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electronic engineering and software engineering or computer science and engineering

rhyno657rhyno657 3 replies3 threadsRegistered User New Member
i wanna make things like phones computers tablets so i wanna know what kinda dual major would let me make those things
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Replies to: electronic engineering and software engineering or computer science and engineering

  • GreymeerGreymeer 783 replies11 threadsRegistered User Member
    Get a EE and minor in CS.
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  • eyemgheyemgh 5590 replies122 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    No one engineer makes those things. Apple has over 500 engineers working on the iPhone camera alone. You could work in that realm with any of those degrees or with a ME degree. it really just depends on what facet you want to do. Post this in the engineering forum if you want better feedback.
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  • rhyno657rhyno657 3 replies3 threadsRegistered User New Member
    thx guys
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  • juilletjuillet 12659 replies161 threadsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    You also don't need a dual major. Especially with engineering, it may be better to concentrate on one major.
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  • ekeeda001ekeeda001 2 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Well both CSE and ECE are really good branches. I will try to give, what type of person likes a particular branch. You are the person, who needs to choose the career path. I will share my experience as an ECE graduate and working in a core company and my besties from CSE.

    ECE is an electronics and communication engineer in India and electronics and computer engineering outside. In this, you will be having all the electronics-based subjects. Most of the subjects will be common with CSE, like electronic devices and circuits, computer org, operating systems. Embedded sys, VLSI, C, microprocessors. ECE deals with computer hardware and also electronics circuits. If you are taking electronics, then you need to make your mind to do calculations each and every time. You will be having Antenna stuff in some semesters, these are really tough to learn. Even you are not interested you need to pass them. If you are good at physics and mathematics you can take ECE. Even average in mathematics is good. You can improve. Many take IT jobs without trying hard, this is because of 3- tier colleges in India and poor staff, who fail to teach concepts properly.

    CSE is a really good subject and many feel it easy than ECE. As this is a branch of engineering and closely associated with hardware, you will have to learn some hardware subjects as mentioned above. I saw my friends from cse cursing university for introducing those subjects and arguing with me on benefits. This is because of making you know, how hardware is designed and basics. As you will develop software. CSE is not just a software job as in India. It's more than that, cognitive sciences, Neural networks. But, here we dream of an IT job. That's not correct. If you are so passionate about neural networks and Cognitive science, do not stop with the job. Go abroad and do research. This suits for most of the students due to less mathematics involved.

    Visit: https://ekeeda.com/branch/electronics-and-communication-engineering
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