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Nursing or Medicine?

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I'm currently a High School Junior, and my guidance counselor is advising me to choose my major by the end of this year. For as long as I could remember, I've always dreamed of becoming a doctor, specifically an Internist or an Anesthesiologist. In addition, I've always hated nursing for as long as I could remember (I have nothing against nurses; it's probably just because of the fact that everyone in my family is a nurse, and I didn't want to be an "Average Joe").
Recently, I've been contemplating about my future, as a doctor. As much as I think I would love it, I'm also taking the amount of dedication required, the years of education required, along with the debt I would have after graduating. So I've actually began to look into nursing. If I was to take nursing, I feel like I would be selling myself short, but it really would be easier. In addition, if I do become a nurse, I would most definitely want to further my education.

**So basically, long story short, these are my top two options:

-I would have an undergrad major/degree in either Physiology or Psychology. Then I would simply settle with becoming either an Internist or an Anesthesiologist.

-After finishing college as a Nursing Major, I would definitely be interested in obtaining a Master's Degree. After receiving that, I'm thinking about getting a DNP (because if I do become a nurse, I'd be interested in becoming either a Nurse Practitioner or a Nurse Anesthesist).

After doing all this research, to be honest, I'm starting to lean towards the nursing option. But what really is the better choice, nursing or medicine?

If it helps, I'm currently an all AP Student; I'm taking AP Biology right now, and I have roughly a B average. I've always had a strong passion for science, however, I haven't always been the strongest student, yet I'd still consider myself above average. My overall HS average is roughly about a B/B+, unweighted.
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