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Can not decide on a major. Could somebody help me?

LacesservLacesserv 1 replies1 threads New Member
What major(s) fulfill my current interests? I have many interests, and these are the main ones:

-Geometry and Trigonometry
-All of the earth sciences

Travelling is really important to me, and so is doing something that I'll enjoy. Also, I would like to major in something with decent pay.

I would appreciate the help!
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Replies to: Can not decide on a major. Could somebody help me?

  • LacesservLacesserv 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I forgot to say languages!
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  • juilletjuillet 12812 replies164 threads Super Moderator
    Majors don't have decent pay; careers do.

    Everyone has many interests; that doesn't mean that your major or your eventual career has to encompass all of them. I love history, but my career (and my major) had nothing to do with it. I took a couple of classes in college to satisfy that, and now I read historical fiction and nonfiction in my spare time and visit museums. Some of those interests in your list might become hobbies for you, rather than part of your major.

    So one solution is to just pick one or two of the things on your list and concentrate on that. You might decide that you want to be a sociology major and a math minor and you travel on your own time. You might decide to go into graphic design but take some classes in biology on the side.

    One major I did think of that encompasses a lot of those things, however, is geography. Broadly speaking, geographers study how space on the earth's surface is placed and used. That encompasses a wide variety of things - from physical geography, which examines land itself and incorporates aspects of chemistry, physics, environmental science and geology, to cultural and social geography, which explores the relationship between people and place. Some people take a middle/hybrid option. A friend of mine is a geographer and is in that middle road; she studies marine environments, but also studies how people use and protect those marine environments. And of course geographers travel a lot - to the places that they study. The math comes in with the analysis; a lot of geographers use mathematical/statistical analyses to conduct their work.

    A related field is environmental science/health, which has a lot of the same aspects and might involve more biology. You also might be interested in anthropology or archaeology; a lot of that requires going on digs (which touches on the earth science aspect and the traveling), and there's a subset of anthro called biological/physical anthropology which can also be related to health. Anthropologists also often use statistical analyses in their work, but anthropology is very strongly related to sociology and studies, broadly, human civilization and culture.
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