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Looking to sit in on a class that will teach human behavior but am unsure where to look

hammerBeatsRockhammerBeatsRock 2 replies2 threads New Member
I am an animation student. To be specific, I don't actually specialize in animation. I am a renderer of almost 9 years, but am in the process of getting a bachelors degree. I, for some time now, have wanted to better understand human behavior as an aid to my animation abilities. Just a good skill to have, kind of thing. Im just looking to pay to sit in on some classes. No real desire to get a degree or anything, or to audit. Does anyone know what class I would be looking to take? I looked at behavioral psychology classes but have found its pretty irrelevant to what I am trying to learn (could be wrong but it didn't seem right). I am mostly trying to learn about body language and what emotions trigger which responses and a physical and muscular level. Natural reactions to things that might shock, or enrage someone, etc. This might seem like something you can just look at people and understand but coming from the stand point of someone who has animated, reasoning for behavior is often very complex and the what little I have come to understand has helped greatly. I want to push one step further and study it down to a science, not just amateur observation.

I appreciate the suggestions and guidance,
Thornton Strolia
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  • juilletjuillet 12674 replies161 threads Super Moderator
    You are definitely looking for a psychology class, but you might be looking at the wrong kind of psychology class.

    The kind of class you're looking for is going to be biological or physiological psychology. Among other things, a biological psychology class will cover the relationship between the mind (emotions) and the body (physiological reactions to those emotions). The problem is that some small psychology departments might not offer a course on biological psychology, so you'll have to keep looking until you find one that does. Look at larger state universities - you're more likely to find it there. The class might be called biological psychology or any number of other things - "mind, brain and behavior", "biopsychology", "psychobiology," "physiological psychology", etc. There might even be an upper level seminar on emotion.
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