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What are my chances?

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Hello, College Confidential!

I am a senior in high school and college decisions have never been so stressful. Therefore, I have a few questions regarding my possible major and where it can take me.
A little bit about myself: I am outgoing and a good student. I have been playing the piano and singing since an early age and have always been surrounded by music. I lived in New Jersey my entire life, but moved to Florida around 3 years ago.

As I just mentioned, I have always been interested and involved in music. However, due to some people I met and performances I saw, I recently became passionate about theatre. Even though I do not have much acting experience, I believe I could become involved in theatre in the future somehow. I even considered majoring in musical theatre in college. However, I know that majoring in music or theatre (no offense to those majors out there) is very good but is also tough. A constant flow of money after college is not guaranteed and I would like to have that luxury.

My father is a very strategic man and works in business a lot. I have worked over the summers with some real estate businesses and I have been to my father's workplace as well. Naturally, I received some of my father's strategic thinking skills and I realized that I enjoy business and managing things. I always plan what I'm going to do before I do it, I keep everything (*everything*) organized, and I love it when things work out to everyone's advantage. But where does the music and theatre come in? I want to major in business because I think it will open many doors... but I cannot just let go of the arts. The performing arts is very competitive and I don't think I have enough talent (especially acting) to be very successful in that. Maybe with more experience I'll be able to be on Broadway or something related.
Then I realized the following: If I love managing things and I love theatre and music, why don't I do something that combines the two? I discovered stage management. I loved the idea of it because I would be in charge of many things, dealing with many and different types of people, making sure everything is in place, being social all the time, and I would be surrounded by theatre and music (if it's a musical). I found some colleges that offer things like an arts management major, but I feel that it may limit me to business that only has to do with the arts. Therefore, I kinda want to stick with general business. That way, many more doors will be open and, if I change my mind about stage management, I can use my degree for some other business. I also looked into minoring in psychology (which also interests me because my mother is a social worker and I enjoy helping people and understanding how our brains work) which I think is a very good course, especially with theatre and music. Also, although I am not majoring in theatre or music, I will become involved in all the groups and plays available wherever I go to college.

Based on all you guys who have experience with these things, do you think majoring in business (or business management) and minoring in psychology is a good mix? Do you think that even though I will not major or minor in theatre or music, I will have a chance at performing or becoming a stage manager?

Lastly, right now, I am highly considering attending Florida State University. I know it's considered a party school, and I am a Christian, but I believe that they have a very strong fine arts program and I think I will be able to prosper, learn a lot, and make lots of connections there.
Any thoughts?
Thank you! (Sorry for the super long message)

P.S. I posted this under "Business Major" but I did not receive many replies. I'm posting it here hoping to get some more feedback. :)
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