posts: 1,370 Senior Member
    because you aren't on welfare. the vast majority of wal mart employees are, and wal mart gets a tax break for hiring certain groups of people, aka not white middle class suburban teenagers. it's true, if you have any doubts, google it. look around the store, how many people like yourself work there? probably not many. the store itself attracts a lot of trashy people, has horrible customer service, has very high theft rates and the people that work there are depressing. be glad you're not working there.
  • awill430awill430 Registered User Posts: 132 Junior Member
    because you aren't on welfare. the vast majority of wal mart employees are, and wal mart gets a tax break for hiring certain groups of people, aka not white middle class suburban teenagers.

    I'm not white middle class. I'm not white.
  • MagnetoMagneto Registered User Posts: 601 Member
    dont feel bad, I applied to walmart at least 4 times in the last 3 years and I was valedictorian at my school and I go to one of the hardest school in my state and still cant get a job there
  • Nicole12Nicole12 Registered User Posts: 61 Junior Member
    They want loyal employees. If you are on the President's List then you probably don't want to work at Wal-Mart (even as a manager).

    Why should they hire someone who will go to university after two months when they can hire someone who will work there for life?

    You're silly for wasting your intelligence. Try to volunteer as a Research Assistant, study for GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT, pre-read textbooks, or just read The Economist. All of those things are better than working at Wal-Mart. The opportunity cost is more than $8/hour.
  • DCHurricaneDCHurricane - Posts: 2,976 Senior Member
    Retail is a funny world. You really can be 'too good' for it, at least in a hiring manager's eyes. They don't want thinkers, like others have said. They want drones. You know those online personality tests that places like Best Buy and Target make you fill out? You have to answer them like the perfect slave would. The manager is always right. If an employee is shoplifting I will report it right away. If a customer is shoplifting he/she should be publicly executed by headcrusher. They want someone who they can tell "do this and this and that" and they'll do it, no questions asked.

    Tiff90 makes an interesting point though. It's not a matter of race though, it's just a matter of whether or not you've received state aid (food stamps, WIC, etc) in the last... six months I think. If they hire someone who has received/is receiving it, they do get a federal tax credit.

    But beyond that, yes the economy is bad and as such it's hard to get a job ANYWHERE in some places. I mean christ there are people with bachelor's and master's degrees that can't get simple jobs, because they're "too qualified" (I mean seriously how the hell can you be too qualified to flip burgers at the golden arches?).
  • PlattsburghLoserPlattsburghLoser Registered User Posts: 5,487 Senior Member
    Haha, when I lived in Plattsburgh I applied for a job at Walmart and couldn't get it either. I was like, "what the hell? That inbred claw-footed hick who has a face that look's like a baboon's blue ass can get a job here but I can't?"

    I heard Wal-mart takes life insurance out on their employees so if one of them dies, Walmart still gets paid.
    But maybe a lot/all of companies do this.
  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom Registered User Posts: 24,853 Senior Member
    They aren't looking for people who are brilliant and may think they are too smart to do what the managers request or may think they are too good to do the menial jobs that working at Wal-Mart requires.

    They'd prefer to hire people who'd want to make working at Wal-Mart their career.
  • metalforevermetalforever Registered User Posts: 376 Member
    I couldnt get hired here either(Pittsburgh). Ended up getting a better, much higher paying job anyway.
  • tiff90tiff90 - Posts: 1,370 Senior Member
    Wal mart employees more welfare people than any other company in the US. It's a fact. I mean, it is not that hard to believe if you have gone there. I know an ex manager that worked at Wal mart and he said they look for people who will give them a tax break. I never called you a white middle class suburbanite. You can re read my post if you'd like. My point was they don't typically hire normal teenagers. Look at their staff. It is ignorant to not accept the fact that wal mart seeks out welfare recipients and other groups to get tax breaks. Ever wonder why applications direct you to a mandatory tax survey? Or why they have a "diversity section?" They are also known for hiring people with disabilities to receive tax credits. Open your eyes a bit. And that ******* who said you should say you steal- when did I say employees steal? Tons of people steal from wal mart, I know people who worked security/management. I did not say the employees stole, re read my post before making ridiculous claims. If you think wal mart hires hard working, non welfare people, you are wrong. No, not everyone there is on welfare, but a vast majority are. Do a little research. Look at their staff. I mean, when I think of wal mart employees, I hardly think professional, upbeat, hardworking, friendly, customer service oriented. So many people here have a limited ability to comprehend statements correctly, and instead interpret what they want to here- aka people looking to be offended. My god people grow up and take off your blinders.
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