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From Engineering to Environmental Science Major?

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I will be a freshmen this fall and I had made it clear when I applied to the university that I will be attending that I would study software engineering. This seemed like the perfect fit for me at the time I had just completed ap computer science and had done well on the ap test, and I just had a general love and interest in computers, I was lacking in the math side of things for an engineering major, but I thought it wouldn't matter in the long run. That was the fall now that I am in the spring my mind has changed. I no longer feel I can handle all the math aspect of an engineering major, if I don't place into calculus first semester it could take 4 and 1/2 years for me to graduate instead of just 4, nor am I 100% sure I want to do software engineering for the rest of my life, a desk job not really making a difference in the world. I though about just a general computer science degree, because of less math requirements, but I don't thing I could live with myself as computer science major, I feel like its an over saturated major that I could teach myself without going into debt, no offense to any computer science majors. So now I am considering Environmental science as a potential major, I enjoy the hands on research and labs that come with it and I find the chemistry aspect of it to be especially interesting(I am currently in ap chemistry). There is far less math requirements, and I feel like am I doing something meaningful. I don't want to make a rash decision, but just wanted to get the opinion of other people out there to see what their thoughts are thanks.
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